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The Family Court – Same Story – Different Dad

Filed under: General — Lukenz @ 3:18 pm Sun 27th February 2022

Men, if you are thinking of letting her move in with you, thinking of starting a family, this video is for you.

If you are a child from a single parent family, and you wonder why your dad wasn’t there, or worst died by his own hand. Now you know.

If you are an MP, what are you doing to end this? Nothing? Yea, thats what I thought.


  1. They present males, as sport for money.
    I fail to see, how what happened to the man is acceptable.

    It is a subject, I would use to attack the judiciary.
    As they allow, all those things to happen.
    From the bigotry of the police, at the scene.
    By the police, not prosecuting lies.
    The vast difference in the statistics, of prosecutions.
    His example, one of endless examples.

    Yet human rights violation, after violation they don’t act.
    Crime done to men, one after the other.
    Yet men made accountable, even when innocent.

    Maybe the police feel they are innocent, but they are not.
    And I have made many sentences, to get the prosecutor.
    Those that let them do wrong things, are just as guilty.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Mon 28th February 2022 @ 6:36 pm

  2. I liked the discussion, on sexual activity in relationships.
    How in so many relationships, it’s the seconds from disaster thing.

    I definitely support the idea, that things are fixable.
    Obviously not in every case, but most couples.
    And have had to deal with the issue, with my partner.
    Nearly causing us to break up, me being the problem.
    As the professor says, it is about people wanting to stay together.
    Not accepting failure, recognising it as practice at getting it right.

    Commenting positively, on even normal things.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Mon 28th February 2022 @ 7:24 pm

  3. Yes a good chat. It also shows it doesn’t matter how much money you have, you will never get justice in the family court. It is purely a means to strip a man of his assets and separate him from him his children. All under the guise of being in the interests of the children.

    Comment by ErasingDad — Tue 1st March 2022 @ 11:59 am

  4. This man, this father clearly passionately loved his children. What’s the matter with that? Well there’s no money there. The rich rewards, mentioned in the video as the stakeholders feasting on US$60 billion a year. And all that money is, is the wealth of hard-working decent fathers. So where are we now? Fatherless children, record gang levels, social poverty, crime, drug abuse and NZ one of the worlds leader in male suicide. Whoops I meant to say mental health. How can this ever be seen as normal?
    When the children grow up fathers are teaching their sons how to avoid a miserable existence paying child-support and losing parenting rights, their home and everything in it. Perhaps the best way is to move to a country that protects property rights and father’s rights.

    Comment by Lukenz — Tue 1st March 2022 @ 12:23 pm

  5. This is what feminism calls, a success story.
    Managing to live in poverty, but pays child support.
    It’s the best result, in the interests of the kids.
    How is a working man, only affording poverty acceptable.
    How is making a person homeless, acceptable.
    He can hardly have the kids to stay, definitely not now.

    One can guess the mother and kids, are well housed.
    He looks worn out, and broken.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Tue 1st March 2022 @ 5:02 pm

  6. I cannot feel anything but dismay, at what young boys must think.
    Everywhere they turn, they are portrayed as the villain.
    Some will even watch, videos like in the post.

    The reality is males, do fall victim to predatory females.
    They do get asset stripped, and not given equal treatment by law.
    They see the reality for males, of the broken home.
    That they can fall victim, and have there lives ruined.

    How can boys have respect for girls, if that is acceptable.
    Certainly I see little respect for boys, by girls.


    The difference between boys and girls, is vast.
    And is easy to expose, philosophy wise.

    God sits in judgement, of a man and a woman.

    Both have had sex with a person, to drunk to consent.
    God ignores gender, and examines the act.
    They are judged, the same.

    Both have slapped there partner, in the face.
    God ignores gender, and examines the act.
    They are judged, the same.

    It is humans, that judge without respect for men.
    Even if it’s in some book of religion, humans wrote it.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Tue 1st March 2022 @ 5:31 pm

  7. Criminal law isn’t much better. Innocent until proven guilty.

    There are loop holes women are aware of thanks to places like x.

    Comment by 2c worth — Thu 3rd March 2022 @ 1:33 pm

  8. If it is a serious matter, in criminal court there is a jury.

    If NZ family court had a jury hearing, that would go a long way to keep in check the one judge agenda.

    Expensive property and breaking a child’s right to see dad is a very serious matter.

    Comment by Lukenz — Thu 3rd March 2022 @ 3:18 pm

  9. I fail to see how pushing out a father from a child’s life is in there best interest.

    Half of your existence is taken away. Things you did with dad gone. Meaningless. Forgotten.

    Personally I have no idea where my child is. But I know I’m not paying child support but child abuse money.

    I’ve seen studies where just mum, and the child ends up with “problems”. And yet not seen as abuse to the child. I read to my daughter every night. Got her puzzles to solve. Things like that.

    For years I reported domestic abuse in the home just for it to be turned around on me can I get a conviction for abusing her. Then my daughter reports the same and is called a liar.

    But glad we looking out the best interest of the child.. you just keep believing that.

    Comment by 2c worth — Thu 3rd March 2022 @ 4:53 pm

  10. The difference, is the discretion of the police.
    That for cases against men, things are arbitrary.
    But they are not arbitrary, if a women does them.

    So if a male makes an allegation, so what.
    But if a woman makes one, it must be acted on.
    The bigotry, has become culture even in words.

    Women can openly, stitch up a male in society.
    There will be no ramification, as a bad male doesn’t want his child.
    How dare he make the accusation, a woman lied.

    A women can beat her partner, then demand sex.
    The police will call it make up sex, and congratulate the male.
    After all, it was him with all the privilege and arrest him.

    After all there was violence, so he must be guilty.
    After all sex was made to happen, so he must be guilty.
    The male now terrified, mute to the wrongs done to him.

    What then of the male, who is ignored by society.
    How will they decide, to legitimately seek justice.
    Since the police don’t provide it, some will take it for themselves.

    See I have found the cause to the effect, a cycle of violence.
    Women with no respect for males, creating males with no respect for women.
    And men with no respect for women, creating women with no respect for men.

    If you have one, you must then have the other.
    If you have neither, then you have nothing.
    But if both respected the other, then you have everything.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Thu 3rd March 2022 @ 5:18 pm

  11. A sad indictment of the Family Court. 18 years on and nothing has changed:

    Comment by ErasingDad — Wed 13th April 2022 @ 8:39 pm

  12. Back again, stronger fitter healthier and more educated on the tactics of gas lighting – Psychological abuse and harm -, Narcissistic abuse driven by ENVY and ENTITLEMENT – and of course DARVO – psychological projection and blame shifting and playing the VICTIM to avoid prosecution when caught LYING and exploiting the vulnerable. Check out my interviews and Facebook page and book is out in MAY 2022.

    Comment by Hornet — Thu 14th April 2022 @ 6:36 am

  13. Welcome back, Mr Hornet.

    I do not have Facebook or any social media. Perhaps you could either cut and paste or provide a link to another site.

    Comment by Lukenz — Thu 14th April 2022 @ 8:04 am

  14. Thanks LukeNZ

    For kids


    Sign up and share shields – building networks of trusted good parents

    The light is coming and so is the TRUTH

    Comment by Hornet — Thu 14th April 2022 @ 9:11 am

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