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The war on men – Could it be its all about the reduction of men on the planet? The reduction of waste?

Filed under: General — Lukenz @ 7:29 am Sat 24th September 2022

Ever thought if some of the laws we in the west have to abide with are unreasonable? Is there something not right about that?

Clear examples of this are here.

– If a woman moves into your home after 3 years or less if she has a child, she owns half of what you spent a lifetime building up. Including the stuff in that home. Yes it happens to women too but far less frequently.

– If a woman decides to make an allegation of a sexual nature, does the investigation process alone have the ability to destroy your wellbeing, your place in the community. If such allegations make it to court, almost all (87%) will be found not guilty. Most often a man’s name is published. Is this unreasonable? Does this have the potential to cause a male suicide?

– If your female partner decides its over, she can and will destroy your relationship with your children to get living rights in the property you own with her new man, tax deduction from your income, penalties on penalties. Take years to resolve? Is that unreasonable? The taking away of a loving dads rights to communicate with his child. Does this have the potential to cause a male suicide?

– The level of suicides by males not being address by government. Clearly encouraged and accelerated by the family court.

– The white ribbon slogan “Prevention of violence against women”. Men are excluded because it is thought they can only ever be considered the perpetrators. Does this have the potential to cause a male suicide?

– Ministry for women, but no ministry for men.

– Throughout the world factual evidence with video, photos in family law courts from fathers are ignored while allegations without any evidence are accepted. Does this have the potential to cause a male suicide?

– To lock men up in prisons for decades so they can’t pollute the planet, consuming, driving cars, having children and consuming its resources. Does this have the potential to cause a male suicide?

– Serious crimes women commits are treated, handled differently than mens crimes? Example link here

This is not an extensive list. You can probably think of many more yourself. They are all designed to destroy men’s wealth, future income, their child’s relationship, take on an unfair burden of the tax liability to run the state, limit their options in life with allegations, regardless of the verdict end.

Oddly enough, these laws are mirrored throughout the western world. A world where politicians come and go. But there is one group of people who remain in power with full ownership and control of the media, the banks, the drug companies, the internet and your privacy, the things we buy. They own the lot. They control it.

Could it be all about reducing the planet’s population? To reduce the waste and save our planet? Forcing men to not have children because the personal cost and risk is too high.

Take a peek at the largest dumps in the world. The last one, its location in this clip may surprise you.


  1. I have woken early, to the darkness before dawn.
    Slowly the sun creeps, to a hill outlined horizon.
    The last star likely a planet, slowly dims over the other.

    Every day, is a new day.
    Yesterday can be vastly different, than today.
    Is it the bad day, or the quiet before the storm.

    It is hard to think, of corporates running the world.
    While evidence shows, a few have extraordinary wealth.
    Wealth made, without all the costs.

    The wealth made today, is also tomorrow’s rubbish.
    I doubt all the wealth, pays for the rubbish made.
    The atmosphere ruined, poisoned or land for nature taken.

    Does the horizon, look like pyramids.
    Schemes of wealth, seeing the light of day.
    Is it not also nations, with pyramids of debt.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Sun 25th September 2022 @ 6:51 am

  2. Years ago, we had the GFC.
    All the economic experts, didn’t predict it.
    But I was warning people, in conversations.
    Huge sums of money, was being made into debts.
    Everyone was getting richer, but no one poorer.
    At some point, there had to be a correction.
    All it took was an oil price rise, to trigger a crash.

    So let’s look at the sums, for viability.
    As they are asking 7%, as payment.
    Let’s say the rental, costs $1 million.
    And you borrow, the maximum 50%.
    Your interest cost is $35,000, or $673 a week.

    Then you must add the costs, of a rental.
    Repairs and inspections, and rates.
    And importantly, the cost of the other 50%.
    Who exactly, can afford to be the renter.

    So at some point, what worked doesn’t.
    The GFC was mild, to what’s possible.
    Lesson not learnt, the debts are just larger.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Tue 27th September 2022 @ 8:29 pm

  3. I don’t think it’s calculated, the perfect population.
    What is its measurement, is it sustainability.
    Is it lifestyle, or limited by land area.
    If it is humans fail miserably, in this age of exploitation.
    Every resource striped from earth, and not being replaced.
    Slowly many elements, will become scarce.
    Everywhere mined out, and it’s all gone.
    Things may look good, in the present.
    But when is the end, is it a hundred years.
    The oceans of oil gone, yet humans have dependency.

