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Archive of Sex Abuse / CYF

Ideology and Dysfunction in Family Law canada by Grant Brown

Wed 7th May 2014:

By Grant A. Brown | May 6, 2014 For several decades now, fathers have faced significant, widespread bias in family courts across Canada. But as author Grant Brown shows in this free e-book, many of the popular prejudices behind this bias simply have no basis in law or fact. In Ideology And Dysfunction In Family […]

Legislation and Policy Changes for this Election?

Work Required to Change to Open Marketplace for Parenting Plan Certification Services Below is a list of areas of legislation needing to be changed. This has been taken from my Submission to Review of Family Court. Please add points left out into comments. Where suggestions I have made are unrealistic or unfair to women or […]

Womens Election Agenda March 2014

Tue 6th May 2014:

A 100-point Women’s Election Agenda Aotearoa 2014 has been released, calling for action on violence against women and many other issues. I don’t think there is a page in it, that wouldn’t breach the Human Rights Act, but for the Government exception. mcb. womens election agenda march 2014 final.pdf The link above was hurriedly password […]

Prosecution Quality versus Corruption and Incompetence

Wed 9th April 2014:

Here is an article about a Washington State policeman, who was framed by his supervisor (who was also having an affair with his wife). Clyde Ray Spencer article from National Parent’s Organisation website Clyde Ray Spencer article from Glenn Sacks website Washington State’s Wrongfully Convicted article from Seattle News about the investigating detective who found […]

UK proposing new offence – emotional cruelty to children

Fri 4th April 2014:

Erin Pizzey is concerned that British families are under threat as never before from the Nanny State. A proposed new law would introduce the new offence of ’emotional cruelty to children’. Parents judged to be unloving, though not physically abusive, could face jail. The evidence could rest partly on the testimony of the children.

Women research sexual coercion of men

Thu 3rd April 2014:

This story was brought to us by Family First: NEARLY HALF OF YOUNG MEN REPORT “SEXUAL COERCION’ Posted by Editor on Monday, March 31, 2014 FoxNews 27 March 2014 A huge proportion of young men say they have ended up submitting to unwanted sexual advances-and 95% of the time, a female they knew was the […]

Man Blackmailed $414,000 for Alleged Sexual Act

Wed 2nd April 2014:

Gentlemen, take note, this is the only way to handle a female blackmailer. Good on the man for going to the police and laying a complaint.

ACC to fund feminist sex re-education programmes in schools

Mon 24th March 2014:

ACC has decided to fund a pilot “healthy relationship” programme in secondary schools. In a Dominion Post report on Stuff, ACC to take lead in sex education, it is claimed that the corporation received 4800 sexual violence claims last year and spent about $44 million treating the victims.

Research related to Jennifer McIntosh article used for denying fathers Meaningful Access

Fri 14th March 2014:

Well known journalist Bettina Arndt is researching an article focussed on the recent academic paper in which 110 leading family researchers supported overnight care of infants and toddlers. She’s urgently seeking men to interview whose contact with their young children has been adversely affected by assumptions in our family law system that such overnight care […]

Prosecution of Crime Reduced – Judith Collins

Sun 9th March 2014:

Judith Collins26 MARCH, 2013 Conviction, sentencing stats show crime down Statistics released by the Ministry of Justice today show the number of people being charged in court has reduced by more than 20 per cent since 2009, Justice Minister Judith Collins says. The Conviction and Sentencing Statistics, published on the Statistics New Zealand website, show […]

CYF slammed with $60 000 in legal costs

The young couple, from Dunedin, have told the Sunday Star-Times of their harrowing two-year battle to regain custody of the girl, who was taken by Child, Youth and Family at just 14 weeks because the agency wrongly suspected she’d been abused. Stuff Report The parents had to sell their house in Dunedin and move to […]

Canterbury Suicide Prevention Conference – Annette Beautrais

Tue 4th March 2014:

Friday March 21st 9am-5.30pm Rolleston Lecture Theatre University of Otago, Christchurch School of Medicine 2 Riccarton Ave, Christchurch Central, Christchurch 8011

A Learning Organisation?

