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Archive of Sex Abuse / CYF

Media may be recognising the public mood

Sun 25th October 2015:

This editorial from the Herald on Sunday expresses criticism of Welsh police handling of an allegation against Mils Muliaina, in a rare departure from our media’s usual white knight feminist propaganda. It deserves some supportive comments we think.

Trust in professionals

Thu 15th October 2015:

I have often commented about my views on the professionalism and skills of the peoples working in familycaught$. Although occasionally complimentary, most of my comments suggest that there might be room for improvement. My views are only those of a poor axe murderer, so I have little social credibility for my poor judgements. I have […]

False accusations of abuse in the UK

Mon 1st June 2015:

I spent yesterday in Cardiff, where Felicity was speaking at the annual conference of FACT – Falsely Accused Caregivers and Teachers. The United Kingdom is currently experiencing a wave of sex-abuse hysteria.

Book Launch of Murder that Wasn’t – the case of George Gwaze

Fri 20th February 2015:

Last night we held the official launch for Felicity Goodyear-Smith’s new book: Murder that Wasn’t – the case of George Gwaze.

UK Barrister: Rape and Consent

Mon 9th February 2015:

Barrister David Osborne caused outrage with his blog She was gagging for it (the blog has been changed due to public outrage, but the original is included below) where he went as far as an wrote: I have a very simple solution which I hope you will agree is fair. If the complainant (I do […]

George Gwaze murder case – Radio NZ Interview

Wed 4th February 2015:

Felicity Goodyear-Smith was interviewed by Kathryn Ryan on National Radio’s programme Nine to Noon this morning about her new book Murder that wasn’t – the case of George Gwaze. Listen here: Miscarriage of justice – the George Gwaze murder case GP and forensic physician, Professor Felicity Goodyear-Smith, on her fresh investigation of the George Gwaze […]

New book: Murder that wasn’t

Tue 27th January 2015:

George Gwaze made legal history in NZ when he was tried for murder a second time on the same evidence, after the Supreme Court ruled that double jeopardy does not apply until all appeals have been exhausted. Both juries acquitted him. A DSAC doctor wrongly concluded that Gwaze’s niece Charlene was analy raped then suffocated, […]

Rape reform advocate & professor gets $701,500 to explore barriers to reform

Wed 5th November 2014:

Criminologist Jan Jordan author of ‘The word of a woman’ has just been awarded $610,000 + GST to explore barriers to rape reform.

Quality of the Decisions made in Preparing the Domestic Violence Act

Sun 2nd November 2014:

It is important to look back and see the quality of the decisions made in preparing the Domestic Violence Act. Those who don’t know history, are forever doomed to keep repeating it………… (Think Big, DV Act, Building Act, these alone total $100 billions of opportunity wasted and social self harm.) The act was prepared based […]

Call to people caring for families involved with CYFS

Thu 16th October 2014:

Perhaps the main highlight of this website “MENZ’, for me, was the connection to men caring about families dealing with Child, Youth and Family Services aka CYFS.

Who’s Lying, Who’s Self-Justifying? Origins of the He Said/She Said Gap in Sexual Allegations

Wed 17th September 2014:

The Woody Allen sex scandal of 2013 triggered a national conversation on who to believe, with people lining up on each side as if they knew what really happened. Based on recent research on how people navigate the often tricky waters of sexual negotiation, Dr. Carol Tavris shows that it is entirely possible in some […]

Police abuse ‘No smacking law”

Mon 25th August 2014:

You see someone doing something excellent for people and then you see them hurting people ….. which matters to you?

The Marlborough Express – A Paper with a Backbone

Tue 15th July 2014:

The Marlborough Express has today released an opinion piece that reveals just what’s at stake with regards to the Labour Party’s proposed changes to the our justice system. It’s refreshing to a see a newspaper refuse to be a dead fish in a populist tide. If you have a Stuff account, be sure to leave […]

Rolf Harris Assassination By Long Prison Sentence Seen As Obligation

Sat 5th July 2014:

This site has strangely been silent over the fate of Mr Harris. Even if Rolf has taken advantage of girls under the age of consent, is 5 years and 9 months a fair and right sentence for an 86 year old man and his 20 to 50 year old historical crime?

