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45% Of older women will be single & Childless by 2030!

Filed under: General — Lukenz @ 6:18 pm Tue 28th February 2023

Link to NZ’s path to United Nations Agenda 2030 – Dr Muriel Newman

Last year, the then Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern was the guest speaker at a private gathering in New York hosted by Bill and Melinda Gates.

Ardern said “My Government is doing something not many other countries have tried. We have incorporated the principles of the 2030 Agenda into our domestic policy-making in a way that we hope will drive system-level actions… I believe that the change in approach that we have adopted in New Zealand is needed at a global scale.”

If empowerment means being old and childless by 2030. I’m not with that. What is life without children? Money, travel, food and belongings?

I don’t recall Ardern telling us those plans in her last election campaign. Is that where her alleged $25 millions came from?

I’ve always wondered why there are laws to lose your home, kids, house, belongings and future income after separation, and now I know. Population reduction.

8 Responses to “45% Of older women will be single & Childless by 2030!”

  1. DJ Ward says:

    Some things it says.

    “The prime minister has released an international human rights plan in which New Zealand promises to take the lead on, among other things, gender equality and women and girls’ empowerment.”

    Sorry, but how can that be explained.
    Gender equality in a sentence, that’s gender bigoted.
    Why don’t men and boys, need empowerment.
    What is it about power, and control.
    The sentence, as domestically violent as you get.
    Humans never fail to surprise me, with really dumb things.

    “a true international leader who understands that the future of the world depends on eliminating inequality.”

    Its talking about NZ, the feminist republic of NZ.
    Gender equality in NZ, is simply nonsense.
    And they expect the world, to be like NZ.

    “New Zealanders have remained largely unaware that we are being used as a guinea pig in an international socialist experiment.”

    What happens, when you make a fatherless society.
    What happens, when women control a legal system.
    What happens, when education works for girls but not boys.
    What happens, when you persecute males but not females.
    What happens, when you only prosecute males.
    What happens, when you steal men’s incomes.

    You can say socialist, about NZ.
    We have dependency, as a supported choice.
    A large % of GDP, is government.
    It says what you can do, on your own land.

  2. DJ Ward says:

    That’s a sad statistic, for women.
    Think financially, the advantage of a partner.
    Does that mean, less home ownership for them.
    Maybe it’s the opposite, no kids an advantage.
    Women with five kids, starting young means no home.
    Rent and costs, preventing them saving.
    The motherhood tax, changing behaviour.

    If 45% don’t have kids, what must the 55% do.
    They must have 3.6 kids, to get a 2 average.
    That’s a hard task, if you assume things.
    Say 10% have one child, and 25% two kids.
    The remaining 20% of women, must have 7 kids.


    The world population, is still growing.
    Even NZ, is still growing.
    So we have no real problem, we also have immigration.
    Maybe that hides, the mess we are actually in.
    Growth cannot be, an endless thing.
    How many more millions, should NZ have.
    Maybe we could have, tens of millions.
    Land just a sea of houses, and concrete.
    Why isn’t the aim, stability.

    Growth becomes wrong, because you can’t do it.

  3. Downunder says:

    These issues are not new.

    On the Greek peninsula during the democratic period the rapid of female property ownership is considered one of main causes of social collapse.
    It was a consequence of war dead soldiers inherentance going to the wife.

    Similar situations were avoided in Rome with restrictions of female property ownership..

    Rome however suffered the decline in willingness to raise families.
    A symptom of the aristocracy who expected the rabble to produce children.

    It’s estimated that a slave family would have needed to produce 11 children to maintain the population.

    A consequence of self centered thinking rather than a new trend.

  4. Downunder says:

    The world population, is still growing.
    Even NZ, is still growing.
    So we have no real problem, we also have immigration.

    The world population is not still growing.
    We passed peak population years ago.
    That’s to do with rate of growth being in decline before the highest population figure is reached.
    Japan is the worst case of massive decline in the Western World.

    NZ hasn’t been able to grow its population for 20 years because of birth rates.
    Crazy ideas like saving the world by only having one child.
    If it wasn’t for immigration our population we’d have a much smaller population.

  5. DJ Ward says:

    Every nation, has a birth rate.
    Some nations, with real problems.
    Maybe they don’t have immigration, to help.
    Like us, many are below two.
    But many, are above two.
    Globally, the birth rate is above two.
    The highest is 6.9, the lowest is 0.8.

    New Zealand is 1.6, but less die than are born.
    The numbers for births, is nearly double deaths.
    So there is a lag, in peak population.
    Nations like India at 2.1, that becomes a big issue.
    Because our population rises, then inevitably starts falling.
    There’s rises, and does not fall.

    Your argument of peak population, ages ago.
    That’s assuming the global birth rate, goes below two.
    It hasn’t yet, the graphs trend may change.
    You could be correct, in 50 years the peak is reached.
    Population finally reacting, to birth rate declining below two.

    Some nations like us, must attempt to fix the birth rate.
    Some may be successful, getting back to two.

    Nothing wrong with immigration, replacing people leaving.
    If NZ loses 100,000, immigration should be 100,000.
    It’s not, immigration is used to make GDP growth.
    We were a few hundred thousand, then in no time 5 million.
    The cause was babies, and net immigration.

    What’s the aim, the perfect NZ population.

  6. Lukenz says:

    Population reduction wasn’t the only reason why I posted this clip.

    Women are discovering it is difficult to find a man. Men know they are opening themselves up to a repressive and expensive future if things go south. I suppose if it happens earlier in life a man will have enough runway to recover.

    If it happens when you are old, well you’re going to have fewer choices. Have to work longer, be a little less comfortable.

  7. Downunder says:

    If you look at Japan they are an isolated country by culture and language.

    They struggle with immigration and have a dramatic loss of faith in traditional relationships.

    Men are generally not interested in women in Japan in the rising generation.

    NZ on the otherhand and it has been often mentioned here has more women than men in the population.

    We were getting down to around 90/100 ratio in the adult population and that has been mentioned in the mainstream media as the man drought.

    It affects voting outcomes as well with a 53:48,split.

  8. DJ Ward says:

    Without help, children stop at about 45 for women.

    “If empowerment means being old and childless by 2030. I’m not with that. What is life without children? Money, travel, food and belongings?”

    Life without children, is a dead end.
    Your genetics stops, never to return.
    Those choosing not to have kids, know that.

    Men choose, not to have children.
    Men choose not to have children, then are made to have them.
    But as I understand, it’s always been a high percentage.
    Does the research for 45%, say what’s happening to men.
    Certainly the census, can’t tell us.

    Maybe once child support, ruins your life.
    Why not, just have a dozen kids.
    It’s not like they can ruin your life, more than they are.
    Maybe male demographics, is very different to females.

    More men with one child, but no more.
    They learnt the lesson, and don’t do it again.
    Females resorting, to 3 kids and 3 dads.
    Then a small group of men, with lots of kids.
    But we wouldn’t know, men don’t have babies.

    The census, has a bigoted question no 28.
    Where is the same, male question.

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