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The Disguise of Empathy

Filed under: General — Downunder @ 3:36 pm Mon 29th November 2021

I’ve written previously about the significance of identity. I’d like to think that we don’t dispute the importance of what we describe in so many different ways. Self respect, personal growth, birthright, credibility, social standing … how many more ways could you describe that?

We see the crushing of identity in cancel culture, previously name and blame, or further back simply ‘shame’. We’re trying to legislate that as hate speech.

Empathy has a significant role in this equation too, particularly that shown by Ardern in her initial love and kindness to all.

The disguise of empathy is an attack on identity. One that says, if you don’t have my empathy, you don’t have my respect. If you don’t tolerate my disdain you are unworthy.

Have you noticed more recently how it is not love and kindness to all but those who believe in me.

It has the consequential effect of dimishining our respect for each other. This allows us to dehumanise other individuals and attack them.

In essence it separates us as a community, as rational self-respecting sentient beings. It’s a social confusion that can only lead to disruption, violence and increasing quantities of social disorder.

We’re seeing it now where a blue uniform is a target, a barrier for people attempting to escape this social prison, and the destruction of their lives fearful of losing identities that we each have built.

Some are more vulnerable than others.

The sin is non-compliance and the enemy an invisible threat.

We have a cancer in our body and it’s quickly spreading through the lifeblood of our country, killing us a little more each day.

Get rid of the cancer, before she delivers us to a Hell we will all regret.


  1. Well Jacinda is just a figurehead, to the caucus.
    They can fire her, but why would they.
    Who would be the replacement.
    And would it change anything, the bureaucracy remains.
    I think they are to scared, to do transformational things.
    Essentially successive, caretaker governments.

    To me it’s the ideology that is wrong.
    Dependency being cancerous.
    The burden on the tax payer, to great.
    Debt being cancerous.
    Enormous sums now owed.

    So to me an event must take place.
    The housing market cannot continue to climb.
    If the income to house value is 10 times.
    Then 10% interest takes all there income.
    If they can afford 50% of income, then 5% interest is the limit.

    But it’s not 10 times income.
    It’s as high as 15 times.
    So 6.66%, with a 3.33% interest limit.
    To the extreme, more money can be pumped into the economy.
    If interest rates are 0% debts can be infinite.
    House prices can rise forever.
    Money becoming more worthless.

    Without growth in debt, the housing market stalls.
    Capital gain stopped, if not reversing.

    The profits, have not genuinely been made.
    A small number becoming incredibly rich.
    But who has lost the money, for them to gain.
    Is it the working class, priced out, forced to rent.
    Is it from rental subsidies, directly from the taxpayer.
    Soon people’s interest limits, will be reached.
    And they cannot borrow more.
    The renter left begging for help.
    Rent unaffordable, the government giving more subsidies.
    So the landlord, can service the debt.

    Will the government bankrupt itself.
    To save the shrinking rich.
    Those with nothing, growing.
    More and more, rejecting society.

    The stack of cards must fall.
    Who is in charge, is irrelevant.
    It may feel like hell at the time.

    Inflation is cancerous.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Mon 29th November 2021 @ 8:27 pm

  2. Interesting but a very different view of the same picture that other people might have.

    Comment by Evan Myers — Mon 29th November 2021 @ 8:43 pm

  3. Is there really a housing crises? There is no shortage in workers, but red tape, greedy politicians slows down development. All the nonesense to put up a small hut in the mountains. It really has more to do with councils and central government for the housing crises. I personally believe society will crash soon, and people will just abandon everything unless serious change in reducing red tape occurs. When you are 1/2 your time just keeping govt, council, off your back. When you have to comply with execcisve demands for doing basic tasks things are not right. Being ‘kind’ and appearing empathetic is fake when there is no action and there is no reduction in important issues. “I need a tool to so this job”, “well just be kind”. “Uh no go get the tool and fix the mess.”

    Comment by s — Thu 2nd December 2021 @ 10:58 pm

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