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On Conservatives

Filed under: General — Downunder @ 11:45 am Tue 23rd March 2021

Yesterday I put up a post on Todd Muller but what struck me most in the comments was not reflecting so much on his situation but more along the lines of how that might be seen in thinking about conservatives.

These days conservatism is seen as
a comfortable state of mind;

I’ve worked hard, been good, live in a nice neighborhood, look down on the riff raff, support the police, and associate with the right people, or variations of a theme.

These ‘Conservatives’ have a mindset of self preservation rather than social preservation, rather than a resistance to liberalism and socialism which is where it began.

By that standard other ideology can equally say, we want to preserve an opposing status quo.

Conservatives are lazy in that respect – they’ll get up to help themselves but their energy seldom extends to the community. Yes, we do see some noble characters. We give awards to these civil minded bodies who do make the effort.
Old Jim was rather cynical about that though, describing the OBE – for Other Bugger’s Efforts.

But back to what I was seeing;
Ultimately though we will always need Men to be Men, to think we do not have hard times afoot is nuts,, if the alpine fault goes, for instance, the heroes will landslidingly be our Guys, and in the aftermath our guys on their big machines will rebuild.

This is the mindset of convenience. When we don’t have an emergency we don’t have any particular regard for men. If you happen to be getting treated like shit we’ll look the other way, except perhaps on Anzac Day.
We don’t regard men as veterans of peace; they’re fireman, and police, and ambulance, and civil defense, heavy hands with sore backs, etc but they’re paid for that.

We only really need you, in an emergency and the rest of the time you can get stuffed. And we won’t even let you train your sons because they need to be taught to look after their all important mothers.

The shadow of feminist thinking creeps through society like an endless evil determined to change your mind to their way of thinking.

Boys who don’t have a good relationship with their mother are evil. That’s the feminist mantra.

We don’t train our sons in the art of social preservation. If we need some machine operators we’ll get some immigrants.

I’m sure he felt that he could do the job but given that the media at the present time is anti conservative and ruthless at tearing down anyone in the National Party , I understand how they undermined the guy to the point of destruction.

Liberals are always anti-conservative and conservative are anti-incompetence, so Muller never stood a chance while liberals have learned to stick together. Ardern in my mind is an incompetent wind bag, but her team support her to the enth degree and will do until they fail together. This is the irony. That’s normally the diehards attitude of Conservative men. All for one and one for all.

Conservatives in their own liberalism can no longer organize a piss-up in a brewery because they’re only conservative in name, not in principle.

A lot more could be said about the little bit written in the comments of the post but needless to say I think that is a reflection of today’s miss-thinking about conservatism and not realistic conservative thinking.

Along with a lack of critical thinking about how we’re accepting men not being men.

One Response to “On Conservatives”

  1. Evan Myer says:

    You can’t blame it entirely on conservative apathy, though.

    Today there will be classrooms, lectures and tutorials all around the country teaching women’s studies, gender studies and biased law and man-hating ethics.

    We’re not just turning blind-eyes here, we are teaching the new normal to the next generation.

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