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When boys are treated like pieces of shit that don’t matter whatsoever, don’t be surprised if they act like the way they are treated.

Filed under: General — Lukenz @ 6:51 am Wed 27th October 2021

Probably the shortest and frankest video explaining how the world treats boys and the guaranteed outcome.

Scott Adams says when boys are treated like pieces of shit that don’t matter whatsoever, don’t be surprised if they act like the way they are treated.

The very same could be said for men.

How do we treat men in divorce?

How do we treat men and their property rights in divorce?

How do we treat dad’s and their rights to see their children in divorce?

How do we treat men when they have been accused of sexual misconduct?

How do we treat men when they are found not guilty of sexual misconduct?

Let’s turn this around. How do we treat girls and women in the same circumstances?

What is the guaranteed outcome?

Men speed in cars because they are trained to not care about others.

Men commit violent crimes because they are trained not care about others.

Men turn to drugs because they are trained not care about themselves.

Taking from men these fundamental human rights, don’t be surprised with the outcome.


  1. Agree with the premise of the argument.
    If you treat someone badly, they will then treat you badly.

    There is no doubt young men are treated badly.
    If you are automatically guilty, to the system.
    Why obey the law.
    If there is no difference between doing it, and not.
    Why obey the law.

    The Crowns behaviour towards DV an example.
    The Crowns behaviour towards sex crimes also.

    Any DV is the males fault.
    Any sexual behaviour by males, is a sex crime.

    They will be re-educated, to enforce the stereotypes.
    With males are violent, DV classes.
    With only males need consent, sex classes.

    Soon the brainwashed boy, will encounter reality.
    A relationship going badly.
    A vindictive ex girlfriend.
    A violent female.
    A psychological manipulator, and coercive control.
    The Crown and it’s desire, to persecute males.
    Then creates, what it desires.

    A boy behaving badly.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Wed 27th October 2021 @ 11:37 am

  2. What a surprise, an issue happening in many places.

    It’s not good when people in contempt attack the police.
    I see contempt by young men, in many behaviours.
    Since the government ruined the family.
    As a motivator for good male behaviour.
    What then do they have.
    The car can’t get them pregnant, ‘accidentally’
    It won’t make DV allegations, in revenge.
    It won’t force them to work, while the car demands to stay home.
    It won’t have sex with another car, then tell you the kids yours.
    You can sell the car, and get a new one, without ruining your life.
    It won’t then force you to pay car support, for 18 years.
    The car won’t, tell lies, ruining your reputation.
    The car doesn’t monitor, every bit of your life.
    If you are drunk, you can use another car like a taxi, without jealousy.

    The car a safer replacement, than what government is offering.
    No wonder boys, love cars.
    The male with the best and hottest girlfriend, replaced as the alpha male.
    Now, measured in there minds, by the car they drive.
    And how good they do burnouts.

    They must be persecuted, for failing government expectations, of them.
    The no male fun allowed, police.
    Can the police not organise safe events for them.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Tue 2nd November 2021 @ 1:28 pm

  3. This is a problem for men.

    I have read far larger numbers for all cases.

    So 1 in 5 get remand equal, or more than the sentence.
    Not mentioned, the absolutely corrupt results.
    Those imprisonments with a not guilty person.
    What % are those cases.
    How many give up waiting, pleading guilty.
    Verdicts, gained using duress.

    The situation can only be far worse, with closed courts.
    A backlog, added to a backlog.

    I’m useless with names, but I do remember one NZ case.
    A female killer, who spent 2 years on remand.
    The case thrown out for taking to long.
    The remand enough, for the brutal killing of a man.
    But a male waits 4 years.

    If time on remand, equals the sentence.
    Punishment becomes arbitrary, without trial.
    The innocent, and guilty, automatically punished to the maximum.
    Without recourse, for false imprisonments.
    Or excessive imprisonments.

    How will the thousands, waiting respond.
    It cannot increase respect.
    Will they surrender, pleading guilt.
    How will they treat society, when they get out.

    I have been waiting 7 months already.
    Don’t even have a court date.
    And that’s just for the saying hello, first appearance.
    Obviously I’m way down the list of priorities.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Sat 27th November 2021 @ 6:19 pm

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