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Fri 29th June 2007

Govt ensures 850 sex abuse victims left in the cold

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Govt ensures 850 sex abuse victims left in the cold

It is a bitter shame that the only agency that is solely dedicated to helping male victims of sexual abuse is struggling to keep its doors open due to lack of funding, said United Future social services spokesperson Judy Turner today.

“The Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse Trust were preparing to close today because of a lack of funding. They have been given a stay of execution by an emergency community grant, but it is a disgrace that this service is placed under undue stress to simply continue with the good work and much needed assistance that it provides.”

The trust is based in Christchurch and helps 850 clients a year – many of its clients were students at the former St John of God School.

Manager Ken Clearwater stresses that “with this big case coming up where two Brothers have been extradited from Australia to face sexual abuse allegations, these victims/survivors will need our support. I believe it would be tragic if we are not there for them and the other men we work with.”

“It is just saddening that the Government will not provide adequate funding this not leaving them to fend on their own,” says Mrs Turner.

“Sexual abuse can and has ruined people’s lives. Where it happened at an institutional level there is an even greater need for the State and community to support the survivors through counselling and support organisations like this.

The Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse Trust believes they are not receiving funding because the abuse happened to boys.

“No-one wants to look at this. The Government is failing to provide necessary support for male victims of sexual abuse – it is simply not fair. The Government should cough up the measly $120k needed to keep the Trust going every year so that the 850 men can get the support they deserve,” says Mrs Turner.

United Future news and views with Judy Turner MP

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Below is Judy Turner’s newsletter (all quoted)

Last week a very significant piece of legislation passed its Third Reading, and United Future supported its passage. The Bill was an amendment to the Social Security Act and made some major changes to the principles under-pinning our benefit system.

The Bill introduces a work-focus, stating that “Work in paid employment offers the best opportunity for people to achieve social and economic well-being”, and creates within the Act three clear sets of expectations for those in receipt of a benefit.

The first targets those on the unemployment benefit and allows for pre-benefit activities before payment is made and requires more pro-active case-management focused on finding suitable employment as soon as is possible.

The second set of expectations applies to those on the Domestic Purposes and Sickness benefits and possibly some disability beneficiaries. For these people it is acknowledged that paid employment is not appropriate in the short-term, but is a realistic goal for the future. These people are required to begin to plan for that eventuality, and will be actively case managed to develop plans and to take up training opportunities in readiness for the future when that is appropriate.

The third set of expectations apply to those on the Disability benefit where there is no intention of having unfair work requirements, but where there is now an expectation on case managers to make sure that they facilitate opportunities for these people to participate as fully as is practicable in appropriate community activities, so that they are not isolated.

Critics of the Bill refer to the fact that people who undertake crucial unpaid work, like child-rearing or caring for dependent elderly relatives, remain unrecognised and under-valued. While I think they raise an interesting point, I don’t think that the benefit system is the best mechanism available to us to address this.

United Future believes that the tax system could better recognise the contribution of a parent at home through Income Splitting. If you want to find out more about that policy do visit our website www.unitedfuture.org.nz.

“In order that people may be happy in their work, these three things are needed: They must be fit for it. They must not do too much of it. And they must have a sense of success in it”
John Ruskin, English Writer (1819 — 1900)

Thu 28th June 2007

National Male’s Awareness Month gossip

Filed under: General — Julie @ 10:29 pm

A year has passed since the males took to the streets and started protesting outside lawyers homes and once again we will see the same thing happen in Napier/Hastings this coming July but outside the Family Courthouse. July is the month for male’s awareness and it is a big deal to all those who stand for male’s rights.

In preperation for West Auckland I had the chance to speak to WINZ workers who told me they were glad to meet me and that they are so happy to have people stand up. They see the unfairness everyday. Also I had the chance to speak to a Dutchman who has been working in the community for 20 years and has received an International award for his community work. He works today for the CAB giving food from the City Mission. He says he sees the hardship of men all the time. He has spent many, many years reporting to politicians who never heard a word he said. Now the politicians ask to spend time with him but he tells them to take a hike because he doesn’t believe they care for the people.

