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Marxism – The seizure and the means to control another mans production.

Filed under: General — Lukenz @ 11:03 pm Sun 18th June 2023

OK so let’s talk about some of the nonsense the working men have to put up with, who is behind it and where is all leading, has lead.

Dr James Lindsay said Woke is the new name for Marxism. The seizure and the means to control another mans production.

He said the working class is no longer going to be the base of the revolution. In other words, we don’t have to be responsible to the working class any more. Said that the energy is somewhere else. It is in the racial minorities, the sexual minorities the feminists, the outsiders. That’s who has the energy for a revolution. In other words, we don’t have to be responsible to the working class any more.

Do you feel it’s right your house and belongings are 50% owned by your girlfriend after 3 years or less, just because she shared your bed for 4 days a week? 100% owned if there is a without application to the family court until the kids turn 19, and they’re not even your kids! The feminists are a minority.

Here is another example explained by an ex Judge. Do you think it right one race of people own and control fresh water, waste water, the ocean, the fish, steam? I seem to recall the men dug those trenches, installed, maintained the pipes, plant and pumps. The taxpayer and not one race paid for it.

The Leighton Smith – Former Judge Podcast – A must-hear

How about the health system reform? Another minority having the say.

Maori Health Authority

Finally, how about the minority of people who arranged this nonsense in our schools?

All minorities in society. Those who don’t pay or work for it. Woke is the new name for Marxism. The seizure and the means to control another mans production.

There should be a law for all political parties. If you didn’t campaign on it, you have to ask the people. i.e. no hidden agendas.


  1. Cancel culture is exactly this – by empowering the entitled, the envious, the resentful and the narcissistic and weaponising them against people is a tactic – Karl Marx. I remember a discussion I had with a registrar at the north shore district court on how many young kiwi men they would see who would arrive at the courts in shock after dating and living with a recent new arrival to NZ – for just over the required 3 year period where they leave the relationship and want half of all his property – the registrar ( a good woman ) told me directly it was a regularly observed concern and left most victims very distressed. Reputation crimes and the politics of Envy are the crimes of the digital space – by protecting the bully and the abuser of the vulnerable – the criminal and allowing them to steal property legally – is a good way to transfer wealth from one generation to another. It’s also very destructive to our national trust because it will deter investment when its so easy for a criminal to lie about a good person and destroy their business, their career and their reputation in NZ. ️‍♀️

    Comment by Hornet — Mon 19th June 2023 @ 11:54 am

  2. A teacher got deregistered, over a religious belief today.
    Not supporting trans culture, deemed a risk to children.
    A girl believing they are a boy, changing to a boys name.
    The teacher refusing, to use the boys name.
    That’s a big decision, religious teachers are now banned.
    You can’t become a teacher, if your religious belief was ruled wrong.

    What is acceptable today, becomes wrong tomorrow.
    Or what’s wrong today, becomes acceptable tomorrow.
    That’s scary, if you look at the possibilities.

    Soon you can’t even work, the system won’t let you.
    Control another mans production, is very real today.
    A man just literally, even paid for his own prosecution.
    You must comply to the new religion, new beliefs.

    True to form, it starts with education of children.
    You can mould them, to believe or become anything.
    Even the scientifically impossible, a girl can become a boy.
    Just as guilty as religion is, being gay happens naturally.
    Those in power, get to teach there belief to the kids.

    What they think, you must also think.
    It’s real, you can be persecuted out of work.
    The media nearly silent, the decision huge.
    Kangaroo courts, will be in every industry.
    Male and religious, he never stood a chance.

    Personally I think he’s wrong, to not use the persons chosen name.
    Religion is wrong, in its beliefs about homosexuality.
    But banned from employment, for a religious belief.
    Is that legal, grounds to be banned from work.
    What is next to be banned, who is next.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Tue 20th June 2023 @ 11:25 pm

  3. LukeNZ & Hornet – very well said! At school and in MSM it was always ‘explained’ to us that communism is for the people and under that system there was only one class. It can take a long time to clean away the brainwashing and see for yourself and most will never get it. Right now as we discuss this, other men will be at the computer zooming in on another mans arse. They will never know what to think until they see it on TV. School teachers may be forgiven as they are often the most stupid, and news readers are getting well paid to read the BS so can’t blame them either. We are ultimately responsible for the reality we get to see. It is very clear that communism was never for the ‘people’ or the ‘worker’ as often preached. People in communist countries were dirt poor, had no civil rights such as being allowed to form your own views, and they were ruled over by the most privileged elite the world has ever seen.

