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What Men Have Lost

Filed under: General — Downunder @ 11:23 am Wed 25th January 2023

I’m cautious about memes, they can often have multiple meanings and liking them reflects your personal point of view, and sometimes not what the meme is trying to achieve.

Sometimes one that I think has a genuine well intentioned perspective will catch my eye, such as this one.

Feminists have wasted our time.

3 Responses to “What Men Have Lost”

  1. Lukenz says:

    Hindsight is the ability to understand an event or situation only after it has happened.

    Baz Luhrmann says wear sunscreen.

  2. DJ Ward says:

    I like the meme, and it does have meanings.
    Why have I made the assumption, it’s an older man and boy.
    Is that the grandfather, why did I think it wasn’t the father.

    The least contact with a child statistically, is the fathers father.
    Is that what precious is, something that rarely happens.

    Is the image that’s rare, trying to normalise something.
    I can think of a few subjects, with that happening.

  3. DJ Ward says:

    Western society, has ruined the family.
    Not just due to women’s rights, but with seperate living.
    First the child is made fatherless, then also not seeing grandparents.
    Yet biologically we evolved, living with all ages.
    We evolved, with thirty year old grandparents.
    The picture is the age, of the modern grandparent.

    Slowly civilisation, radically changed normal living.
    Except with birth control, with its rapid change in family size.
    Normal was not the lonely child, isolated in there bedroom.
    If you could have kids, you inevitably had lots of kids.
    Kids today may never meet another child, until kindy or school.

    So whatever we evolved into, can’t evolve in response fast enough.
    What is normal for child development, is not today’s environment.
    How much time is opposite, the child living alone except one parent.
    Just with the single person, only one influence on development.

    Can you link depression, to flaws with children living in isolation.

    Philosophy wise, there’s lots of arguments.
    Putting seeds in good soil, or in bad soil.
    Clearly the seed evolved to be its best, in the good soil.
    Futher in the argument, you can have life or death decisions.
    The fish from the sea, evolved to live in water.
    But certainly they won’t grow up, if you put them in fresh water.
    Can the seed grow, if you use the wrong water.

    How is the human body responding, to the changed environment.

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