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Filed under: General — FrontLine @ 1:16 pm Mon 4th April 2022

Is there such a thing as MASCULIST ART?

Is there a way to insert photos directly?
In inline web page positions?

Thank you.

I think there is.

Anything that expresses our ideas, viewpoint, and political frustration in freely outlining our place as an allowable, equal ideology-equivalent to that of feminism.

it is our gender political gender consciousness after all. Our own; not that prescribed by others. By men for men with men.

Advocacy, promotion, information, differences and criticism, self examination, philosophy and reality.

Masculist Art


  1. It implies, there is the ideal man.
    The painting or thing displaying, the image of the ideal.
    There is however many perspectives, to the ideal.

    Is it the young male, with the six pack.
    Is it the brave warrior, holding the gun.
    Is it the wise man, reading.

    Does it display the emotions, of being those men.
    Does it show struggle, or pride.
    Does it show empathy, or resolve.

    What actually is the culture, the art tries to create.
    Is the artist, saying the image is typical of men.
    To be valued, you must be like the image as well.

    Women certainly at times, have experienced the ideal woman.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Wed 6th April 2022 @ 11:04 pm

  2. What do women want from men, is a good question.
    If women want sexual loyalty, half don’t offer it themselves.
    If they want financial loyalty, half will steal in some way.
    Even to be violence free, is no claim women can make.
    Should the man earn just less, so the woman has equality.
    Must they support dependency, while women reject men doing it.

    How then is this portrayed, the ideal man.
    Yet women act out, to expectations of the ideal woman.
    Victims themselves of fashion, even surgery.
    Give capitalism a chance, men will fall victim as well.
    The ideal man, with its own ever changing fashion.

    The Masculist Art, is only a snapshot of it.
    If the female begins the relationship, on looks.
    All those other tests, still happen with time.
    How many half chances, does the male then have.

    I doubt then, there is an ideal man.
    Even the object of the picture, fails in real life.
    Some will try and try, even they must rest.

    So my partner, drew many short straws.
    Pictures from the past, show different people.

    Maybe then we all have a moment, at our closest.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Thu 21st April 2022 @ 8:18 pm

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