Tue 10th December 2013:

Hunt on for reformed ex-prisoners SHANE COWLISHAW Last updated 05:00 09/12/2013 It might be the last thing a reformed criminal wants to hear – the Corrections Department is on your trail. It’s keen to track down young former prisoners who have successfully turned their lives around, in the hope that they can help others to […]

October Protests

Thu 3rd October 2013:

Representatives of the Ministry of Men’s Affairs (a community group because successive governments have failed to respect the voice and welfare of men) will be present at protests each Saturday in October to coincide with the male-denigrating White Ribbon Campaign. The protests will will encourage people to wear a black ribbon instead to show they […]

Men can relate to and care for children

Sun 29th September 2013:

Although NZ familycaught$ judges seem unaware that men can relate to and care for children and can successfully take care of children, newspaper records regularly show a more realistic picture. Sometimes, I wonder if judges don’t read newspapers or listen to stories about families in NZ?

Government Announces The New familycaught$

Thu 12th September 2013:

There is intense background (hidden from the public) lobbying in progress, illegal under NZ constitutional conventions, aimed at protecting the present Government funding of the NZ legal workers and the unmanagement of conflicts of interest. Those Who Don’t Learn from History Are Doomed to Repeat It – George Santayana FAMILY COURTS – AN INTERVIEW WITH […]

Crown drops indecency case

Mon 2nd September 2013:

The curious case of tonsil touching has come to an end. Crown drops indecency case against former teacher It seems for this man a lot of things came to an end while he was waiting for the Police to drop the case.

Father’s Day 1st September Sydney

Sun 18th August 2013:

Greg Andresen of Men’s Health Australia has set up a March for Father’s Day, 1st September Sunday, at Hyde Park Corner, Sydney. The Theme is A Voice for Children and is against all of the commercial forms of Parental Alienation. These issues are even more of a problem in New Zealand than in Australia, where […]

Felicity Goodyear-Smith vilified in UK

Sat 3rd August 2013:

The on-going campaign to discredit my wife’s professional reputation has just derailed a major international collaboration she has been working on. As some MENZ readers will be aware, I am currently staying with her in London while she is on sabbatical from her position as Head of Department and Goodfellow Postgraduate Chair of General Practice […]

False sexual abuse allegation

Sun 14th July 2013:

Hi All, I’m not sure how unique my situation is, but feel compelled to share my experience with others out there….and I know that this will strike a chord with some. My daughter (adopted) was unhappy about some things on the home front (having to do chores for pocket money, having to eat everything on […]

Father 11 Mother 36

Sat 15th June 2013:

I woder if IRD Will chase him for child support? Or for that matter the boy’s parents! Case prompts minister to ask why women can’t be charged with rape

Plight of Emotionally Neglected Children in NZ

Mon 10th June 2013:

Emotional neglect is a silent destroyer of lives, many, many lives. Most suffer is silence, sometimes under suicide gravestones, sometimes in psychiatric units doped or electrocuted to silence. The early damage was done by failure to respond, to smile, to talk back as often as needed by the baby. Doesn’t sound dramatic, but the long […]

Feminist Training for legal worker$

Mon 20th May 2013:

I have heard comments about feminist training in Law School and feminist training supplied to newly appointed familycaught$ judges. I was sceptical that any such “training” could subvert human minds, as to completely undermine their ability to carry out their job competently and roughly fairly. However, read the comments of a Canadian judge, who minimised […]

FUD Submissions

Sun 7th April 2013:

Fear Uncertainty and Darkness (FUD) Instead of addressing the problems and looking for solutions, it seems that the beneficiaries in the existing familycaught$ system are distracting our attention away from the required outputs and a system for achieving them at a sensibly low cost.

Law Commission Panders to War Against Men

Fri 5th April 2013:

MoMA MEDIA RELEASE: Law Commission Panders to War Against Men Community group the Ministry of Men’s Affairs today expressed concern that the latest changes recommended by the NZ Law Commission in sexual offence cases will further reduce the ability of defendants, mainly men, to protect themselves against false sexual allegations.

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