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Oz Politician highlights the Family Court causes suicides and murders. We have the same problem in NZ. I now call out the Minister of Justice Andrew Little as the man responsible for inaction. Andrew Little has turned a blind eye to these dads and their children.

Filed under: General — Lukenz @ 11:15 pm Sun 21st February 2021

The attached video – Pauline Hanson reports the Family Court in Australia has caused male suicides and female murders. It includes the murders of children by both male and females and other family members. Hanson had identified filicide. That is the killing of one’s son or daughter. A repugnant crime that Hanson says the stats show filicide is committed by more mothers than fathers!

The Australian Government has closed the Family Court. They could not repair or change the set ideology, they could not get rid of the hidden agenders. In one king hit, the Australian Government closed this industry down. The Federal Closed Circuit Court will now take over. 155 Stakeholders i.e. the people who choose to “keep the ball in play” to maximize the hurt and cost to all are now fired. Dismissed for the mental health and deaths they have caused in families. See them scream in the following link.

155 Stakeholders

This is I think the very first major pushback of the feminist ideology worldwide. The beginning of the end of hatred towards men.

On to New Zealand. Minister of Justice Andrew Little has his limited response to the same issues we have.

In 2009 Principal Family Court Judge Peter Boshier identified 22 people involved in Family Court cases who died as a result of either suicide or homicide. Of these 18 (82 per cent) were suspected suicides, and 41 per cent of the deceased had been, either directly or indirectly, involved in domestic violence proceedings,” he said.

Andrew Little has been the minister of justice for 4 years now. I can only conclude Andrew Little must be overwhelmingly pleased with the suicides otherwise he would have done something over the past 4 years.

If Andrew Little decides to ask for a review or royal commission of enquiry, I and I suspect the voting public will take this as its OK to carry on and cause more mental health, more suicides while he puts it to the bottom of his list of things to do and gleefully claims “I’m waiting on the report”.

Employing more judges will only slightly shorten wait times. The backlog is huge. It will not address the suicides. The core of the matter is the law does not address fairness towards men. The only way forward to reduce mental health and suicide is to;

1. Automatically give dads the same equal share of children as mothers have. If he does not have a home, then it should be parent week about hot swap.
2. Force FCJ to either jail or fine those who commit perjury.
3. Dump the outdated and failed Duluth model. Ordering men to agree to such nonsense before he can be with his children is harmful and causes suicides.
4. Openly acknowledge women can be violent and nasty. They do it by manipulation, perjury, gaslighting and parental alienation. Make such behaviour a serious crime.
5. Make the penalty for parental alienation punishable by returning children to victims.
6. Fund all family court lawyers. This will take away the pressure of limited finance at a time when families are under duress, doubling their accommodation and other costs.

Another way is to force mediation first.

The Australians are reforming their Family Courts to prevent or reduce suicides and murders from happening. Minister of Justice Andrew Little is not.

The Children will ask you one simple question. Are you going to compensate me for my fathers suicide? Children will say “I didn’t get a good start in life because the Family Court did everything they could to stop my loving dad from seeing me”. If you reply ACC, it will be pointed out it was not an accident. The Family Court is designed to cause mental health and suicide.

It also puts the child at risk of suicide too. Maybe not straight away, but certainly further down the track when that kid is old enough to see why he or she has ended up with their lot in life.

I am reminded it only took a child to point out the Emperor didn’t have any clothes on at all.

Two swindlers arrive at the capital city of an emperor who spends lavishly on clothing at the expense of state matters. Posing as weavers, they offer to supply him with magnificent clothes that are invisible to those who are stupid or incompetent. The emperor hires them, and they set up looms and go to work. A succession of officials, and then the emperor himself, visit them to check their progress. Each sees that the looms are empty but pretends otherwise to avoid being thought a fool. Finally, the weavers report that the emperor’s suit is finished. They mime dressing him and he sets off in a procession before the whole city. The townsfolk uncomfortably go along with the pretence, not wanting to appear inept or stupid, until a child blurts out that the emperor is wearing nothing at all. The people then realize that everyone has been fooled. Although startled, the emperor continues the procession, walking more proudly than ever.

So you can see it from a child’s prospective. Let’s change some names in that 1837 classic.

The swindlers are the lawyers and mothers.
The weavers are feminist Ellen Pence and mothers.
The public officials are the Judges.
The townsfolk are the voters.
The child is the child.
The Emperor is Andrew Little.

Although startled, Andrew Little continues the procession, walking more proudly than ever past the children sitting beside graves of their once loving fathers.

I’ll leave it to the Minister of Justice to choose to be remembered as a Minister of effective action and resolve or a Minister of a department that causes unnecessary mental health, suicides and lifelong crushing debt.


  1. You are absolutely right , but it will not happen in NZ . It will not happen becasue of the prevailing ideology of the whole Family Court industry . If that happens it will hurt Family Court Judges’ ego and it will reduce lawyers income . Unfortunately it boils down to that .

    Comment by tony — Mon 22nd February 2021 @ 10:54 am

  2. Boshier was shuffled sideways years ago to the Ombudsman’s Office.

    In 2018 Doogue would have been Principal District Court Judge.

    Doogue is now a High Court Judge and there is another Principal District Court Judge.

    Jackie Moran replaced Lawrence Ryan (who replaced Boshier) as Principal Family Court Judge and keeps a very low profile.

    The only current figure in this is Andrew Little as Justice Minister.

    Comment by Downunder — Mon 22nd February 2021 @ 4:21 pm

  3. AWESOME POST,, love the story at the end,, also scarey that it true.

    The court system could be so much better, that the FAMILY COURT here fails to recognise the Family in ‘family’, is shameful, to say the least.

    Where is OUR Pauline Hanson.

    Comment by mama — Fri 26th February 2021 @ 4:28 pm

  4. @ Mama

    It appears Pauline Hanson is clearly satisfied with the merge into the Federal Circuit Court. Draining the swamp. She specifically outlined the problems in the attached clip and voted to merge the two courts. Now I do not know if that cancels the Family Court Law, rules and regulations, set precedent and the misuse of without notice applications, lost of property rights, automatic family violence 16 week sentence upon aligation alone without response. Maybe they have repealed those obtuse laws on the same day. My pick it does. I base this upon Pauline is satisfied.

    What I can say is in a company merger, all the underperforming (code name for useless employees) are not merged, they are dismissed by way of redundancy.

    If you could find the act (could be just bill at the moment) it may spell the above out.

    If it does then Australia would be a far better and safer place to raise a family for dads than New Zealand.

    Comment by Lukenz — Sat 27th February 2021 @ 3:55 pm

  5. We could see a wave of women refugees.
    Fleeing justice in Australia.
    Coming to NZ for a better deal.
    Claims of abuse, automatically accepted.
    Years later, if the males spends a fortune, fighting.
    Justice may prevail.

    It’s like we offer ourselves up, to 3rd world justice.
    Justice at a price, justice for sale.
    The poor Australian male, near helpless.
    Most mothers winning the gamble, justice absent for the father.
    The male surrenders, the hurdles to high.
    The children, alienated, de-fathered.

    The door open to the women of Australia.
    The Family Court of NZ will save them.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Tue 5th October 2021 @ 12:08 pm

  6. NZ Govt Response

    Comment by Lukenz — Sun 26th December 2021 @ 9:17 am

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