    Will resources limit population, that we may already exceed.
    Could we industrialise, population.
    All nature gone to farming, and food creation factory’s.
    Could we have, billions and billions more humans.
    I suspect in such a world, people will have little each.
    The ever diminishing resources, a physical limit.
    Our rampant consumerism, may not last.

    One thing is true, governments hate population decline.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Wed 28th September 2022 @ 5:04 pm

  4. It’s hardly a war, if nobody is fighting the battle.
    For a while, this was Stuffs headline.
    I’ve read it for you, so you don’t need to.
    It’s about as unbalanced, as you can get.
    If you read it, you might fall over.

    Obviously it’s the government funded, Stuff News.
    It seems fine, with blatant human rights violations.
    Publishing propaganda, but only for women.
    The Minister for Men, not even contacted for comment.
    No arguments are made, for men’s baby penalties.
    It makes an effort, to publish the women’s perspective.
    It makes no effort, to publish the men’s perspective.
    All the government funding, makes it liable to the law.

    So let’s look, at the propaganda.

    Use erroneous averages, or comparison.
    “Mothers are missing out on an average of $2660 every month when their child is 9 months old, and $3500 each month when they’re aged 2.”

    That’s $42,000 less from something, vs I guess a full time worker.
    Equal to the minimum wage, in difference.
    But the minimum wage worker, going on the benefit.
    Gets far more than the zero dollars, they therefore claim.
    It’s like fantasy, using numbers.
    Maybe this article, is only about high earners.
    Not mentioned is the taxpayer, funding fully the poor.

    “Auckland University of Technology Associate Professor of Employment Relations Dr Katherine Ravenswood says women are still expected pick up the burden of care in society, and not be rewarded for it.”

    A blatant lie, ask the taxpayer.
    Ask the male, forced to pay child support.
    Not once mentioned, as female income.
    Totally ignoring who pays, for women’s choices.

    “There is a “massive gap” between parental leave – which is paid at less than the minimum wage – and the start of the ECE subsidies when compared to other developed countries, she says.”

    Hey look at this they get more, we NZ women want more.
    Ignores the blatant bigotry, that men get nothing.
    Bitch about having kids, then ignore that men get nothing.
    Percentage of parenting, awarded to women.
    Percentage of parenting, awarded to men.
    Not once mentioned, in the article.
    Massive gap, that’s funny.

    “women are more likely to work in precarious and underpaid jobs.”

    Geez have you seen, a more blatant lie.
    Death rates, prove the first claim false.
    And underpaid, is only an opinion of worth.

    How does a women have two kids, with zero father participation.
    How exactly is that scenario, not the most difficult option.
    Is this the goal to make the worst idea, fully funded.

    None of this can be solved, without bankruptcy of government.
    The only actual solution, is what happens with men.
    But the Minister for Men, is silent and not responding.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Sat 1st October 2022 @ 12:59 pm

  5. LukeNZ, this case is back in the Aussie news.
    It appears the coverup is involving more people which is often the case – its always the coverup where everyone gets exposed.
    I have recently been helping another man falsely accused and sent to prison – clearly stitched up and following same narrative where all men are horrible – and harmful. We have seen Erin Prizzy discussing how the womens refuges were taken over in the UK to push this MAN HATE speech – we see the same in NZ under the cover of Domestic Violence where police now act on any false complaint without checking any evidence, never checking motive and never checking the mental health of those who lied to them – its worse still when police make false complaints and accusations to fit up innocent people. The recent entry of stolen car reports to track innocent people is an example of this tactic now being openly abused. It’s bad enough criminals and liars making false complaints now we have the police doing it as well. Guess its easier to ask for forgiveness that permission – even if it means harming and causing loss to many innocent people along the way. Protecting those who are politically connected is never a good idea – it makes it all the more worse when the truth comes out. Good to see in NZ the law review commission is reviewing the use of criminals lies and false accusations in evidence as witnesses – the primary reason we see so many innocent people being locked up.

    Comment by Hornet — Sat 1st October 2022 @ 2:54 pm

  6. Thank you Hornet.

    When parliament can’t get a straight answer from its own police commissioner, it needs to be taken out of her hands and put through a criminal court along with Karen Webb as an accessory after the fact.

    There are two oaths for a NSW police officer. One is an oath of office, the other is an affirmation.




    It is a disgrace. I am ashamed of Commissioner Karen Webb for not doing her sworn duty. She did give favour, she did give affection to Keneally. Karen Webb did not see and cause her Majesty’s peace to be kept, did not discharge all her duties faithfully according to law.