    Comment by James M — Fri 23rd June 2023 @ 9:54 am

  4. I watched the video, his memory is exceptional.
    I can see why, he has Dr for a name.

    I liked the argument, about Genus and Species.
    Marxism just a word, for a biological thing.
    You are human, but you also have race.
    You are human, but you are left or right.
    You are human, but male or female.

    We cannot avoid, we are the same Genus human.
    We cannot avoid, we are are many Species of things.

    Who decides, to treat the species differently.
    A white person, vs a black person.
    This religion, vs that religion.
    The sane, vs the mentally ill.

    To not be Marxist, is to only see the human.
    Try then to stop Marxism, our differences exist.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Fri 23rd June 2023 @ 11:00 am

  5. “We cannot avoid, we are are many Species of things.”

    The French were on to this centuries ago.

    They didn’t call people idiots, they called them “a species of idiot”.

    l’espèce d’idiot.

    Comment by Downunder — Sat 24th June 2023 @ 12:36 am

  6. Things have to be simple, politics is simple.
    The voter, generally gets two options.

    You can measure intelligence, it’s an IQ of 100.
    The average person, is only so capable.

    What if you put into AI, who should I vote for.
    The limited intelligence of humans, is no longer limited.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Sat 24th June 2023 @ 10:25 am

  7. Our differences, is how you gain power.
    There must be a leader, who takes a side.
    But both sides, have the same problem.

    There is little difference, in slavery of people.
    Just as the capitalist, needs workers paid little.
    Just as the communist, needs workers paid little.
    There’s simply not enough, for nobody working for little.
    Someone must clean the toilet, or fix the potholes.

    Don’t the masses, live with just enough.
    Just like the slave, housed and fed.
    Made to work tomorrow, just to survive.

    Capitalism and Communism, have the same result.
    If everyone is rich, nobody needs to work.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Sat 24th June 2023 @ 10:58 am

  8. I don’t think capitalism, supports having children.
    There is change, companies are trying policies.
    But children interfere, the worker can’t afford it.

    Marxism makes a result, making everyone the same.
    This job compared to that job, demanding equal pay.
    This group compared to that group, demanding equal pay.

    If capitalism wins, only the rich can afford babies.
    There is no way, they could reach replacement at 2.0 births.
    If Marxism wins, having babies will be a paid job.
    But that fails, because someone must pay for it.

    Hence why the mother, is financially supported for six months.
    But the father is relegated, to a few weeks off work.

    “Estimates in 2021 were showing babies costing $14,760 per year, compared with $16,000 per year now.”

    That’s pretty much $300 a week, which is a lot for a baby.
    Formula and nappies, may be $100 but what gets to $300.
    Is it the extra rent for a solo mother, or cost to use the car.
    Some could spend little, some could spend a fortune.

    What group is the right formula, and which is wrong.
    Can capitalism, work out how to be family friendly.
    Flexible hours, to minimise childcare costs.
    Week on week off, for 50/50 parenting.
    Subsidised childcare, for under five year olds.
    For big companies, even in house childcare.

    Nothing in the article, looked at men as a solution.
    They more they do childcare, the less it costs women.
    They can work, just like men must work.

    Why is neither extreme, offering men 26 weeks pay.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Sun 25th June 2023 @ 11:01 am

  9. Why did we start getting orders from un-elected people when Covid began? Why are the richest people in the world telling us that by 2030 you will not be allowed to own anything? Do you think that applies to them as well?

    Meet one of the people at Pfizer who has been promoting their vaccine
    pfizer under the spotlight and feeling the heat

    Canadian Politician

    Comment by James M — Tue 27th June 2023 @ 10:25 am

  10. @9

    James, never before has the world been so aware of people and organisations where foreign billionaires and those companies are trying to usher in a one world government. To make all equal, excluding themselves. To reduce population to about 1 billion, 20 minute cities. To reduce consumption. Only large companies.

    They own all industries from banks, insurance, manufacturing, farms, food production and are in all governments. They even print the money, cause inflation when they need it. And very very soon an electronic currency whereas in time they choose what you can buy, the price, how much of it, when and who from.

    Is this a men’s issue? I think so. This cut down has been in play for decades. In my original post, feminists were given the right to a man’s property and future income. It is all part of it. Making it very risky to have children. Risky for a man to have consensual casual sex, even with his own wife. You won’t be wasting money on food, shelter, burning petrol, tyres when you are separated or locked up in a 6 by 9 for 20 years.