Child Neglect – The Bomb in the Brain

Sat 31st May 2014:

As a country, NZ does need to address the protection of several hundreds of thousands of children. Their happiness is seriously being disadvantaged, their ability to manage and organise their lives is compromised and their ability to take up education is being wasted by missing the opportunity to have a proper developing upbringing.

Quality of Care Standard for Children

Mon 26th May 2014:

Although children in NZ are “protected”, it isn’t to any specified Quality of Care. On the basis that no real duty of care is required for children, the NZ Government slipped off the hook for any accountability at all! Other posts show how the Government is substantially failing to protect workers from serious hazards in […]

Fighting Corruption overt and covert

Sun 25th May 2014:

Playlist: Depths of corruption 10 talks 2h 22m · Curated by TED Corruption manifests itself in many ways, some subtler than others. From anonymous companies to bribes to unjust electoral systems, these talks take you deep into ethically murky territory and offer bold ideas on what we can do about it.

CYF caregiver found guilty

Thu 8th May 2014:

CYFS demonstrates, yet again, their complete and utter incompetence by placing kids in the care of a rapist! When will the New Zealand public demand the dissolution of this gaggle of amateurs? I fail to understand how anyone with one ounce of compassion can see how CYFS benefits our children and our community. If the […]

Ideology and Dysfunction in Family Law canada by Grant Brown

Wed 7th May 2014:

By Grant A. Brown | May 6, 2014 For several decades now, fathers have faced significant, widespread bias in family courts across Canada. But as author Grant Brown shows in this free e-book, many of the popular prejudices behind this bias simply have no basis in law or fact. In Ideology And Dysfunction In Family […]

Legislation and Policy Changes for this Election?

Work Required to Change to Open Marketplace for Parenting Plan Certification Services Below is a list of areas of legislation needing to be changed. This has been taken from my Submission to Review of Family Court. Please add points left out into comments. Where suggestions I have made are unrealistic or unfair to women or […]

Womens Election Agenda March 2014

Tue 6th May 2014:

A 100-point Women’s Election Agenda Aotearoa 2014 has been released, calling for action on violence against women and many other issues. I don’t think there is a page in it, that wouldn’t breach the Human Rights Act, but for the Government exception. mcb. womens election agenda march 2014 final.pdf The link above was hurriedly password […]

Prosecution Quality versus Corruption and Incompetence

Wed 9th April 2014:

Here is an article about a Washington State policeman, who was framed by his supervisor (who was also having an affair with his wife). Clyde Ray Spencer article from National Parent’s Organisation website Clyde Ray Spencer article from Glenn Sacks website Washington State’s Wrongfully Convicted article from Seattle News about the investigating detective who found […]

UK proposing new offence – emotional cruelty to children

Fri 4th April 2014:

Erin Pizzey is concerned that British families are under threat as never before from the Nanny State. A proposed new law would introduce the new offence of ’emotional cruelty to children’. Parents judged to be unloving, though not physically abusive, could face jail. The evidence could rest partly on the testimony of the children.

Women research sexual coercion of men

Thu 3rd April 2014:

This story was brought to us by Family First: NEARLY HALF OF YOUNG MEN REPORT “SEXUAL COERCION’ Posted by Editor on Monday, March 31, 2014 FoxNews 27 March 2014 A huge proportion of young men say they have ended up submitting to unwanted sexual advances-and 95% of the time, a female they knew was the […]

Man Blackmailed $414,000 for Alleged Sexual Act

Wed 2nd April 2014:

Gentlemen, take note, this is the only way to handle a female blackmailer. Good on the man for going to the police and laying a complaint.

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