    Constable Keneally belongs in prison for at least 7 to 12 years. NSW Police Commissioner Karen Webb should be dismissed for not performing her role to provide confidence to the public.

    Mr Luke Moore was arrested within a couple of days and spent 3 weeks in jail. Imagine the judge horror he/she took the word of PC Keneally?

    Our own home-grown, official pardon process is carried out by the police complaints authority and not a criminal court where it truly belongs. Recommendations or further training is the usual penalty. Internal disciplinary action is another common sentence.

    It is plain and simple. Constable Keneally is a criminal.

    If any person is arrested by PC Keneally, their defence is PC Keneally is a known liar. His evidence cannot be relied upon. Anyone who was arrested and charged by PC Keneally can now challenge their ordeal and or conviction.

    Comment by Lukenz — Sun 2nd October 2022 @ 6:34 am

  7. Is this an isolated problem? Hell no! In the following link, Mr Luke Moore presenting professionally made sign the says “In the past 4 years NSW police have paid out AU$100 million for unlawful arrests, strip searches, excessive force and more.”

    And again of course only one comment allowed by the media. Then “We are no longer accepting comments on this article”.

    Comment by Lukenz — Sun 2nd October 2022 @ 12:11 pm

  8. Humans are amazing builders, but so much is just waste.

    Look at those flash submarines, doing nothing.
    How many millions of hours to make it, and crew it.
    All for imaginary threats, and imaginary wants.
    Billions upon billions, just wasted away.
    Doomed for nothing more, than scrap metal.
    What price then, for an acre of Ukraine land.
    How many hours of work lost, with all the dead.
    Should good land, be made into bad.

    It is wrong to think, Ukraine is winning.
    What then does Putin, do with his new troops.
    Does he go to the new border, or further.

    Think about saying, a very offensive word.
    Things may escalate, and you use the word.
    Once you say it, you can’t take it back.
    Nukes, are also when you go to far.

    Even the US use, was not needed.
    Could they have just sent, a film of it exploding.
    What would Japan have decided, just as Ukraine must.

    Peace may be, accepting the new border.
    Russia agreeing, to no more territory.
    Ukraine, then not joining NATO.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Tue 4th October 2022 @ 6:44 pm

  9. Reputation attacks are a crime. In NZ Section 240 of the crimes act – 1961. 7 years prison. We are seeing this criminal behaviour being exposed time and time again. In my own story police were caught planting evidence, lying to the courts, cherry picking evidence while leaving behind other evidence which proved innocence, and all of this has been swept under the carpet by oversight bodies who refuse to investigate – nothing to see here. We have the privacy laws being used to actively protect the identify of informants who have lied – making the privacy office an accessory after the fact and a party to the offending – aides abets counsels or procures or actively assists a criminal to get away with a crime. I am speaking with ex police officer john Dewar at the moment and the more I review his story its clear he was set up and character attacked to make someone else look credible. As you say the foxes are guarding the hen house and they dont want anyone to see inside. Mr Dewar deserves a Full Pardon, apology and compensation – immediately for all he and his family have been through. And so do a few others – good people who told the truth – who were then reputation attacked and discredited by liars and spreaders of false accusations and dishonesty.

    Comment by Hornet — Wed 5th October 2022 @ 10:24 am

  10. Up-to-date Luke Moore interviewed 3 October 2022.

    NSW Police Commissioner Karen Web now forced to correct her statement, PC Keneally was never suspended.

    Comment by Lukenz — Wed 5th October 2022 @ 4:28 pm

  11. Police officer Daniel Keneally finally charged with fabricating evidence.

    Comment by Lukenz — Wed 5th October 2022 @ 4:43 pm

  12. We may have to wait some time, for the outcome.

    It is taking some time, but the process seems to work.
    As in the end, there is a prosecution.
    He is very lucky, there’s a recording.

    As an evidence argument, that’s great evidence.
    Media is full of people, recording each other.
    People arguing, at custody changes an example.

    Look how easy it is, for an officer to lie as a witness.
    For any reason, stitching up the accused.
    But even the recording, can be staged for evidence.

    The officer manipulating, to get a reaction.
    The ex partner who starts the argument, or makes you react.
    The recording used as proof, but the opposite actually happened.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Wed 5th October 2022 @ 7:49 pm

  13. @12 Police officer Daniel Keneally’s next court appearance is 17 November 2022 Downing Centre Local Court 143-147 Liverpool Street, SYDNEY NSW 2000. Put that date in your diary and check the news the following day. I suspect this will only be to file evidence on paper, continue bail conditions. The trial should be next year. Or will there ever be a trial?