Anyhow, the response for this month has been greater than the support for Wayne Pruden’s walk to Wellington.

But back to WINZ staff. They are sick of all the Asian and the Iraqi women that are here because the word internationally is, “Go to New Zealand for they will look after you.” Do you know that 2 out of 4 women on benefits now are not NZ citizens? The are immigrants under Helen Clarke’s greed for votes. Infact these women are the worst, they say, as they demand to be looked after. This reminds me of when I first started Auckland Single Parent’s trust. I was approached from the Single mother’s Immigrant Trust to organise childcare for these women. That is what they want, I was told. You can only imagine my thoughts but i did say, “I doubt it. I am not here to look after their children.” And the response I got from this agency that offer the immigrants support is that they can’t get them to leave the home they are provided with even with the housing corp support. Why? Because the immigrants say they were promised everything. And they want everything handed on a platter. Aunty Helen promised them and they want what they heard they would receive.

Infact WINZ workers told me that they have clients who are New Zealanders and live in the Housing Corp streets where they are the only European or Maori. They say they are upset because they have NZ clients who have been waiting for years and these immigrants who just demand from WINZ get handed housing corp homes withing 3-6 months. This is not suprising when you know that the Women’s refuges and Housing complexes for women in dire strait need of housing have a waiting list from overseas clients waiting to get here.

Aunty Helen doesn’t give a toss about New Zealanders. All she cares about is the vote to make her feminist agenda come true. She sure will go down in the history books but when all this comes out, I wonder if she will go down in history as one who brought the world together or one who destroyed it? But in her mind she thinks she is a global heroine no matter how devious she was to be to get it nor how many lives she has to destroy in the meantime.

She is very ILL ladies and gentlemen.

The injustice of justice in NZ

Filed under: Child Support,General — Downunder @ 4:46 pm

This is for people who cannot understand why they are getting poorer. They think they voted for the social justice government of New Zealand. That’s those who rob from the rich and steel from the poor. Now read that again — I didn’t say rob from the rich and give to the poor. The NZ Justice Department has been turned into the biggest collection agency in NZ. Government uses (and it is usury) this department to indebt and deceitfully tax those already living in abject poverty. Operations like the speed campaign create massive fines and debt, which is then inflated with penalties which has left thousands of people living in the confines of protected income. This idea of protected income sounds like the noble steed of righteous government — We will never take more than 60% of your net income. This threshold operates in the same fashion tax bracket creep does. An increase in low wage incomes deflates the value of the previous 60% and increases the government’s value of recovery. Child support operates in the same fashion. Once anyone reaches the threshold of protected income they have no option but to gradually descend into increasing poverty. I saw a recent figure of 3 billion quoted for the effect of tax bracket creep in the last 12 month period, and I haven’t worked it out but I wager you a pound to a pinch of snuff that more money was stolen from the poor through the deterioration of the 60% threshold than was robbed from the rich through bracket creep. Beyond this, (as you have published Scrap) Kiwisaver will effectively reduce the 60% threshold to at least 56%. This is a very insidious form of bracket creep as it moves to financial slavery by child support. (child support is number one on the list of state induced debts in collection order)

There is this false presumption floating around that this Government is good because it redistributes wealth, takes from the rich and gives to the poor. In this context the nature of gullibility is such that the rich think their money is going to the poor and the poor don’t realize they are having more taken from them than they are getting given.

The land of nzers (New Zealanders) or the land of snzers (snoozers).

Wed 27th June 2007

KIWI Saver and Child Support

Filed under: General — Scrap_The_CSA @ 9:21 pm

There has been much noise around the introduction of Kiwi Saver and little information. Like Bevan I have for some time been concerned about how Kiwi Saver will be treated by IRD if you are a “liable” parent.

