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A Rising Rage

Filed under: General — Downunder @ 9:03 am Thu 8th September 2022

Regeneration rather than the next generation. The next generation is in a state of turmoil, and various forms of political rage.

This particular outrage was attached to a tweet from Chris Luxon (Not a political broadcast) I can understand his concerns about education though, when you see this out of the mouths of the next generation of Pacifica.

They’ve been easier to lead astray, easier to sell the colonial lie to, easier to inspire with hatred, and more seriously, easier to drive into the security of manipulated regression.

Underground there is an army of resistance, and so many of those involved are women. And not the … those with a limited vocabulary that doesn’t extend past, racist, bigot, misogynist, old-white-man and Aotearoa.

They’ve been on MENZ occasionally before and you know they were watching when they occasionally bothered to comment.

Going back 20 years as male resistance to the feminazi attack started to dwindle, talk turned to the rise of the “White Lady” (in NZ that often referred to former ACT MP Muriel Newnan, now in her 70s – but as politically active as ever).

There is no white lady but an army of them. They are quietly raging too. Rising against, Ardern, incompetence, insincerity, her pretence of perfection that delivers nothing more than a propaganda programme and the rhetoric that Labour supporters learn from their inboxes.

They’re parots and they need a new perch to shit from. And the good thing is, these women are happy to say so, and more than capable too.

They’re a challenge to a Feminist machine that’s relied on power and control, volume, ideology, and character assassination.

When Ardern’s supporters see there is more to life than their inbox, her support will falter.

It takes effort, but it’s happening.


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  2. I think there are many females, raised without fathers.
    Ones who witness, lies being made.
    Girls interrogated by police, lawyers and psychologists.

    Soon they become adults, and experience life.
    What happened to dad, can gain perspective.
    In politics on gender, can they now see the lies.

    Things have become, the politics of division.
    Like Trump, or don’t like Trump.
    Vote right, or vote left.
    Want this gender, or not that gender.
    Want this race, or not that race.
    Want this religion, or not that religion.

    All we need, is a rising rage.
    A young female, raised with lies.
    Who enters politics, and says no.
    No to being judged, by the politics of division.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Sun 11th September 2022 @ 7:58 am

  3. I have been thinking about the brain, of insects.
    Because they are remarkable, and smart.
    They can assess there environment, and change direction.
    But there brains, are very tiny.

    It implies to me, that it’s made of yes no circuits.
    But more complicated, as emotions.
    Is it warmer, or colder.
    Is it light, or dark.
    But a flaw exist, in the argument.

    Imagine a long table, with unclimbable sides.
    One end is death hot, and one is death cold.
    The insects start in the middle, at room temperature.
    Do they go to warm, running to there deaths.
    Is the brains circuit that simple, that it dies.

    Is it not just one circuit, in the decision.
    Does it have a to hot, or to cold decision.
    It likes warm, but not hot.
    Somehow, making it reverse before death.

    Test by test, you could understand the program.
    Because humans, are not far removed from the insect.
    Is our brain in the background, running the same test.
    In same test, would we all stop where it’s warm.

    If the insects predictable, so are humans.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Sun 18th September 2022 @ 8:24 pm

  4. How angry are the protestors, to act so dramatically.
    Does there arguments, even make sense.
    How much is ideology, and how much is real.

    An argument exists that public transport, harms the environment.
    To travel a distance how much energy is used, vs the car.
    Maybe the bus is equal, to three cars.
    If you only have two passengers, it’s worse for the environment.
    The same argument exists, for a rail service.

    To pay for the bus or Tain, and the driver.
    How many passengers, for financial viability.
    Why should I subsidies, those privileged with the service.
    The service close to home, and close to work.
    Endless numbers, pay but get nothing.

    Is there science argument correct, and it pays for itself.
    With electric cars, does it still make sense.

    Soon the driverless electric bus, will be real.
    That will be, a game changer.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Tue 18th October 2022 @ 9:14 pm

  5. I have moments, when my emotions get a little angry.
    Slowly like a rising rage, until I let it out in some way.
    Today was one of those days, and it quickly passes.
    The usual suspects, were the focus of my thoughts.

    Some people get angry, at this topic.
    Of removing gender, from speaking.
    For some it’s the topic, of race and language.
    The Stace comment, must include my Pakeha opinion.
    Worse, a males opinion on this topic.

    So in some ways, that is a click bait headline.
    Because the new wording, is actually more correct.
    The word whānau, does describe the service.
    Slowly word by word, we can have a new language.
    English and Maori joined together, that we grow up with.
    We can have conversations, the tourists don’t understand.

    The midwife does interact, with family and friends.
    I have been at four births, one not my child.
    It was still the midwife, who helped me cut the cord.
    So things do happen, when it’s not actually family.

    The removal of the word woman, is silly.
    Because the vast majority of cases, it is a female.
    It’s very rare, for the exceptions.
    How do you stop saying, what is normal.
    Are you not saying woman, because it’s somehow wrong.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Mon 7th November 2022 @ 7:15 pm

  6. With the riots in the US, having uncontrolled rage.
    The US shows, it’s not as stable as it should be.
    Smashing windows and looting, fires and Capital storming.
    Somehow the devision, is as equal as you get.
    Even the protesters, are one group or the opposite.
    The elections to tight, to say the winner.
    Whatever the result, look at what’s next.

