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The Weight of Women

Filed under: General — Downunder @ 10:40 am Sat 31st July 2021

In the rise and fall of civilisations, and there have been many over the last 12,000 years, there is a screed of comparable information against which we can judge our current environment.

In the sense of predicament though I think it better to talk either of known comparisons or new trends.

Without doing this we have a muddled assessment of what we might be experiencing.

Add to that, how a known trend might present itself in a different form and we can see the need to be more analytical and specific about what we might be referring to rather than some general claim that is nothing more than bias by perspective.

Through the ages where men have been more dominant in the advances of society, stronger women have still succeeded and today we often see reviews of those contributions as if they were overlooked rather than part of the general picture of development.

We hear less about some of the evil successes that have resulted in mass murder, serial killings, and other lunacy but they are there if you stumble across the right books.

In the reverse situation today, where women succeed too easily because of the feminist privilege they are extended, we find men collectively under far greater pressure to succeed in the modern environment and the numbers of qualified and successful men particularly in our country are dwindling as are our relative numbers … around the 9 men per 10 women mark or perhaps less now?

So, what will we see in terms of the prevalence of the new successful male?

How will the darker side of men manifest itself within this environment as the male of the species suffers from this increasing social oppression.

How might we see our society deteriorate independently of rest of the world because of our isolation, small population size and our ongoing ability to be manipulated by the feminist dominance in our administration.

In this more restricted environment and I believe that’s quite a real pressure for the young men of today, does that raise questions about our ability to progress or even maintain our status quo when female attention is much more inclined to the social environment rather than matters of the practical world?

If you accept that as being a realistic assessment and one of concern, what might we be thinking about as necessary for ongoing stability in our determinating social environment?

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