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Filed under: General — Downunder @ 2:58 pm Wed 5th May 2021

During the Clark Administration there was plenty of hostility towards the feminist environment in New Zealand.

As we come into the second term of the Ardern Administration I’m interested to see if there is a revival in the trend.

I’ve found NZ women don’t have a particularly good reputation overseas so the meme caught my eye as Australia is usually a few steps behind in feminist trends.

What are our opinions these days?


  1. The subject is exposed in this article.

    Obviously business wants more people.
    Not caring about impacts on society.
    Like infrastructure, not developed to cope.
    Or education, housing, failing to provide.

    “Up until now our ageing population has been bolstered by a huge growth in migrants. Between 2006 and 2013 we had a net gain of just 35,000 migrants over seven years, but between 2013 and 2020 we had a net migration gain of 400,000 people.”

    So actually we gain about 30,000 a year from births minus deaths. (Natural gain)
    A 210,000 gain over each of those 7 years.
    That should start correcting itself.
    When baby boomers start dying in large numbers.

    They isolate the population issue to just immigration.
    Immigration minus emigration.
    So 2006 to 2013, people emigrated in huge numbers.
    Once they left, we then had huge immigration gain.

    It seems like the Wild West without government policy.
    If they qualify, we have open boarders.
    But the biggest problem is ignored.
    Immigration hides the real problem.

    New Zealanders are not having children, at replacement levels.
    This is a real measure of society.
    As the immigration numbers are a bandaid to that issue.
    Europe has resorted to immigration as well.

    The formula should be, for a stable population.
    Births – Deaths – emigration + immigration = zero.
    Therefore immigration is not needed.
    Unless people are fleeing your country.

    We of course became a housing market, with an economy tacked on.
    Population growth keeps the bubble from popping.
    Hence why business wants immigration, help by landlord politics.
    And will present lies like this article.

    NZ population was 4 million in 2003.
    Is now more than 5 million.
    So in about the same period they say 435,000 gain.
    About 1/2 the actual gain.

    The undisclosed gain is births, less deaths.
    But they say this.
    Ignoring its effects on society.
    Propaganda, “ we need “

    “Spoonley says it’s time for a population policy so we can come to an agreement on what we need to do around population growth.”

    So they see growth as required policy.
    Yet misrepresented actual growth.
    Double there argument, in truth.
    A very one eyed vision, of population.

    “What we tend to do is treat things in isolation. For example, I’m not sure there’s much Government interest or even public interest in the decline in fertility.“

    And there it is.
    The banned subject, males not wanting children.
    Why is our birth rate technically negative.
    Who doesn’t want kids, who should naturally be having them

    Ie government and media don’t want to discuss it.
    Recently saw figures of 28% of NZ women don’t have kids.
    No figure for men obviously, to understand what’s happening.
    Due to our sexually bigoted Census.

    Neither is any mention on who is leaving NZ.
    But demographics exposes males more than females.
    Post 2004 is after major Family Law changes.
    And the DV industry, bigoted against men.

    Naturally 105.5 males are born per 100 females born.
    Yet more females in NZ than men, exposing its men leaving.
    Business complains about Stem subject worker shortages.
    Overwhelmingly male subjects.

    As Men abandoned bigoted NZ.
    Immigration is the answer.
    To hide the truth.
    MGTOW, disillusioned, escaping.

    So its some hot woman.
    Or a Kangaroo, appearing in the same place.
    Like a NZ courtroom.
    The sexual predator, and our legal system.

    Captured in an image.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Sun 16th May 2021 @ 8:43 am

  2. The writing is on the wall for New Zealand.
    Something must be done.

    They don’t put in men’s income differences.
    A big influence on males leaving NZ.
    But now it’s females turn.
    The get up and go males, have gone.
    What will be left in NZ, once women leave.

    The benefit dependant?
    Criminals, deported to NZ?
    Uneducated workers?
    Lower standard professionals, who don’t get Australian jobs?
    3rd world educated, immigrant, replacements?


    “Pay for a registered nurse in the public system on the top pay bracket starts at over $A90,000 ($NZ96,500) per year in NSW. But there is a plethora of allowances and loadings that bumps this up significantly. This compares with $77,000 in New Zealand. For a new graduate nurse the comparison is $49,449 compared to A$64,116.”

    “A designated senior nurse in New Zealand at the top pay scale can earn up to a touch over $130,000, while a nurse manager in NSW at the top level can earn $A180,000 ($192,000).”


    Those Australian incomes financed on debt.
    Low interest for 30 years.
    You still have to pay the low interest.
    And have the money for the debt in 30 years.

    Maybe the hope is inflation.
    That the debt becomes worthless.
    Like the money they print, for themselves.
    Only to bribe ( women ) voters, in the short term.

    NZ government will follow suit.
    It’s voter base is demanding, more, and more.
    Pre school, teachers, nurses, mental health.
    But we all know the truth.

    Even if we don’t admit it.
    The extra will be for rent, and mortgages.
    To help the landlords, banks, cope when inflation arrives.
    And they demand more, and more.


    A solution is time served deposit, low interest mortgages for those professions.
    Funded directly by bonds, by government.
    Leave NZ, mortgages must be settled.
    Eliminating bank profits, parasitic to income.

    Rent to own legislation, in the open market.
    Allowing the renter to force ownership change.
    Formula value assessment, and low deposit requirements.
    And tax discounting, for forced sales.


    Income is not everything in life.
    But if you offer little else.
    It is a big world, wanting high performing NZers.
    Temptation, may be stronger, than loyalty.

    See the woman likes the Kangaroo.
    Australia, wants them.
    For there false economy.
    There is another solution……

    Suck up mountains of iron-sand from the sea floor.
    Collapsing iron-sand prices.
    Ruining Australian budgets.
    Making us money, so we can bribe our women voters.

    After all, we are treated with contempt.
    Not all is fair, in dysfunctional relationships.
    In love and war.
    Do as you, wish others, to treat you.

    We should not then stoop to there level.
    How they treat NZers vs our behaviour towards Australians.
    But offer, good things, other than income.
    But financial security, of home ownership.

    A fair living, with financial security, before retirement.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Sun 16th May 2021 @ 12:25 pm

  3. National birthrate is now 1.60 that’s well below replacement at 2.1 or growth at 2.3.

    What do NZ women do these days if they haven’t got time for children?

    Comment by Evan Myers — Wed 2nd June 2021 @ 10:57 am

  4. When the world starts falling apart it’s easy to look past the obvious and get lost looking for answers.

    I see the same trend surfacing again on MENZ. Feminism makes more progress under left wing governments and the reaction is MGTOW again rather than standing up and fighting.

    It takes a reasonable effort to get enough people together to fight against feminist trends and politicians won’t go there.

    I see some German History being floated by way of explanation and something you might find interesting was that feminism was effectively outlawed during the Versailles period. Very few women were allowed to maintain effective positions of authority.

    It’s easy to cherry pick pieces of history to find a suitable explanation.

    We’re seeing another period in New Zealand somewhat reminiscent of the Clark Era with no real male fighting force in the political arena.

    Comment by Downunder — Fri 2nd July 2021 @ 8:39 am

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