    You spoke of just one vaccine producing company? There were many companies. In 2019 only 9,116 batches. Evidently, all had different effects from the 2019 results now published. Click on the arrow tabs above.

    Comment by Lukenz — Tue 27th June 2023 @ 3:04 pm

  11. It’s an interesting concept, a one world government.
    But practically, how can you micromanage the world.
    Inherently it would be areas, with management.

    You could have, one set of laws.
    Every area or nation, has the same laws.
    Democracy at an end, laws unchangeable.
    The power of the voter, becoming irrelevant.
    You will just be a number, following you everywhere.
    Boarders to law then people, would become pointless.

    Who then votes, for the leader of this new world.
    I have no vote, for the leader of the UN.
    What’s the best on offer, from current politicians.
    Think of the mighty US, it’s Trump vs Biden.
    What if we can’t vote them out, like China.
    Power held by a group, with a faithful leader.

    So I do see laws, slowly becoming normalised.
    But actually the better option, is nations.
    It’s humans strength, that we have differences.
    Those doing well, get copied by those doing worse.
    A one world government, would stop evolution of laws.

    A nation like an experiment, trying to get the law right.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Tue 27th June 2023 @ 7:30 pm

  12. Every day, the world is changing.
    My lifetime, has seen amazing changes.
    I think of health and safety, not existing.
    Yet today it’s like indoctrination, everything’s unsafe.

    There was no control, now everything’s controlled.
    How free are we today, certainly the past was free.
    I think of the farmer and compliance, even the land you own.
    Yet today it’s laws upon laws, everything is controlled.

    Are you free, if you must live with your phone.
    Your banking and mail, a must have for work and finding places.
    I think of the child, living a free life in the past.
    Yet today control is absolute, freedom an illusion.

    Does Marxism do that, create the illusion of freedom.
    Soon they could outlaw cash money, world changing.
    I think of our independence, nothing was recorded.
    Yet today in so many ways, government will know everything.

    Capitalism is not about freedom, you must have its product.
    Its very existence inevitable, when a cavewoman made a trade.
    I think of the worker, who always was the slave to capitalism.
    Yet today there is little difference, the worker still lives in poverty.

    The flaw is less laws is more freedom, but more anarchy.
    NZ poverty or wage slaves, vs poverty in lawless nations.
    I think of the future, as politics once never existed.
    Yet today every part of your modern life, depends on it existing.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Thu 29th June 2023 @ 9:33 pm

  13. The food wars, have begun.
    There is so many people, it had to happen.
    Places with birth rates of 4, are in trouble.
    The land for making food, is consumed by people.
    The land needed for food, can’t increase forever.
    The oceans already exploited, some fish all gone.

    We have Ukraine exports, now Indian export restrictions.
    Food security gets worse, for food importer nations.
    Nations literally don’t make enough, for the population.
    If there is no product to buy, no money can buy it.
    The food dependant, face starvation problems.
    As prices rise higher, the poor can’t afford food already.

    We are very lucky, to live in NZ.
    Our population, is not excessive vs food production.
    If all trade stopped tomorrow, we would not starve.
    We would lose diversity, in the food types to buy.
    No banana or coconuts, a wide range of trivial things.
    We are good at a staples, like potato and broccoli.
    So nobody should starve, no matter what happens globally.

    The world facing food security issues, is a beginning.
    As the global population grows, you can’t produce more food.
    Climate change will ruin some crops, and will consume some land.
    Something must give, someone ends up with no food.
    Just the same for NZ, we also must have a population limit.
    We cannot just grow, and keep on growing.

    Capitalism wants growth, capitalism would consume the planet.
    Unchecked it would grow, humans just a plague on the earth.
    So capitalism is winning, the world is overpopulating.
    It ignored managed fishing, and needs more and more.

    If you look at the left, China controlled population with policy.
    You can literally, control people’s birth rate.
    It did take control, and could control population.

    The left can be intentional, not like Capitalism.
    It can make commands, and everyone must follow them.
    Capitalism is blind, anything good is accidental.
    The west having a low birth rate, was and accident.
    The pill just happened, nobody planed it’s invention.

    What politics then, try’s to stop contraception.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Sat 22nd July 2023 @ 4:09 pm

  14. My experience in court, made me proud of humans.
    I was treated well, and I said harsh things.
    Whatever our politics, humans have come a long way.

