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The Return Of The King(s)

Filed under: General — Lukenz @ 7:58 am Sat 10th September 2022

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For the first time in 70 years a man is the Sovereign of this nation. After him another man, and another man after that.

PM Ardern wants to be the source of all power by becoming a republic. She wants her face stamped on bank notes and coins. For a women that has done so much harm to the nation and its people, I do not want to carry around her mugshot in my wallet. In my view her mismanagement of the economy, social, law has been unprecedented. I give Ardern a rating of unqualified. Some say even criminal and with the evidence I agree.

The Sovereign and the Governor General does have the power to dissolve this Government. Another power Ardern and her like wants to remove from the people of New Zealand. It happened in Australia in 1975.

Ardern sits on her arse saying “Be Kind” ignoring the plight of men, fathers and families. Not even a man who commits suicide on her doorstep is enough to persuade her to legislate relief and support for our gender.

Today I am going to coin a new phrase that more accurately describes Ardern “Be a bitch to men and watch them and their children suffer”.

Thats right Arden – The now grown children hate the life and poverty you forced upon them.

12 months from now, you and your like are going to cast out for your incompetence, bulling of your own MP’s, buying the media with our tax dollars, misleading and hatred of men and their families and a whole host of other crap you have dished out to us.

Ardens legacy will be the worse ever PM this nation has ever had.


  1. History Repeats – stealing property under a “veneer of benevolence” has happened before..

    “New Zealand’s first Liberal Government (1891–1912) were among the most successful in parting Ma ̄ori from their ancestral lands; indeed, they pursued the acquisition of Ma ̄ori land with an aggressive vigour that belies their otherwise fêted status as reformers and progressives”.

    “New Zealand’s first Liberal administration were among the more successful in parting Ma ̄ori from their lands. They were also highly successful at giving their actions an air of legitimacy by camouflaging their rapacity behind a veneer of benevolence”

    Today as criminals are protected and new laws are introduced not to target criminals, but to target YOU.
    New search and surveillance laws were introduced to Target GANGS and criminals, and were then used to target good law abiding citizens and take their private property – and it’s happening again in NZ.

    Comment by HORNET — Tue 13th September 2022 @ 9:49 am

  2. I wonder what the king, thinks of feminism.
    Luckily, I have found an example.

    “Simply put, Sport NZ’s requirement for 40% representation of women on the NZ Rugby board is both achievable and critical to the overall business success of rugby in Aotearoa,”

    Said by, “ Women in Rugby Aotearoa (WIRA) board chair Traci Houpapa “

    So do they have a 40%, required to be men.
    Every board can only have one, non gendered job.
    Often you have to advertise, only for a gender.
    Technically, I think that’s illegal.
    So it’s not a percentage argument, but numbers.
    If the gap can be two members, the problem goes away.
    At least nearly, if every board tried for one.

    What if you needed a male, for the quota.
    What if an excellent female, was available.
    But due to the rules, couldn’t be hired.

    What about funding, a MIRA board chair.
    Promoting only men’s rugby, and male players.
    Also “Critical” to success, of rugby in Aotearoa.

    I doubt of any objections, from the throne about feminism.
    The tiniest word, gets the label misogynistic.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Tue 13th September 2022 @ 7:08 pm

  3. For some reason, some people don’t like Ardern.
    Similar to some people, hating Trump.
    In both cases, they are just people.
    Trumps no villain, anymore than Ardern is one.
    Things done to men here, are also none in the US.
    Yet somehow people like them, or hate them.
    It seems don’t agree, has no limits.

    She looks like the worst, for fiscal responsibility.
    Re-elected, things could escalate out of control.
    When everyone gets help, socialism has gone to far.
    The taxpayer, can’t fund big government.
    What % of your income, do you really pay.
    Income and rates, GST and petrol tax.
    How much in the litre of milk, is compliance and tax’s.
    Then they spend it all, plus debt.

    But what do we get, as a replacement.
    I look at how hard, those jobs are.
    I for one, respect them for doing the job.
    But it’s a list, of prime ministers.
    Each one, with a list of wrongs.
    What wrongs, will the replacement do.

    An argument exists, for supporting your enemy.
    Think of Trump, and the boarder.
    If he was helped, to stop illegal immigration.
    Importantly, with rational immigration laws.
    What would the boarder look like, today.
    Today it’s a joke, on the international stage.
    Trump, didn’t think the boarder was a joke.
    Will the US voter, like the joke.

    What should we be supporting, even if we don’t like Ardern.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Tue 20th September 2022 @ 6:14 pm

  4. This is an interesting argument, about presidents.
    From a perspective, of being corrupt.

    Certainly the US, looks corrupt.
    Lobbyists and campaign donations, and rich politicians.
    Appointments for judges, by party not only competency.
    Police agencies and generals, run by the President.

    I think our differences, is the cabinet.
    Our president, is our prime minister.
    While the US President runs things, like a dictator.
    Ours is limited, by the cabinets voting.

    The US, is stuck with the President.
    Stuck with Trump, now stuck with Biden.
    We are never stuck, in the same way.
    If the prime minister goes rogue, she can be sacked.

    So I like, our arrangement, for power.
    But I like the idea, of a more involved Governor General.
    More returning law to parliament, more investigations.
    Not the powerless, role it currently plays.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Wed 21st September 2022 @ 8:10 pm

  5. Today is a day off, to remember the Queen.
    The strangest, of all jobs.
    So I imagine the fate, of the children.
    Who live knowing, one day it’s there turn.
    Totally out of control, they will come to get them.
    To stand in front of crowds, and do speeches.
    They cannot avoid, the coming to get them.
    The most unfree, of jobs.

    And that was her fate, at an early age.
    Day after day, she played the role.
    Forced apron her, by the fate of her birth.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Mon 26th September 2022 @ 7:40 am

  6. There’s nothing like stories, and willing readers.
    Harry is about to make money, far more than if working.
    Selling secretes, hanging out dirty laundry.–but-worst-fears-did-not-come-to-light

    With hereditary titles, it’s inevitable to get normal people.
    The original king, may have been wise and cunning.
    IQ wise maybe the top 1%, but IQ is more than just one gene.
    The original king a fluke, getting the gene combination right.
    If Harry is normal, what is a normal income for him.
    At what price to his reputation, is the book’s story.

    When the story’s run out, what is he selling next.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Sun 8th January 2023 @ 9:08 pm

  7. Why not celebrate, a new king is rare.
    It’s like a fairytale, but actually happens.
    As this points out, what is the king to us.

    It was a serious thing, being king.
    They could literally, wage war.
    Do what they like, and be the tyrant.
    Slowly society, has taken all the power away.
    Made them behave, to be squeaky clean.

    Once you could not say no, yet the author says no.
    Why did we do it, why a king and why inherit it.
    Can you imagine the fights, if it wasn’t.
    Humans couldn’t stop it, death for many would follow.
    Someone must lead, or you have anarchy.

    Somehow what looks bad, is actually good.
    Stable leadership, improves society.
    Removing power from tyrants, helps stop war.
    You get one last person, above government.
    Who could stop a tyrant government, without a king.

    Born to be king, is to be the least free of citizens.
    It’s not going away, the family is not going away.
    Get rid of having our king, you still know who it is.
    We can’t escape, our past or the future.
    Society made by them being loyal to us, and us loyal to them.

    Fingers crossed, he will be a good king.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Tue 2nd May 2023 @ 7:41 pm

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