    I have been watching, so have seen DeSantis speaking.
    He is clearly intelligent, so I see the reason why he is the contender.
    Obama was similar, in the ability to maintain a conversation.

    Republicans must ask themselves, how divisive Trump is.
    Maybe due to his personality, he inherently just can’t get 50%.
    Even if Trump was the best candidate, republicans still lose.

    Can we all agree, on the Democratic Party example.
    No matter how good the candidate, age is a concern.
    DeSantis is a far better age, for the hardest job than Trump.

    In the land of the free, you wouldn’t think racism would exist.
    But somehow race and political tribalism, is a US thing.
    How can the Democrat argue, if they can’t blame racism.

    Even in this election, an important race to be redone.
    Is two black men, so how can either be racist.
    How can you explain, a race of people voting more for a party.

    If Trump runs, he must still be voted the candidate.
    The next election, as important as the last.
    The next election, could be a needed change for the US.

    Trump was a game changer, but it wasn’t all good.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Fri 11th November 2022 @ 11:08 am

  7. Today was full of moments, having the emotion of despair.
    Hearing something, then the feeling it’s hopeless.

    Another day in stalled traffic, for no reason.
    News we are in for more of the same, in US politics.
    Talk of wayward youth, without fear of the law.
    Another stereotype story of the solo mum, doing a great job.
    RMA changes, that change nothing of substance.
    The hard worker, who says he won’t own a home.
    A sign on a shop window, closed due to no staff.

    All of those things have solutions, but somehow nothing happens.
    That’s the cause, of the despair.

    Certainly the future, will have better traffic.
    The Trump era, will one day end.
    Society will learn, to be better at raising kids.
    We will work out, better parenting solutions.
    One day rules on land, can allow a free society.
    In time, there will be homes for everyone.
    Business will pay, wages needed to have staff.

    So those moments of despair, were temporary.
    But still a struggle, to think more positive.
    I suspect tomorrow, will be similar.
    If your living you can’t avoid the world, the way it is.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Wed 16th November 2022 @ 10:54 pm

  8. As people can’t afford mortgages, more will become angry.
    It is inevitable, that they will blame government.–and-the-team-of-five-million-is-being-asked-to-wear-the-cost-again

    If you make $1 billion profit, that’s $200 each person.
    And some banks, make more than that.
    Each bank somehow profits, $800 from my family.
    My spending trickles down, to pay someone’s debts.
    Now those with debts, will demand more.

    When houses rose 50% in a year, it was inflation.
    Yet inflation figures were low, interest rates low.
    It was inevitable money, had to revalue vs the house.
    The reserve bank now acts, but it’s a response.
    It failed years ago, in monetary policy.

    It never attempted, to stop house price inflation.
    It fuelled it, with printing money.
    Other inflation, is a slight delay to it.
    A pyramid of debt, with a day of reckoning.
    Many will not afford, the banks new demand.

    Even the houseless, will be affected.
    Savings in the bank, now becoming worthless.
    Rents rising, as the landlord demands more.
    Certainly money must catch up, to devalued property.
    Money is catching up, to the 50% change in value.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Sun 27th November 2022 @ 8:08 am

  9. Nothing like a conversation, or law that’s contradictory.

    The landowners rights, are not talked about.
    The right to do anything, on the land they own.
    These laws are a contradiction, giving government rights.
    Now the landowner, can be dictated to.
    Certainly farmers argue, that’s happening.

    Why can’t a person, split up land for sections.
    Why can’t they just build, whatever they like.

    The author says we need housing, but contradicts that.
    As all land, has an environmental value.
    Every creek and every tree, every flat and every hill.
    You cannot have houses, without loosing environment.
    The farmland that grew crops, that land with its animals.

    Nothings better for lawyers, than a contradiction.
    This clause says this, this clause the opposite.
    The poor landowner, trying to do things.
    Days in court with arguments, both sides on laws side.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Fri 16th December 2022 @ 9:50 am

  10. Tomorrow I go to court, and I intend to put up a fight.
    I have made my list, it’s only two subjects long.
    Paternity fraud, and non consensual conception.
    Both in society, banned subjects.
    Paternity fraud, the cause of male jealousy.
    In turn a major cause, of male domestic violence.
    Non consensual conception, a major cause of male domestic violence.
    In turn a major cause, of male suicide.

    As for rage, it’s possible the judge won’t cope.
    If I do not write tomorrow, I am in prison.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Mon 6th February 2023 @ 12:25 pm

  11. It’s done, and I’m now on bail.
    Next is a disputed facts hearing, and I’m a little excited.
    The judges helper was all smiles, until the not guilty bit.
    I get to argue disputed facts, that is funny.
    Certainly now, I have a task with a court date.
    What facts should I ask for, what do I aim to prove.
    Maybe that’s the point, make everything things they can’t answer.

    I also have my potential sentence, at least what the police want.
    They haven’t asked for prison, not yet anyway.
    Reparations are just over $5,000, and a fine of $2,000 seven times.
    That hurts, but there’s nothing I can change.

    I can accept my sentence, everything else is now just a bonus.
    I must think like that, I must think positively.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Tue 7th February 2023 @ 2:09 pm

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