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Newsroom Oranga Tamariki Case

Filed under: General — Downunder @ 7:02 pm Mon 10th May 2021

The sanctions in the Family Court Act for a breach of Section11B involving identification of children are a maximum of three months imprisonment, or a $2000 fine for an individual or $10,000 for an organisation.

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I haven’t had time to digest this yet but it looks like something we should be paying attention to.

7 Responses to “Newsroom Oranga Tamariki Case”

  1. Evan Myers says:

    “[The judge] did not accept the matter was of sufficient public interest to warrant a reduction or waiving of costs.”

    What a despicable thing to say. Shame on our institutions. Thank god we have journalists like Melanie Reid exposing them.

    Looks like the courts have decided this was unnecessary interference in the state’s business.

  2. Lukenz says:

    It is the bit about the states misuse of power that can not be reported concerns me deeply.

    The news story did not reveal the identity of the children.

    All the media was doing was reporting to the public the states misuse of power.

    New Zealand is becoming third world if it thinks it can behave in such a way.

    The without notice means you can’t defend. Who is the Minister who cancelled?

  3. Downunder says:

    UoF didn’t have smartphones back in that period, we were still in the age of cell phones and desktop computers.

    But we did have video cameras and put a stop to some of the aggressive state behavior that started after Clark came to power in 1999. A few people got out of control and it wouldn’t surprise me if it happened again.

  4. DJ Ward says:

    Democracy is flawed.
    Endless laws, trying to improve things.
    Risk aversion, to everything.

    In this case it’s, forced silence.
    Far different than just, biased media.
    Good on them for showing the ability to report.
    Did they not defend themselves, well.
    Using there own platform, to report on themselves.
    At least when biased media speaks.
    Think the opposite and you will likely see the truth.
    But silence, see what it really is.
    Democracy, the majority, or those with the power.
    Can create silence.
    The state, on a cancel culture binge.

    So in this instance.
    Despite, there many flaws.
    Good on the reporters, for actually reporting.
    Like the middle finger, in words, to government.

    I fear democracy is failing, society.
    Voting, on promises, fears, and propaganda.
    Budgets, as toys for the masses.
    And feathered nests.

    Landlords, for landlords.
    Lawyers, for lawyers.
    Race cards, green cards, gender cards, and wealth cards.
    Who then actually, is Democracy for.

    Inevitably, silence.
    As the masses, are subjugated, by law.
    But oppressed they in turn rebel.
    Rioting, for any cause, fake culture demands.

    Democracy falls, with the spoiled child, helpless.
    Only free media can save democracy.
    Not biased media, as it fails democracy.
    But, with intent, honesty, and all issues.

    Today media is biased.
    And is not serving democracy.
    This rare middle finger.
    At least, made me smile.

  5. golfa says:

    For anyone who wonders why journalists NEVER do stories about the Family Court, this is why.

  6. Downunder says:

    I know the feeling, Golfa. Apparently there is a PI on my tail as well.

    And Lauren Quaintence after all this time still lives in Australia.

  7. 2c worth says:

    Abuse of power is nothing new. Courts are always xxxx the truth. Just look at all these abuse in state care stories. I know a child who spoke up and was called a xxx by a government agency. What a joke.

    Like Luke said in#2

    The without notice means you can’t defend.

    So that’s our justice system is it.

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