    You need to think of the police community surveillance service (whoops, I mean police force) is just like any other office or government branch. They will have a range of characters there. From bullies to passive, hard-working or lazy, keen or tired. Game players etc. There will be ones who want to set up tragedy in peoples lives and those who want to resolve matters in other ways. There will be conflict and competition between police just like you see in any organisation. They are not all the same. I had a chance meeting with an inspector a while back. Very balance and intelligent person.

    Both Keneally and the cops will be keen to reach a deal. You see, Keneally could drag in other officers who schooled him up or bring down the whole NSW police. Including what it now seems bad actress, commissioner Karen Web with her fib and deceptive interview. Fairly good bargaining chip. I believe that is why Keneally was not fired.

    Outcome, stood down on full pay for sure. No conviction, no jail time. Home detention, community service, discharge without conviction.

    I note Luke Moore did not get bail or release from prison until 3 weeks later.

    It really is quite a problem. The fallout is, any past statement from Keneally used to convict anyone could be overturned and compensation paid. For some, it may include false imprisonment compensation.

    This is why police are paid out and leave, victim paid out to shut up like they tried to do with Mr Luke Moore or go to the police complaints authority rather than a criminal court.

    I note the NSW police payout more than AU$100 million P/a.

    NZ Police payouts.

    2014/15 NZ$888,803.96
    2015/16 NZ$905,181.84
    2016/17 NZ$398,785.33
    2017/18 NZ$786,691.58
    2018/19 NZ$809,895.00

    Comment by Lukenz — Thu 6th October 2022 @ 12:22 am

  14. There is an interesting comparison, in this case.
    We ask that police, be accountable for wrongs.
    Yet we apply a standard, to us offending against officers.

    That is a long sentence, for murder in NZ.
    The level of planning, is missing in the crime.
    He hasn’t hunted down, an officer.
    There is missing, premeditation.
    But firing a gun at a person, is always intent to kill.

    If he killed a normal person, would the sentence be lower.
    What extra price, is the officers death.
    Is the killing of an officer, like a hate crime.
    If a normal person approached, would they be dead.
    Just as the death only happened, due to race or religion.

    The officer, a protected and privileged human.
    What price then, when they abuse the privilege.
    Do we be, just a little harsher than normal.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Thu 6th October 2022 @ 8:37 pm

  15. Another Tragedy that could have been avoided.

    While we can NEVER ever condone such horror, one does have to ask what
    he was going through to cause this?

    Drug problems obviously – loss of a job – and clearly a divorce if his
    child was being “alienated” from him.

    All Visible and measurable signs of harmful behaviour towards others – before he did this.

    PROACTIVE signs that SHOULD have been monitored.

    Life history and changes – Reputation guardian keeps an eye on this.
    Personality Characteristics – measurable concerns in a person.

    Our systems of governance will use this tragic event to enforce more
    controls on people and to character assassinate – reputation attack
    fathers and now ex cops as ALL being harmful to others – but Govt will never
    look at solutions that work to prevent another tragedy.

    This is WHY we created Reputation Guardian – to monitor problems and stop them BEFORE
    they happen.

    Thailand massacre: Man who killed 37 people at daycare centre
    indentified as former police officer | Newshub

    ReputationGuardian monitors a person, and helps prevent harm before it happens.
    Sadly out governance structures are ambulance at the bottom of the cliff – systems that thrive on inefficiency and nothing working.

    Comment by HORNET — Fri 7th October 2022 @ 7:29 am

  16. A major change for men, is housing affordability.
    Once a single income, could afford a home.
    The male capable, of supporting the mother and kids.
    But somehow that result, is sadly no longer.

    Inflation is caused by government overspending, or creation of money.
    The money ends up somewhere, and lots ended up in housing.
    But imaginary as moneys making, so the house has an imaginary value.
    The owner left with the debt, which keeps its value.

    As interest rates rise, fewer men can support the family.
    Fewer men could afford the payments, for the mortgage debt.
    The young male starting with nothing, has little chance.
    The women forced into work, as the male fails to provide.

    There precious house values, must be saved.
    Ever hopeful the imaginary value, stays high.
    But it could be worse, think of the governments.
    They have trillions of debt, but nothing to show for it.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Wed 26th October 2022 @ 7:15 pm

  17. We have an interesting change, with laws on chickens.
    Soon nobody, can do caged chicken farming.
    So all at once, maybe a 20% fall in production.
    One should expect, the prices of eggs to rise.
    So manageable as a problem, but there is a real effect.