I emailed Peter Dunne, Minister Responsible for Child Support and United Future leader, with some questions that I thought every “liable” parent should know the answer to before considering Kiwi Saver

Dear Mr Dunne,

I write to you as Minister Responsible for Child Support to seek clarification
as to how Kiwi Saver contributions will be treated when Child Support “liability” is calculated by Inland revenue.

Please provide plain English answers to the following questions.

1) If a “liable Parent” is in deemed to “owe a child support debt” will Inland Revenue be able to access a Kiwi Saver Account and debit the account to recover the alleged debt ?

1a) If so what criteria will be used before compulsory removal of account funds ?

2) Is their any legal mechanism in place to prevent the Government and/or employer contributions being taken into account by when creating a “child support income” for the purposes of a departure order application ?

Yours faithfully

James Nicolle

Peter Dunne has responded.

Due to the importance of this information for liable parents who are considering Kiwi Saver I am publishing Peter’s Response. Parents subjected to Child Support (TAX) assessments need to read this if they are contemplating Kiwi Saver:

Reply on Kiwi Saver & Child Support by Peter Dunne [314 KB pdf]



HB Protests

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For those who want to ring the number is 06 8783013
To get an idea of what will be happening you can look at teh following web site
See you there!!!

Tue 26th June 2007

Shared Care Lunacy in the UK

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Not much different from what happens here

A lawyer was jailed yesterday for refusing to pay child support to his former wife, despite her pleas that he should not be given a custodial sentence……..

Cox, who represented himself, told Southampton Magistrates’ Court: “I have been referred to as an absent father, but that’s not what I am. I’m a father who well knows the obligation to his children and I discharge that obligation. I feed all of my children, I clothe them, I house them — that’s what I spend my money on. The Child Support Agency gives me no assistance for that and requires me to spend the money twice.

“I say that makes it oppressive, unjust and discriminatory in its action. In this case you have two established families living in equilibrium.

“My ex-wife lives a mile away from me and the children pass easily between the two households. They spend half of the time with me and half of the time with their mother.

How many New Zealand parents and children here are penalized because of a failing child support (TAX) system? About 700,000!

Read the article here and notice the similarities between NZ and UK.



Hawkes Bay Events

Filed under: General — Dr Dad @ 12:19 pm

It is now time for me to announce Dates and times for the events coming up in Hawkes Bay
There will be a protest outside the Napier Family court on thursday 26/7/2007 from 12noon to 1pm. There will be another one outside the Hastings family court on Friday 27/7/2007. Then the Republican party will have their Hawkes Bay launch on the Saturday and Sunday 28 and 29 July, again a meeting in Napier and Hastings, but I will let them anounce thier times and venues themselves.
I am keen for as much support as possible. We have TV1 lined up to come (though whether they actually come is a bit of a lottery). I am confident we will have at least 15 people protesting and I have hopes that it may be as many as 30.
This will be a strictly legal but hard hitting protest. Anyone is welcome to come along and support us and if you want to say something on the megaphone then please talk to me about it. All reasonable contributions are welcome, we just need to take care that we stay within the law.
It is best to contact me via comments on this post, or I will be posting a phone number in the next day or two.
For those people outside of Hawkes Bay who wish to come we can probably arrange low cost or no cost accomodation. We welcome anyone who wishes to join in, including grandparents, kids, partners etc, although we do call ourselves the fathers coalition, we do welcome women, mothers, girlfriends etc.
See you at the protest!!!!

Mon 25th June 2007

Professor Freda Briggs – at loss for argument

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The Press
June 23 2007

Extract :

“Yet Briggs remarks that the “vitriol” of the attack surprised her. She says some of the letter writers continue to make “outrageous claims” on men’s advocacy websites, and that Ross Francis emailed her university bosses accusing her of making false claims about her research and credentials.

She portrays her critics as a handful of Ellis supporters, and their challenge as a “vendetta”. In almost half a century of professional life, she says, she has never encountered anything like it. “What they’re trying to do is keep me out of New Zealand.”