    Roman justice, is only thousands of years ago.
    British justice recently, with maiming or death for trivial reasons.
    Humans have been brutal, to those it judges.

    In only the recent past, I could have been treated badly.
    Is that what politicians made, that law enforcement isn’t brutal.
    Society struggles with crime, not because of punishment.

    I watch the judiciary, they can be harsh when needed.
    But the judge is not to blame, the politicians make the crime.
    They make the society, they took a child and made a criminal.

    I must recognise my experience, is because I’m in NZ.
    We have a proud history, of looking at human rights.
    Voting rights to women’s rights, we are the experiment.

    Things are wrong with the experiment, but it’s a good experiment.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Sat 22nd July 2023 @ 9:06 pm

  15. The world is a strange place, it varies greatly.
    Russia was Marxist, but its laws now look far right.
    There are dictators, and religious nations.
    Gay rights to free speech, rules vary greatly.
    Who is in power, or is it what is in power.

    So what is the left, and what is the right.
    The US is a good example, the sides imaginary.
    If the right has a policy, the left does the opposite.
    If Trump said it was good, the left said it was bad.
    Even labeled racism, changes sides in US politics.

    That creates a conclusion, it’s ideological.
    An ideology doesn’t have a side, it has a host.
    If the host has power, the ideology has power.
    That’s why they hated Trump, he is opposite to the ideology.
    Politicians left and right, did not want Trump.

    Are we asking that question, in our country.
    We have left parties, and we have right parties.
    But really, there is little in there difference.
    National just sells a story, on behalf of landlords.
    Labour supports its base, with dependency.

    It’s not Marxist, both are cancerous ideology.
    We also have feminism as an ideology, it needs a host as well.
    A true Marxist, would not see gender.
    The human a number, the human a worker.
    Feminism wants power over the father, but not the mother.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Tue 25th July 2023 @ 7:10 pm

  16. I guess taxation, is a mechanism of Marxism.
    It taxes it’s slave, taking as much as it can.
    It’s for the greater good, the government needs it.
    Slowly it devours capitalism, the percentage changes.
    When there is no government, 100% is capitalism.
    But that is not our society, it’s far from that.

    The person is taxed, so they have just enough.
    It’s no different to the slave, they have no money left.
    Food and housing, the basics of life covered.
    Very 21st century slavery, but it looks similar.
    Think of income subsidies, housing subsidies for people.
    The employer gets the subsidies, to get to a cost of living.

    Marxism would take all your money, and pay all the wages.
    It takes all your money, controlling your production.
    As the % rises, there is more and more dependency.
    It’s people’s jobs, everyone becomes a government employee.
    Capitalism slowly dies, is it near half dead already.
    When the worker gets the pay rise, you must then tax more.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Sat 29th July 2023 @ 2:03 pm

  17. No matter the system, we must all work.
    Otherwise there’s made to work, because someone has to.
    All the world around us, is made and maintained by people.
    If they don’t work, then your society falls apart.

    So the masses are threatened, with poverty and made homeless.
    They have no choice, but to work for a better life.
    Yet for the upper class, work seems optional.
    And for those choosing dependency, they don’t work either.

    We are far from a society, where we all must work.
    For those living for each pay check, it is made to work.
    Without them those not working, don’t have a society.
    With wealth they expect it, with dependency they demand it.

    I think we are all in this together, we must all do a fair share.
    That would be a communist idea, that work is compulsory.
    Or a utopian dream, where everyone is manically equal.
    Nobody is motivated and nobody is lazy, for the rich or poor.

    But someone must do the work, someone must play the slave.
    Measure your society then, by the average work week.
    If your number is large, are your people not slaves to work.
    If the number is small, are you not a better society.

    If the number gets to small, does society then fall apart.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Sat 18th November 2023 @ 7:48 am

  18. The post has a good point, the worker is powerless.
    While we are given the impression, democracy is our power.
    That overall the average person, gets average government.
    It’s not voting radicals in, or is playing the victim card.

    But that is what we get, the worker is ignored.
    It’s about landlords and finance, immigration and race.
    The climate activists, the miners and environmentalists.
    Yet the worker pays for it, the more tax the less free.

    Tax and rent plus food and costs, the worker is like a slave.
    It seems if you govern for the worker, some groups don’t like it.
    If you reduce tax or rent, then someone must get less.
    But the worker is more free, somehow less Marxist.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Tue 5th December 2023 @ 8:27 pm

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