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Filed under: General — Downunder @ 7:50 am Fri 26th May 2023

In a perfect world men would be in love with all woman but chose only one to be their life partner.


  1. Is it love all women, then magically only love one.
    That’s what feminism demands, that men are loyal to one.
    It is a culture not reality, that humans are monogamous.
    It’s like we need taming, of our natural instincts with marriage.
    The female captures a man, and he magically can’t ever love again.

    Infidelity is not gendered, females are just as bad as men.
    But look at culture attacking the man, breaking the rules.
    Female infidelity slips under the radar, like it doesn’t happen.
    Men can’t control there desire and love, for other women.
    What is it that women can’t control, what’s there excuse.

    In a perfect world, love wouldn’t have rules.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Sat 27th May 2023 @ 8:31 pm

  2. As an evolutionary argument, what is the natural result.
    If you can imagine culture disappearing, what’s the result.

    As I understand it, we are designed to stay together.
    And it’s duration, is tied to child survival.
    If the male has biology, making them stay for two years.
    The baby is fifteen months old, and less reliant on breast milk.
    It reached a milestone, with the mother needing less support.

    And sex chemistry for relationships, does behave like that.
    So one must look at it logically, how it evolved like that.
    We didn’t evolve getting to 80 years old, we got to our thirties.
    If you give a woman one child, the child is likely to survive.
    But if she has many, then she has less resources per child.
    So many mothers with one child, is an evolutionary strategy.
    Every two years by design, the man moves on to the next mother.

    The mother gets genetic diversity, from many fathers.
    The father gets genetic diversity, from many mothers.

    Yet humans do have monogamy, with permanent relationships.
    That also is an evolutionary strategy, for child survival.
    The father staying around, as a protector and provider.
    He still has many children, just like the polygamous male.

    So where exactly are we, on the evolutionary tree.
    Our success could be, half are polygamous and half are monogamous.
    We survive as a species due to diversity, randomly you are one or the other.
    But we are today, well past nomadic cave people as a society.

    The flaw has become, the development of the child.
    The many mother strategy, loses badly on that subject.
    It exists because of statistically more children, not because of results.
    But our nearest relatives, don’t really have any paternal relationship.
    So monogamy is newer, our ancestors are polygamous.
    It has the better results, in development of children vs polygamy.

    Our success may all be due, to evolution and monogamy.
    We found an evolutionary edge, called child development.
    Yet we can’t magically fix, we are a polygamous animal.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Sun 28th May 2023 @ 9:57 pm

  3. It’s turning into a sad world, for relationships.
    As easy as it ever has been, you can leave a relationship.
    But unlike the past, the relationship now follows you.
    You could just walk off, into the distance for a new life.
    You now have an IRD number, today you can’t escape.

    The post asks the question, why isn’t all relationships for life.
    Why is it that bad relationships, don’t actually begin at all.
    If all relationships were good, no bad ones would begin.
    We do have relationships of virgins, happy for life.
    But there is many more, that end like one night stands.

    Imagine the extreme, and society has done similar.
    You are made to marry, if you begin a relationship.
    Or both parties first meeting, at the arranged marriage.
    History is full of success, of relationships for life.
    Desire or lust even love, had little to do with results.

    If I look at my own relationship, it should have ended.
    She should have left me, for things I’ve done.
    And I left her, for things she has done.
    Both of us guilty, both of us the victim.
    Is it for better or worse, or the worst for the better.

    I now watch my children play, I have all my reward.
    But it asks the question, about the culture of relationships.
    The extreme is permanent, but we are a permanent culture.
    You can’t escape the relationship, if there’s children.
    No generation can escape, culture solving that problem.

    Maybe a sexual revolution, is abandoning permanent relationships.
    But the reason for them, is not going away.
    It’s the best formula, for raising children.
    Maybe even adults, it’s also adults needing the same thing.
    The revolution gave freedom, but ruined being content or happy in life.

    Society more depressed, also less in relationships.