Why? “Because they don’t want child-protection education in schools. What other explanation is there for it?””


Child Support and Shared Care

Filed under: Child Support,General — Scrap_The_CSA @ 3:01 pm

One of the major barriers to achieving presumptive shared care is a fair and reasonable child support system to support the presumption.

There is no doubt that the current Child Support Act 1991 was designed at a time when shared parenting was a “rarity” and the assumption was one custodial parent and one liable parent was the norm.

Talking to a number of people it is obvious that very few people actually understand how the variation of the child support (TAX) for shared care actually works.

So how does the Act cater for shared care?
– By adjusting the living allowance, the percentage applied or both.
– Here is a summary and some examples.

Remember the formula is (a-b) x c = Child Support (TAX) payable

a=gross (before tax) income
b=living allowance
c = the child support (TAX) percentage

Where parents share care (40% of the nights, 146 night a year) shared care exists. Under this situation both parents can claim child tax as both parents are effectively custodial parents.

Many parents have disputes over this and IRD ignore court orders as having little relevance.

A parent may have a Family Court ordered parenting agreement that states care is shared 50/50 and IRD will not act on that alone as they maintain they want to “know what the real situation”.

It is also possible to have less than 40% of the nights but have “substantially equal shared care”. The same formula application would apply.

How much does the Percentage Change?

Shared Care Percentage Adjustments

Let’s look at a family where one parent is in receipt of the DPB and the other with an assessable income in a range from 30-80K and has shared care of a single child and has not re-partnered.

Note: Figures are generated using IRD 150 and are for the tax year 1 April 2006 to 31 March 2007. Living allowance is $24,919.

So what’s that produce? Many would argue a blatantly unfair result.

Shared Care Payments for parents

Remember the entire Child support collected will go to “recovering the DPB” and no money will pass directly to either parent for care of the child.

The DPB recipient will stand to loose $730 for sharing care with the other parent.

Note, if the other parent is not receiving a benefit they can choose not to collect any money from the DPB recipient. This of course increases their payment by $730 per annum as no offset occurs.

Note how the more the working parent earns the greater the contribution required.

The formula serves well to recover a benifit but actually discourages shared care, the best outcome for children, by :
-Costing the DPB a significant ammount of their income
-Attempting to equalise income between households (effectively spousal maintenance)

Have a look at the figures above and for a 50/50 share of care and answer this question : How on earth is the result fair or reasonable.

I will publish more examples of how shared care works and the anomalies if requested.



N.B. Comments on this thread will be moderated and any off topic will be deleted.

Copyright James Nicolle 2007

Sat 23rd June 2007

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From Stuff….(link)

I don’t believe I have just read this; please just let NZ drop off the bottom of the planet — save us the embarrassment.

“In recent time we had a recruit (NZ Police Recruit) being taught by a consultant, literally, how to write letters of the alphabet by drawing within bubble letters in the same style as a five-year-old.”

With comment from the girl’s brigade (Annette King, Lyn Provost, Greg O’Connor)

Thu 21st June 2007

Police 10-7 video of callout for female offender

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During a domestic argument, you head-butt your partner in the face; breaking their nose and spraying the children with blood.

You would expect the police follow their mandatory arrest policy, lock you up overnight, take out a domestic protection order, and charge you with assault. You might be seen to jail, or depending where you live, a Living Without Violence programme run by men if you are lucky, or one run by feminists if you’re not.

You only see your children at supervised access for the next year or so, at the end of which time it is obvious to everyone that custody should go to the primary caregiver ie: mum. You spend the next decade or so as an indentured servant to IRD Child Support, perhaps seeing your kids a few days a month. Right guys?

Well no, not if you’re a woman…

Video excerpt from Police 10-7, broadcast on NZ TV2 on 22nd May 2007.

