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Male Blaming Assumptions in COVID19 Outbreak

Filed under: General — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 10:00 am Mon 25th October 2021

This story highlights the male-blaming assumptions commonly held by police, in this case, an ex-policeman. He saw a car come to a screeching halt outside his place, saw a woman get out of the car ‘quickly’, then said “Doors were slamming open and shut and they were obviously having quite a heated domestic”.

This language obfuscates the facts; who was slamming doors open and shut? Probably the woman who got out but no need to mention that. Why did the car stop so suddenly? Perhaps because a crazy woman was threatening or trying to leave the car while it was moving. The ex-policeman, keeping a safe distance then ‘found out she was trying to get away from her abusive partner’. How did he ‘find out’ that? If she was trying to get away then why was she in the car with her partner at all and why was she still there opening and slamming car doors? There was no mention of her running down the road or seeking help. Oh right, the ex-policeman ‘felt’ that the woman’s partner had ‘probably come back to try and get her’, and this because he was trying to contact her on the phone. Yes of course, now we understand, not! So on his white knight horse the ex-policeman jumped and drove her to the police station to ‘get a protection order against her partner’. (He probably meant a Police Safety Order, almost always given to women regardless of who is the aggressor.)

Turns out that the woman knew she had tested positive for COVID19 but didn’t think to warn the white knights about this. And she had intended to catch a bus (and possibly visit a laundromat with her washing)! But from the ex-policeman’s perspective she had done nothing wrong, he didn’t blame her for trying to get away from an abusive partner who ‘was riding around in a car all over the place and god knows where he’s going or what he’s doing’. Hey Mr ex-policeman, the woman was also riding around with the man who at least was in his car, didn’t get into your car or put police at the station at risk by withholding information, and wasn’t planning to catch a bus. But of course, never hold a woman accountable for her actions, her contribution to relationship conflict, or in this case for her irresponsible withholding of information about her illness.


  1. The police are trained magicians.
    They can manifest resultants, opposite to the facts.
    Who was the angry person.
    Who is doing irrational things.

    They are trained, that the male is the aggressor.
    Hidden in the pseudo science of the Duluth DV Wheel, he is guilty.
    Even when he is being nice, it’s for nefarious reasons.
    Her doing things, that men would be immediately arrested for.
    Somehow the police make everything disappear.

    The credibility of the Protection Order, irrelevant.
    He must be punished.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Mon 25th October 2021 @ 1:13 pm

  2. The credibility of the protection order?

    I don’t believe it ever had any credibility.

    Remembering it’s a civil order punished criminally.

    Comment by Downunder — Mon 25th October 2021 @ 1:28 pm

  3. It is pretty clear society is now, two groups.
    The vaxed, and unvaxed.

    So a look at both groups, evolution wise.

    The Vaccinated.

    They can catch COVID, and pass it on.
    The virus wins.
    It encounters the immune system and wins.
    It can breed, and spread.
    So the virus that beats the vaccine, evolves.
    Only the fittest survived, to infect the next person.

    The Unvaccinated.

    Obviously the death rate is high, if they get it.
    Just like the vaxed, they pass it on.
    If they survive, there natural immunity won.
    But only in saving the patient, the virus lived.
    It breed, and spread.
    Evolving as well, with proven success.
    Again the fittest survived, to infect.

    It looks like the virus, cannot be beaten.
    The only solution is intervention, of being infectious.
    Which has possible solutions, with therapeutics.
    With some, working well.
    But there is risks, even with that.
    A flaw exists, with use to limit harm.

    The person is infected.
    Receives a treatment.
    Virus survives, and infects.
    It has learnt to beat the treatment, and is passed on.
    So the treatment used, can no longer stop transmission.
    Being strict on that person infecting others, is important.

    As a strategy, in losing the battle.
    Both choices, could be winning ones.
    While more unvaxed should die, a big plus for the vaxed.
    Learning naturally to survive COVID, may be better.
    In the long term.
    Since the vaccine is not stopping evolving, to win.
    It will evolve, a strain to beat the vaxed.
    And one will evolve, to beat the unvaxed.

    As a long term study, for our evolution.
    As we are painfully slow, in evolving vs any virus. (except prolific killers)
    The outcomes from pregnancy.
    How more resilient, are the children.

    Elimination like for Polio, creates no natural immunity.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Wed 15th December 2021 @ 9:36 pm

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