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White Cis Men

Filed under: General — Downunder @ 6:09 am Sun 26th March 2023

At a protest in Auckland yesterday:

I am the Prevention Violence Minister and I know who causes violence in the world. It is White Cis Men

Marama Davidson
Greens Co-leader

This was in the lead up to the Posie Parker protest at Albert Park where our minister was filmed on route to support trans activists.

The two sides of the protest as I understand this are, women protesting against trans people, and pro trans activists protesting against ‘discrimination’.

Later in the same video Davidson says,

I am Tangata Whenua, and trans phobia is not welcome here.

Does this translate to, I am a Maori woman in government who says, white men are not welcome in Aotearoa?

Further in to the day, Davidson was allegedly, deliberately hit by a motorcycle whilst using a pedestrian crossing.

Davidson is said to be recovering after receiving medical treatment. A report by RNZ details the incident.

“Aotearoa should be a place where everyone can live their lives without fear of hate or discrimination.”
Greens Co-leader James Shaw

As I understand this, James Shaw, would be a ‘White Cis Male’ and not welcome in New Zealand?

In Davidson’s rant, and I call it a rant, because I think she may have gone a little insane having decided that “trans women are toanga (treasure) and Te Māori was never so boring.

If Davidson isn’t insane she is certainly a racist degenerate on a minister’s salary.

We pay 300k each in salary alone for these two persons.

As I understand these minority notions this fellow is a white cis male too, even if he is a bit gay.

One might also ask, what Chippy is going to do about this minister who belongs to his coalition party and not his own.

5 Responses to “White Cis Men”

  1. DJ Ward says:

    Violence and intimidation, is wrong.
    If you are violent, it’s because you can’t win the argument.
    Can your words, win against there words.

    Name calling, can be looked at the same way.
    The argument isn’t presented, to support her sexism.
    The argument isn’t presented, to support her racism.

    This group must be respected, this group must be hated.
    But you cannot hate my group, it must be respected.
    They don’t deserve respect, only I deserve respect.


    “Aotearoa should be a place where everyone can live their lives without fear of hate or discrimination.”

    Geez I have found, is spelt with the letter J.
    So I’ve decided geez, always involves extra disbelief.
    Should be, is a political term for having no solutions.
    Can be, sounds more ambitious.

  2. DJ Ward says:

    Feminists, hate Trump.
    He is male and white, and likes sex.
    He could run for President, from prison.

    “Trump’s lawyer arranged to pay an actress in pornographic films to keep quiet about an alleged fling which occurred a decade earlier”

    Dear God that’s outrageous, he had sex.

    Is she under arrest, for bribery.
    This is nonsense, how was that election spending.
    It’s personal spending, paying an extortionist.
    Paying her, is the story’s real crime.

    Man has sex, he must be destroyed.
    Why isn’t she destroyed, for having sex.
    Everyone sees the actual crime, and chooses to be blind.
    Who cares how wrong it is, as long as they get him.
    So nothing wrong, with having sex with a married man.
    See what hate makes, ironically no morals by anyone.

    Technically it’s an event, prior to him running.
    Technically, it cannot therefore be election spending.
    A bill for a prior event, doesn’t count.
    The event didn’t actually occur, when he was a candidate.

  3. Downunder says:

    There is a strong correlation between the political approach that radical feminists have used to gain control over parliament to that which radical Māori are using now.

    And I hadten to add radical Māori as they are an elite minority of those who identify according to their racial history.

    The stale pale male has become the violent white cis male, and Davidson is the radical voice who pushed that agenda to the forefront.

  4. DJ Ward says:

    It happened because hate, is normalised in society.
    She didn’t magically, just randomly say something.
    It is ingrained in her thinking, the comment is normalised.
    Just as the rabbit hole, normalises the radical.

    Everything, is the fault of white men.
    Countless times in media, that racism is defended.
    In her mind she had no fear, of criticism.
    Nobody around her, argues that it’s wrong.

    I wait patiently, for the brave journalist.
    To research, and publish statistics.
    Yet I read of the professors, who argue for her.
    Not one argument, had any statistics.

    See never underestimate humans, they love to hate.

  5. DJ Ward says:

    Some men ruin things for everyone, this an example.

    So this is gendered offending, as few woman do it.
    Why would they, as they can easily offer sex and get it.
    Because the offending is real, woman’s fears are real.
    There are men in society, offending like this even tonight.

    Even the male using drugs, manipulating females for sex.
    There is no empathy, the female is just a toy.
    You can pay for that, you don’t need to rape.
    There’s lots of ways, to find partners for sex in the internet age.

    So men do have a problem, and all men get the blame for it.
    But humans did it, they raised the child.
    It must be hard to teach, or hard to learn empathy.
    Something missing, in how to treat others was made.

    Men have a problem, with desire for sex.
    Biology driving them, upbringing failing them.
    Now the story is true, males are offenders.
    Look see, the politicians can say.

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