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For the past 40 years 70% of all suicide is men and boys

Filed under: General — Lukenz @ 10:51 pm Thu 7th December 2023

In Australia the 3 leading cause of male suicide is

– Family relationship breakdown
– Loss of access to children
– Court and financial reasons

Men and boys tie ropes around tree branches and hang themselves to end their situational distress.

Men and boys are not at fault.

Unacceptable behaviour from disgusting man haters who cause such situational distress in families has caused 2500 deaths per year. These people and the system need to be legislated out of existence. Causing such distress should be a criminal offence carrying a lengthy prison sentence.


  1. Good video again Lukenz, it has good information.
    It is good to see in Australia, people are representing men.
    They collected the boots, they placed them on the field.
    Our suicide deaths in NZ are similar, accounting for population.

    I like the term situational distress, for reasons for suicide.
    It’s not like a persons all happy, then suddenly they suicide.
    With NZ suicides can the coroner, look at the 3 leading causes.
    Certainly some will be for other reasons, a health issue or age.

    Maybe we should look at death, what it can cost society.
    The child may lose a parent, the child support also stops.
    Think of all our investments lost, when the teenager suicides.
    Why for men then are the 3 reasons so deadly, and what is the real loss.

    It’s sad how bad things are temporary, but suicide makes it permanent.
    From experience it’s hard to see the future, you are stuck in the present.
    You can recover financially, you can repair broken relationships.
    You can forget your loses, and despite the odds you can forgive others.

    It’s not good enough to just ignore, 2500 is twice the Israeli catastrophe.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Sat 9th December 2023 @ 6:27 pm

  2. Think of a person having a crisis, and how we behave.
    If a woman is having problems, or if a man is having problems.
    How do we behave towards teenagers, why is it mostly dead boys.
    If suicide rates measure services, then we don’t help men in crisis.

    When the relationship breaks down, men are just cast aside.
    There is no men’s refuge, helping them to start life again.
    They live in cars and caravans, couch surf and live rough.
    Since those things are real for men, men obviously live in crisis.

    Why do we even gender services, the first sentence is the example.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Sun 10th December 2023 @ 9:47 am

  3. What a terror, to be in that state of mind.
    Things so bad, that you can’t see a way out.
    Yet the number is so large, it’s almost normal.
    Thousands upon thousands, of men experience suicide.
    For 2,500 they lost the battle, far more just survived.
    The harm is not just the dead, it includes the living.
    For some of my own experiences, it was those 3 causes.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Mon 11th December 2023 @ 9:54 pm

  4. Not all suicide can be explained, it’s hard to find blame.
    While we can stereotype suicide, every case is different.
    This is an example, and I haven’t referenced Stuff for a while.

    There was signs of distress, with him going to the doctor.
    So in a way that’s important, because the treatment can be different.
    Was it just time off work, because that wasn’t a solution.
    If the doctor screened for suicide, that’s a big alarm bell.
    How often do we hear, they seemed better in the final days.
    That’s a huge dilemma, if they feel better why would you act.
    If the patient needs screening, do they need to see a specialist.
    Can you fix his environment, or is this a mental health condition.
    Why he was unwell, is more important than if he is unwell.
    It’s not the doctors fault, if they can’t prescribe or fix something.

    While the workplace is getting blame, that may be an illusion.
    We will never know, what else was torturing his mind.
    What was happening was wrong, but I suspect more.
    His work just pushed him over an edge, he was already on.

    It’s an uncommon thing, for a suicide to be reported on.
    It’s good to see an investigation, searching for reasons.
    What would you ask him, if you were doing a survey.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Tue 9th January 2024 @ 7:13 pm

  5. Suicide is a complex subject, because there is many causes.
    It’s indiscriminate to age, teenagers and old men suicide.
    When we look at one group, it’s not describing another group.
    So you can’t stereotype suicide, expecting a life experience.

    Statistics however lets us stereotype, we try and predict a cause.
    The young male, is likely already a father.
    The old man, is likely alone and unwell.
    I think that’s playing safe, we can stereotype further.
    The male trapped in a bad relationship, nobody saw it coming.

    What was the experience, and what is the chance of suicide.
    Being prosecuted for this crime, has that outcome for suicide.
    This result for custody, has that outcome for suicide.
    Was the pregnancy consensual, has that outcome for suicide.
    The relationship just ended, has that outcome for suicide.
    He lost his job or was broke, he gambled or a drug got him.

    When do you stop looking for causes, the questions are endless.
    You can use them stereotyping, so you can be correct most times.
    But you will always then get it wrong, sooner or later it’s unexpected.
    The cause is far down the list, you don’t even ask that question.

    But we must ask those questions, even if we don’t like them.
    All of us can cope with a problem, but for 1% the world ended.
    If suicide is not rational, why does the 1% then exist.
    Was it biology that did it, the body responding to its environment.

    No matter the cause we are at fault, humans made the environment.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Sat 20th January 2024 @ 9:18 pm

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