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Through psychological manipulation and repeated obstruction of contact, alienating parents use their child to hurt and punish the other parent and emotionally harm their child in the process.

Filed under: General — Lukenz @ 12:27 am Wed 14th February 2024

If you want a violent society, then treat the children violently.

Through psychological manipulation and repeated obstruction of contact, alienating parents use their child to hurt and punish the other parent and emotionally harm their child in the process.

Alienating parents systematically destroy their child’s close attachment with their other safe parent.

It is immense. It directly leads to child adolescent mental health problems. It is unacceptable.

Where are the laws to fully recognise parental alienation as a child abuse crime worthy of imprisonment.

It is time to rise.

1. Meet with your local MP or at the least email them the YouTube link to the video. Ask your MP how urgent they think it is, when and how they propose to tackle the problem.
2. Put the video link on your X page and all your social media.


  1. The video mentions coaching, the child is taught to say things.
    The mother keeps saying something, that is not true.
    If the child keeps hearing a story, how long before the child says it.
    The child cannot say what is true, or what is false.
    To please the mother, they repeat the story.

    Imagine being a child, who knows something is not true.
    But subject to coaching, is forced to repeat the lie.
    They may please the mother, but they have to live with the lie.
    They know they did wrong, and that must be hard to live with.
    Look how much responsibility, the adult’s burden the child with.

    So the video points that out, the child is abused by the process.
    Everything that happens, depends on what they say.
    If that is happening, then what is the courts judging.
    The story is of a mother, who hates the father.
    Why can’t the courts see that, to teach a child to hate is just evil.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Sat 17th February 2024 @ 7:25 pm

  2. Our book explains the tactics and how to best protect yourself from the lies and false accusations, the provocation, the lawyers lying to the courts, withholding evidence of harm, exploiting vulnerable kids and parents for money while protecting the abusers.

    Comment by Hornet — Sun 18th February 2024 @ 6:44 pm

  3. I have an example, from a family member.
    I have spent some time with him, so know what he is like.
    He ends up having a child, and his relationship breaks down.
    He then gets a new partner, and has another child.
    The first mother then goes missing, abandoning the child with him.
    When she returns 3 months later, she demands the child back.
    He is concerned about the mother, and things go to court.
    He then gets investigated, even his new partner gets investigated.
    Lawyers bills pile up, and new accusations were made.

    He had to stop, and gave up fighting.
    He is still paying, a very large lawyers bill.
    Strangely the accusations have stoped, the mother won.
    If the legal system has any pride, that’s not an example.
    He got nothing, and every accusation was nonsense.
    The courts did not care about justice, they were making money.
    Is that a result to be proud of, another banned father.
    A dad going on a 3 month bender, is not getting the kids back.

    I got to see my brother today, he was badly treated a generation ago.
    Nothing has really changed, maybe the method but not the outcome.
    The mothers getting custody, the courts there to make certain.
    How many of my own family, will be treated badly due to there gender.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Sun 25th February 2024 @ 8:03 pm

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