    Today I shared memories, with my partner.
    Her talking about an Octopus dinner, me about meeting one.
    A story of me snorkelling for crayfish, but finding a large Octopus.
    As alien as a creature can be, slightly scary and moving.
    My partner witness to my exit from the sea, happy as ever to see one.
    We could then relive the trip, finding memories that could have been lost.
    We were in love, having a holiday together.
    Decades have past, but the good memories remain.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Sun 4th June 2023 @ 9:26 pm

  4. The young person, is exposed to points of view.
    More that ever those points of view, can be distasteful.
    Girls taught Only Fans, is how to get rich.
    Having a sugar daddy, and a baby daddy.
    Free as ever, girls can do anything.
    Sleep with the boss, is a big winner.

    But the boys, look at what they listen to.
    Body counts, and the score out of ten.
    Do everything to never get pregnant, it can ruin your life.
    Is the boy in that 20%, that get all the sex.
    Points of view like Tate, that can often be called sexist and disturbing.
    The male is still stereotyped, as having a role in his mind.

    Society has made sex, something that can harm you for boys.
    Girls view everything as predatory, because it’s evolutionary true.
    But the boys now get taught the same truth, girls are also predators.
    How can you treat something with respect, if it can harm you.
    How can you trust anyone, when you’re taught not to trust them.

    Humans now fail badly, becoming useless at reproduction.
    One can only imagine the cause, lots of sex is happening.
    With only half of pregnancy’s, with the males consent.
    What’s next, teach the girls to get better at it.

    Funny a politician said, NZ needs more babies.
    Was he asking the girls, or asking the boys.
    What type of deal, is the politician offering.
    Guaranteed, child support.
    Men who got there lives wrecked, are teaching the boys.
    You cannot stop it or the internet, the damage is done.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Thu 8th June 2023 @ 7:14 pm

  5. Why enter a relationship, only to be treated like this.
    She spent $300,000, what the hell did he spend.
    He has 100% access stolen, where’s his justice.
    What did she do to him, that they don’t tell us.
    Why is there even an argument, about returning to France.

    Just wow, she’s playing every card that an alienator can play.
    Even attacking the judges, those misogyny poisoned white old men.
    Yet the father offers 50/50, plus some child support.
    If that was automatically the result, there would be no court case.
    The mother $300,000 richer, and abducted children pointless.

    See I told you, humans would judge petty things.
    Where is the punishment, for abducting the child.
    When men do it, they get hunted down.

    The media not saying, the man forced to give the children back.
    They would be rescued, the abused mother saved.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Fri 9th June 2023 @ 10:07 am

  6. A man had sex, he must be destroyed.
    Who harmed the girl, how was it him.
    What of the girls right, to fall in love.
    What of the girls right, to have sex.
    What of the girls right, to pick whoever she wants.
    When she became legal, that’s what it means.

    Despite falling in love, in the end they killed the baby.

    The relationship, could have flourished.
    He could have helped her, living a good life.
    They could of had the child, raising a good child.
    Even had a family, with many children.
    Grown old together, owning a home together.
    Had great memories, of being young and in love.

    Somehow, look what we have done.
    The girl like property of the parents, with no rights.
    The male now a target, for the media to destroy.

    Personally it’s the teacher part, that’s wrong.
    Yet that was stopped, before anything sexual happens.
    But how do you stop reality, of relationships happening.
    Is it not true, with time together two people can fall in love.
    There is no rules to follow, it’s supposed to happen.

    What are we saying, you cannot fall in love.
    No wonder, the girl is depressed.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Fri 9th June 2023 @ 11:57 am

  7. This is a good survey, but obviously about females.

    So some of those problems, cannot be fixed.
    Modern medicine is amazing, but it can’t solve everything.
    Childbirth really can be, a traumatic experience.
    People have genuine reasons, not to be parents.

    Can you solve, passing on bad genetics.
    With IVF you can eliminate it, only the good gene is passed on.
    If that’s stopping people, why not have that public service.
    They have peace on mind, the child’s disease free.

    Is the mental health stuff real, yours was just triggered.
    If your child is raised without trauma, no illness happens.
    If it’s genetic, then you selectively breed to not have it.
    If you can identify the bad gene, with an actual condition.

    Do we just accept fatherless birth, making it easily available.
    Lesbians with no barrier, no woman with a barrier to pregnancy.
    There is no need to find a male, willing to participate.
    But exhausted to support to money, can be helped by them.

