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Gangs and Guns

Filed under: General — Downunder @ 10:19 am Wed 25th August 2021

It’s not breaking news that gang numbers are on the rise and organised crime is developing across the country.

What are the concerns … ?

Our youth

Gangs are recruiting our next generation into a life of crime and violence. Should this concern us?

Gun violence

We can see the rapid increase in shootings, mostly in South Auckland and the willingness to use guns against the police.
In spite of the use of guns the gangs haven’t managed to kill many of each other, so they’re not helping in that respect.
Should we be concerned?

Innocent public

How long before the violence spills over from public concern to public injury. How do we hold organised crime responsible for this rather than just the individuals concerned?

These are questions men must ask themselves as we will be expected to deal with this.

Our government doesn’t show a great willingness to deal with the issue – Should they?

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  1. You have to question what’s going trough the mind of a person willing to pick up a gun.
    Then go and use it in some way, on people.
    There must be some very irrational thinking.
    What did they think the outcome, will be.
    Maybe they have watched to many US movies.
    Or just the news, with guns everywhere.

    There are plenty of guns.
    And obviously people, using them.

    You also have to have guns.
    How do you kill an animal.
    Should the cow with a broken leg, die another way.
    The pest that runs, or flys away.

    So there is little government can do.
    A gun can circulate, illegally, for decades.
    And new guns, added legally by the thousands.
    You could stop the sale of new guns.
    Only allowing legal selling, of old guns.
    Decades later, there may be a shortage.
    Even then, those who think they need guns.
    Would find a way, to get them from overseas.

    At least we don’t have gangs like the Taliban.
    With lots of guns, and willing young users.
    The reward must be great, to use a gun.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Wed 25th August 2021 @ 8:12 pm

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