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A Rising Rage

Filed under: General — Downunder @ 9:03 am Thu 8th September 2022

Regeneration rather than the next generation. The next generation is in a state of turmoil, and various forms of political rage.

This particular outrage was attached to a tweet from Chris Luxon (Not a political broadcast) I can understand his concerns about education though, when you see this out of the mouths of the next generation of Pacifica.

They’ve been easier to lead astray, easier to sell the colonial lie to, easier to inspire with hatred, and more seriously, easier to drive into the security of manipulated regression.

Underground there is an army of resistance, and so many of those involved are women. And not the … those with a limited vocabulary that doesn’t extend past, racist, bigot, misogynist, old-white-man and Aotearoa.

They’ve been on MENZ occasionally before and you know they were watching when they occasionally bothered to comment.

Going back 20 years as male resistance to the feminazi attack started to dwindle, talk turned to the rise of the “White Lady” (in NZ that often referred to former ACT MP Muriel Newnan, now in her 70s – but as politically active as ever).

There is no white lady but an army of them. They are quietly raging too. Rising against, Ardern, incompetence, insincerity, her pretence of perfection that delivers nothing more than a propaganda programme and the rhetoric that Labour supporters learn from their inboxes.

They’re parots and they need a new perch to shit from. And the good thing is, these women are happy to say so, and more than capable too.

They’re a challenge to a Feminist machine that’s relied on power and control, volume, ideology, and character assassination.

When Ardern’s supporters see there is more to life than their inbox, her support will falter.

It takes effort, but it’s happening.

3 Responses to “A Rising Rage”

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  2. DJ Ward says:

    I think there are many females, raised without fathers.
    Ones who witness, lies being made.
    Girls interrogated by police, lawyers and psychologists.

    Soon they become adults, and experience life.
    What happened to dad, can gain perspective.
    In politics on gender, can they now see the lies.

    Things have become, the politics of division.
    Like Trump, or don’t like Trump.
    Vote right, or vote left.
    Want this gender, or not that gender.
    Want this race, or not that race.
    Want this religion, or not that religion.

    All we need, is a rising rage.
    A young female, raised with lies.
    Who enters politics, and says no.
    No to being judged, by the politics of division.

  3. DJ Ward says:

    I have been thinking about the brain, of insects.
    Because they are remarkable, and smart.
    They can assess there environment, and change direction.
    But there brains, are very tiny.

    It implies to me, that it’s made of yes no circuits.
    But more complicated, as emotions.
    Is it warmer, or colder.
    Is it light, or dark.
    But a flaw exist, in the argument.

    Imagine a long table, with unclimbable sides.
    One end is death hot, and one is death cold.
    The insects start in the middle, at room temperature.
    Do they go to warm, running to there deaths.
    Is the brains circuit that simple, that it dies.

    Is it not just one circuit, in the decision.
    Does it have a to hot, or to cold decision.
    It likes warm, but not hot.
    Somehow, making it reverse before death.

    Test by test, you could understand the program.
    Because humans, are not far removed from the insect.
    Is our brain in the background, running the same test.
    In same test, would we all stop where it’s warm.

    If the insects predictable, so are humans.

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