    Can the factory closing, convert to new legal ways.
    With resource consents, can they even change.
    In the beginning, you can’t get back the full 20%.
    Prices should attract new operators, but that’s years.
    The total protein eaten has fallen, inherently with less eggs.

    It asks the question, with farmers protesting.
    It is real with eggs, that new laws end business.
    What practice that provides food, are we ending.
    If we can agree the cage is wrong, what else is wrong.

    Was the error, not preparing for the change.
    Having new factories, all due to start production now.
    Just with some conversions, plus some new getting to the 20%.
    When they demand farmers change, is less produced.
    Land being made unproductive, with less food made.

    Can those demanding change, produce the same.
    What if the aim was better, even production of more.
    NZ not only a dairy exporter, NZ becomes the egg product exporter.
    Yet we have a shortage of eggs, or a shortage of planning.
    Maybe demanding change, needs more than just new law.

    Can you be more moral, and improve production.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Sat 24th December 2022 @ 7:10 pm

  18. North Korea, is somewhat like Cuba.
    The world for some reason, banning trade.
    The end result is an experiment, on self sufficiency.

    Because it can’t trade, North Korea must grow all its food.
    The population, getting an equal share of food.
    In this case the population to great, for the land.
    Even with industrial farming, they can’t produce enough.

    The whole world, faces this problem.
    What if circumstances, stop you from trading.
    Can the land support the people, with self sufficiency.
    Many nations already, with an actual food deficit.

    Will the population grow, to a global food deficit.
    The poor just missing out, physically there’s nothing to buy.
    All it takes to tip the balance, one bad year for farmers.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Sun 12th February 2023 @ 10:31 am

  19. Humans are at it again, killing men.
    In a WW1 style battle, in Ukraine.
    Attacking and defending, not changing boarders.

    I watched a program on Africa, a million dead by war.
    It was just one war, and no less real to the citizens.
    Millions and millions, have died in wars in Africa.

    And here we have a stalemate, the war pointless.
    Russians wasting billions, pointlessly killing soldiers.
    Both sides mandated, it’s the men who fight.

    If this is not stoped, a million will die.
    No ground gained, no ground lost.
    Economies will be crippled, and a land of ruin made.

    We can pause to celebrate, nukes have not been used.
    A year has past, amazingly humans having restraint.
    But the war can’t continue, war is always wrong.

    Today a man and a soldier, will die for no reason.
    Conscripted, not even there by choice.
    Certainly leaders have failed, to make peace.

    What value then is the males life, today it looks cheap.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Sat 25th February 2023 @ 1:17 pm

  20. It’s a common argument, women and the draft.
    Some cultures had no bias, but normal was men.
    That in most of history, that it’s men who died in war.
    If you lost you died, and the women were the prize.
    The better humans and strategies, the better technology winning.
    We bred war into us, battle after battle.

    As a soldiers son, it’s good they upgraded.
    Maybe the old stuff, could get donated.
    I’m certain somewhere, there’s wars going on.

    Should it be the Army, or Civil Defence Force.
    Able to fight, but meanwhile serves the community.
    And for the NZ military, that does happen.
    My father as an engineer, did lots of community projects.
    Building things and improving things, the community can’t afford.

    What a sad truth, to say the military can be good.
    Despite conflict being bad, humans can’t help themselves.
    Humans fight humans because of evolution, life depends on it.
    Imagine the evolutionary leap, to finish with war.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Thu 25th May 2023 @ 6:23 pm

  21. It is no joke, that humans are on the precipice.
    Humans now war with robots, war is in a new age.
    The robot hunting out prey, finding itself a target.
    The little drone or missile, the unmanned plane even spacecraft.
    Even tanks and planes and ships as things, will be useless in war.
    They simply couldn’t hide, from everything watching.
    Spacecraft everywhere, spying and guiding robots.

    Dare not say, it’s already to late.
    Factory made drones, with satellite communication.
    All the AI you want, and chip or internet run.
    Guns will be useless, everyone will be tying to hide.
    Thousands upon thousands made daily, all made to kill someone.

    Have we crossed the line, the robot decided to kill a human.
    So while terminator is fantasy, robots are actually real.
    Geez humans have nukes and AI, at the same time.
    See it’s no joke, war is no joke.
    Humans so good at it, they became redundant.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Thu 25th May 2023 @ 10:55 pm

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