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R.I.P. Craig Jackson

Filed under: General — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 10:34 pm Sat 30th March 2019

We have removed our obituary for Craig due to gross disrespect from a contributor here. Disgusting and upsetting.

4 Responses to “R.I.P. Craig Jackson”

  1. Evan Myers says:

    The obituary is still here.

    What you’ve removed is a eulogy.

  2. kiwi keith says:

    Judging by the activity here, one would think that the cause of men and fathers has been won and everybody has gone fishing. Of course that is not the case. Without singling out Evan Myers, there is too much pedantic hair splitting here. Eulogy or Obituary, is the difference that important? – we all know what is meant – are we at school here or trying to get justice for fathers. Craig worked long and hard. I did not see his (whatever you want to label it) or see the trolling – but how sad that the acknowledgement of the man was erased. I’ve looked in occasionally. I’m used to being attacked for each and every comment I make. I saw Audi arrive – he was fizzing with energy and motivation but the knockers soon sorted him out – or at least that’s how it looks to me. We have so many old campaigners who have a lot of knowledge and experience – yet like Craig, they are not eternal either. The cause needs fresh blood, fresh enthusiasm, resources and energy. Yet it seems we jealously hold on to what we consider our empire and are pedantically negative to most every thought and suggestion a newby might dare to offer. How is this site and its members actually useful for helping / supporting those dads who are in trouble, abandoned by those they counted on, bank raped by partner and the legal types – not to mention the IRD. It’s a lonely desperate zone to be in. I predict that if the interactions continue as pedantic patronising and hostile as I am used to seeing them, then we all might as well actually spend our time better out fishing.

  3. tony says:

    Thanks for your very honest and sincere text. I was on the Audi meeting with you and few other men.

    Since then I received no updates or anything for that matter . On that meeting , if you remember , I was the one who suggested few concrete measures including going to Police/feminists meetings explaining our views etc. I was told first we should take baby steps . I left the meeting earlier because , in my humble opinion , we spent way too much time on our individual stories ( they were more or less identical , so why should we keep repeating the diagnosis ) rather than making future concrete plans .

    I believe I rub your shoulders in a wrong way as well by my impatience , for which I apologize now to everyone. My firm belief is cut on talk and create more meaningful ways of a civilized dialogues with the existing aggressive feminist Police, Judges , women themselves as it is everyone is loosing

  4. Kiwi Keith says:

    Re: [email protected]: I would have liked to meet Audi, but that never happpened. We all have obstacles and mine kept me grounded. But in Audi I saw energy, commitment and motivation – and as the comments gushed back and forth, I knew he was being silenced and effectively being told to not raise his head because it would be “chopped off”. But unless anyone here thinks they can live for ever and would want to spend such an eternity in family caught – feminist etc issues -:- then its obvious that the torch has to be passed to new people. What I have seen go on here can justify in spades any feminist claim of “TOXIC MASCULINITY”. Of course there are many noble exceptions, but the generalisation still applies that we males are programmed to need to dominate the (metaphorical) sand-pit in the kindy and posess the biggest shiniest truck in it. We lose sight of the objective while we pick at and criticise eachother for trivia, or perhaps wax into ancient history and philosophy.

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