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Former Female Police Officer Says up to 75% of Woman Allegations of Domestic Violence are False.

Filed under: General — Lukenz @ 8:59 pm Sun 8th August 2021

Former frontline Police Officer Evelyn Rae, 12 years of service, tells all in a recent interview with Bettina Arndt.

Says 75% of woman allegations of domestic violence are false.

Says in all her years can honestly say just 3 legitimate cases of sexual assault, everything else was false allegation or no evidence. Says this is the hard truth.

Says Police can’t stand the system.


  1. I’de like to add a bit on.

    Unlike the last policeman, who wanted his identity hidden, hide the sound of his voice, this ex detective does not. Perhaps it was because he was a chief inspector. Perhaps it was because it is just so widely known about within the police, she saw no need to hide.

    It just reveals the level of fraud and deception on men and fathers is real, it is widely known by police. Rather costly problem for the Government. Their mothers want justice.

    We have men, fathers, who have committed suicide from such allegations.

    What is needed is a politician with the balls, or ovaries to start pealing back the layers of deceit. All that politician has to do is say, “I am disturbed with Detective Evelyn Rae’s interview and I want to know more.”

    That is happening in Australia with people like Pauline Hanson.

    It only took a child to point out the Emperor wasn’t wearing any clothes. An adult should have no concern with publicly asking questions.

    Comment by Lukenz — Mon 9th August 2021 @ 6:17 am

  2. 75% sounds like a lot.

    So what would those 75% look like.
    The guy already standing on the sidewalk.
    When the police arrive.
    Waiting for the PSO.
    That the police are forced to give him.

    Just as importantly.
    Why are we using estimates, for facts.
    Where is the study, for a reliable estimate.

    Certainly if women were punished, by police policy.
    We would know everything.


    If DV rates were gender neutral.
    And research supports that assumption.
    Then you cannot have 75% of cases, as male accused offender.
    Let alone the implicated, other 25% as guilty men.
    Or have the tiny amount, of arrested females.

    Something is terribly wrong then.
    Anyone would think, something corrupt is happening.


    Comment by DJ Ward — Tue 10th August 2021 @ 7:53 pm

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