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The Future of Families

Filed under: General — Lukenz @ 7:59 pm Thu 19th August 2021

Near 5000 comments on YouTube on this short video. Just awful outcomes for men and fathers.

The careless attitude towards men and fathers is leading to a future that women will find uncertain, isolated, expensive and unrewarding.


  1. Nice one Luke. Check this out too:

    Comment by ErasingDad — Thu 19th August 2021 @ 9:02 pm

  2. Done well writing my letter.
    Have written enough arguments.
    Now just editing them.

    MGTOW is interesting.
    As they pointed out, it’s a reaction.
    What the world offers men.
    Versus what women offer men.
    And what government does, for women.
    To men.
    Burnt, and hurt.
    Why do it again, or even risk a first time.

    A question would be, why is our birth rate 1.7.
    Is MGTOW the cause of it being below 2.0.
    That females can’t find willing males, the cause.
    Feminist may claim, society treats them badly.
    So it is females going there own way.
    Females rejecting males as a cause.
    Certainly some females are choosing, to be childless.
    Is there a study to tell us, why.

    Whatever is happening mental health, is affected.
    And requiring medical intervention more often for females, than males.
    Mental health, and fatherless rates, over time, look similar.
    A vicious cycle.

    What then of the teenage boy.
    What does he see, happening to men.
    To men like there fathers.
    And how culture, and law, worked for them.

    Compared to there fathers.
    Would they want a better deal.
    Is MGTOW that attractive.
    Certainly I have met many, who are MGTOW.
    And they would not consider, a partner in there life.

    It must be wrong, in many ways.
    For people, due to there environment.
    To decide MGTOW, is the best option.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Fri 20th August 2021 @ 7:27 pm

  3. My letter, is basically done now.

    Families are inevitable.
    So they will always be in the future.
    People can’t help, falling in love.
    One thing leads to another, then children.
    The family created.

    Hopefully I have shown the deals not that good, for men.
    If they even made a deal, to be a family.
    That society can do better, with broken families.
    That forcing things on people.
    Creates consequences.

    MGTOW a symptom, a consequence.
    Why would something normal.
    Create a reaction, like MGTOW.
    Then what is normal, must be harmful.
    Otherwise a solution, would not be created.

    There must be good reason.
    For men to fear, the family.

    Comment by Dj Ward — Sun 22nd August 2021 @ 8:32 pm

  4. If anything it is about men, young men from early teen boys onwards, to understand the risks involved when having sex or entering a relationship. Sites like this one and others to help protect mens property rights, their right to see their children, their right to be employable, their very liberty.

    We are talking about half of relationships fail. This moves men from significant to high risk.

    And since the current thinking is to prosecute allegations, or at a minimum divulge untested police records, great care and individual record taking needs to be employed to protect mens wellbeing.

    Comment by Lukenz — Tue 24th August 2021 @ 9:52 am

  5. Had a conversation.

    Male subject to unplanned pregnancy.
    And not in a relationship with the mother.
    During pregnancy.
    To guarantee she got custody.
    She got a protection order.
    When it was clear he wanted to be a parent.
    So filed when the child was a baby.
    He had to fight, to be recognised, as a parent.
    She is automatically a parent.

    He got 1 hour supervised, every 2 weeks.
    She only attended half of those.
    So 12 hours a year.
    He fought in court for 4 years.
    Costing $50,000.
    He was not allowed to see her File.
    For social workers, dealing with her, and the child.
    It was inches thick, when he finally got it.
    Due to the protection order.
    He was not allowed information about her.
    Eventually social workers removed the child.
    Banning her from having children.
    Taking the next one at birth.
    Magically they dropped the child at dads place.
    And has with success raised his child.

    But the damage done.
    Four years of hell for the child.
    All on a bullshit protection order.
    The father cried, when he read his child’s file.
    All happening, known by the judge.
    All happening, known to the social workers.
    Yet he was treated, less than human.

    All due to him not having equal rights, as a parent.
    The lawyers were happy with the $50,000.
    And achieved nothing, for him.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Thu 26th August 2021 @ 8:04 am

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