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Archive of February 2021

Commercialized Rape

Fri 26th February 2021:

This political position may have emerged somewhere in the past prior to NZ Opposition Leader Judith Collins’ announcement that this was her personal view, back somewhere around our recent 2020 election. It’s gained some traction amongst right wing supporters although I wouldn’t say Conservative supporters. It’s another of those

Men’s group in Wellington

Sun 21st February 2021:

Men here might be interested in this men’s group in Wellington. It’s limited to 9 members but has a few vacancies right at the moment:

Oz Politician highlights the Family Court causes suicides and murders. We have the same problem in NZ. I now call out the Minister of Justice Andrew Little as the man responsible for inaction. Andrew Little has turned a blind eye to these dads and their children.

The attached video – Pauline Hanson reports the Family Court in Australia has caused male suicides and female murders. It includes the murders of children by both male and females and other family members. Hanson had identified filicide. That is the killing of one’s son or daughter. A repugnant crime that Hanson says the stats […]

May 2022

Sat 20th February 2021:

The MENZ site burst into life in May 1997. Is that cause for celebration – 25 years?

The Hobosexual

Sun 14th February 2021:

This is a new one for me. Interested to hear from any Hobosexuals about the lifestyle. One might suspect it’s a natural consequence of the changing status of men in society and perhaps the declining opportunities in home ownership.

To Call A Man A Rapist

Thu 11th February 2021:

Full Custody for Dad

Tue 9th February 2021:

I found this proudly displayed in the public domain so I can’t see a issue with sharing this here. How many fathers do get full custody now days? Is shared parenting still a thing in the family court?

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