    Many wanted more, but something prevented more babies.
    You can have a low birth rate, but it can’t continue.
    Since you can’t make women, have babies.
    You must still reach two, or you go extinct.

    In a century will you need to make woman, be mothers.
    By good reasons and excuses, they cannot get to two babies each.
    Before you know it, in just decades the population falls.
    And not in small declines, but by a quarter then a quarter again.

    How many were really, the male not wanting to be a father.
    All the gain we need, is just males not saying yes to pregnancy.
    Men not asking before her, will you have a child with me.
    Why is finding a father, even existing as a problem.

    We may never find out, with no men’s survey.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Sat 10th June 2023 @ 1:45 pm

  8. Why do we say, in a perfect world.
    What would it look like, to be perfect.
    Magically at exactly 16, you meet your life partner.
    You will never have sex, with anyone else.
    Biology so perfect in making relationships, there’s no infidelity.

    Why do we assume that is perfect, because it’s actually culture.
    We do have a culture, of permanent relationships.
    They naturally happen, we somehow fall in love and have them.
    Some people do get, that perfect outcome.
    But for many humans, that’s the worst outcome.

    We still judge, labelling with words like cheater.
    Trying to preserve, cultural expectations.
    Yet they can live healthy lives, with many partners.
    Secretly wishing, they could have many more.
    Culture is changing fast, Victorian morals are gone.

    One dreams of a perfect life, the virgin marriage and relationship.
    One dreams of a perfect life, with many partners.
    How can humans, naturally have extremes.
    What are we teaching, what is the perfect life in this century.
    The culture for boys, and the culture for girls.

    If you had no culture, how would humans behave.
    Because without culture, that’s presumably the perfect resultant.
    Does culture make society better, than natural humans.
    Our behaviour actually more animal, and not civilised.
    Promiscuity increases, but will it improve society.

    We already know results for raising children, are not good.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Tue 11th July 2023 @ 8:19 pm

  9. What a strange thing, that humans have marriage.
    Like some copy in nature, the mating dance of an animal.
    It’s an evolutionary strategy, two parents better than one.
    Manically the animal can’t stop it, it dances anyway.

    But what of marriage, in this modern world.
    We are still the animal, we naturally pair up.
    But marriage is now no different, than any relationship.
    Legally over time, it has become meaningless.

    No longer is it permission, for the man to have a child.
    No longer is it culture, marriage no longer the family.
    Humans and there dancing, is changing dramatically.
    Millions of years made marriage, just decades wrecked it.

    Can we pause to think, that marriage is still a good thing.
    It’s had endless changes, from the caveman to the bible.
    Just as I am not married, it has now lost it meaning.
    What then the result, what is this new mating ritual.

    Can we change what marriage is, like we have in the past.
    We get back to the dance, it’s about having children.
    Two people are deciding, to become a family.
    Marriage is a result, of our animal instincts to breed.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Sun 23rd July 2023 @ 1:17 pm

  10. The man I trust, has made an act of generosity.
    My friend has days left, then he must leave home.
    So some help, was a good thing.

    They were married, but it did not work.
    The magical day sometimes, has unhappy endings.
    You can fall in love, just as you can fall out of love.

    Both have good intentions, that it is forever.
    Marriage then is not magic, it’s got no special power.
    It can be a fantasy, but it’s not automatically forever.

    In my own way, I have been helping my friend.
    I experienced the same, getting evicted in little time.
    What fits in the car, is all that I own.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Sun 30th July 2023 @ 6:28 pm

  11. Todays the day, that I get a little older.
    My presents were good, my partner knows me well.
    Since we have been together two decades, that’s a life partner.
    And for our children, they get to live a good life.

    There is a reward, for raising your children.
    A few days ago was school prize giving, for both my kids.
    My daughter getting a few certificates, my boy a cup for maths.
    So for my birthday, my best presents came a few days early.

    It’s a good feeling, watching them grow and do well.
    It’s an obligation for survival, men must help raise children.
    Men as a group must average two, eighteen year commitments.
    All it takes from men to be good, is time serving others.

    What good comes from a man, only interested in serving themselves.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Fri 8th December 2023 @ 5:47 pm

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