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Hostage To What?

Filed under: General — Downunder @ 10:31 am Thu 21st October 2021

Do the many men who have visited this site and told of their plight, feel like they were hostage to something, but they didn’t know what?

Did you not feel like a hostage just that you had lost a degree of freedom and independence?

Apparently there is a freedom protest at parliament today.

The first thing that caught my eye watching the video that’s circulating was the number of women at the protest!


  1. I guess the protest was a gender neutral one.
    With the subjects protested about, gender neutral.

    The sign in the photo, has a good argument.
    “Only criminals hold people hostage”

    Obviously a criminal can be held hostage by the crown.
    As a prisoner for wrongdoing.
    Not allowing freedom, until the debt is paid.
    So the signs not 100% true.

    A 1080 protester, may feel being held hostage.
    Helpless in stoping the crown.
    From dropping poison, killing many things.

    A Honk Kong protester, may feel being held hostage.
    Helpless, protesting in another nation.
    Those they protest for, actually held hostage.

    The COVID protester, may feel being held hostage.
    Helpless, as even workplaces, mandate vaccination.
    Held hostage, by the term unvaccinated.

    For men we know the relevance of the comment.
    That only criminals hold people hostage.
    Children used, as a source of income, by the legal profession.
    Only by engaging with them, can you see your children.
    Hostage to the legal profession.
    It is not something, just felt as an emotion.
    It actually happens.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Thu 21st October 2021 @ 2:30 pm

  2. We are hostage to democracy.
    Those with the votes decide.
    Mostly laws will be the policy, of those in power.

    Laws drawn from the ballot.
    Is actually the most democratic thing we have.
    Pertaining to making laws.

    Laws chip away at freedom.
    And often each little law, is put into law, on its own merits.
    2 of the 5 are aimed at male behaviour.
    And the most likely to get passed into law.

    Allowing alcohol at race meetings, could be looked at, as a male thing.
    But hardly one, without not so good outcomes.
    It ticks the more freedom box.

    Would a Men’s Rights Activist speaker, pass the new tests.
    Of the proposed, judgement of not letting them speak.

    “If they are found to be de-platforming speakers that is unjustified, their funding will be cut,”

    What then of democracy.
    Of even ones that were not drawn, from the ballot.
    Did a single one, address an actual men’s issue.
    Forcing them to debate it, in parliament.
    Democracy for males, has then failed.

    Politicians to scared of the issues.
    Hostage to them.
    The rouge politicians absent.
    Audited out, by the party.
    The compliant survive.

    Banned subjects, absent from debate.
    Humans trapped, until honesty is forced on them.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Thu 21st October 2021 @ 3:58 pm

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