To be fair to two of my local policeman, they acted pretty compassionately and used their discretion quite sensibly in my opinion. (more…)

Wed 20th June 2007

The “No Smacking Law” gets worse

Filed under: General — Julie @ 10:11 pm

Police today released a practice guide on the Crimes (Substituted Section 59) Amendment Act which comes into force this Friday. They have had a difficult time figuring out how they will enforce this law because “Non Consequential” is vague as well as other definition of words.

this is the law

New Section 59


Family Lawyer Throws in the Towel

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Palmerston North Family Court Lawyer Penny Clothier throws in the towel.

Family Lawyer throws in the towel

Well worth a listen



Child support help needed

Filed under: General — Julie @ 5:56 pm

Hi there,

I have just recieved my second child support bill? in the mail. It is $450 per month for a child that I have never seen or been able to see. The boy in question was born 3 years ago yet the child support demands only emerged last month through the IRD.

Imagine the following circumstances….
– As a horny 19 year old I met a cute girl of 24.
– We hooked up and she told me she was on the pill and refused to use condoms.
– It turns out that she miscarried twins three weeks prior to meeting me.
– She lived with her divorced, alcoholic mother and the 5 year old son of her sister who is in prison for GBH.
– She fell pregnant.
– She told me all she wanted was a child and would not abort.
– Said that she wanted never to hear from me again and not to try and “find” her.
– I dealt with this by considering myself a sperm donor and got on with my life.
– 3 years on and the child support bill comes through and I have no idea where my son is and how to contact her and why suddenly I have to pay even though she “never wanted to hear from me or see me again.” I had considered a relationship with the child but she refused me this and I had to get over it and carry on…

I feel like I was tricked into giving her a child and she manipulated me when (as I said) I was nothing more than a horny young man, drunk on the attention that she gave me. Now I feel that I am paying to support her and whatever habits she has…and have got nothing in return except for a lousy shag.

Do I have any options? I’d really appreciate someone to talk to about this as I have just paid them and put them out of my mind and it’s killing me inside.


Mon 18th June 2007


Filed under: General — Julie @ 8:42 pm

Do you see the events under single parents on the right hand side of this site. That is our group and we organise events for single parents and their children.

But we are not just for parents that are single and looking after children full time. Most of our parents are in some sort of arranged shared parenting deal. And most work. AND Dads and Mums.

We get alot of free stuff offered for parents and children regarding outings from numerous charity groups and fund raisers. For instance, live shows, circus, santa parade seating lollies and free parking and many other events. Also we create outings that are small costs or free so you can be with a group rather than on your own spending time with your children and letting them meet other children in the same position. And, most importantly … we network and support each other. We have adult activities so that parents get out and meet others and this is not always easy when you have recently broken up. Plus it is good to gain support from others who are and have been in similar situations as you as a lone parent. BTW, we never mind you bringing new partners.

If you need furniture of free counselling or other such stuff we can help. Maybe even free food now and then. We can also put you onto others to get scholarships for your children and much more. There is a lot that is offered for parents struggling in the community. You are not alone and there are no fees.

If you want to be on a list with another 100 odd parents to be kept up to date on activities and promotions please get in touch.
Auckland Single Parents Trust

University Graduate Stats

Filed under: General — UF @ 2:52 pm

Latest University stats warn of looming crisis



The latest annual survey from the NZ Vice-Chancellors’ Committee has shown a massive and widening gap in the make-up university graduates, says United Future education spokesperson, Judy Turner.?

? “Over the last ten years, males shrunk to just 41% in 2005, down from 48% in 1996.? This is a massive decrease and should be sending warning bells ringing through the Minister’s office,” she says.?

? “The statistics for Maori is even more depressing, with only 34% of Maori university graduates male, compared to 66% female.?

? “
New Zealand males completing their Masters level in 2000 made up 46% in 2000, but in 2005 accounted for only 33%.? ?

? “This problem is reaching epidemic proportions.? Many in the tertiary education sector are trying to have the seriousness of this gender gap recognised, but their warnings are falling on deaf ears from the Beehive.” ?

University’s Pro Vice-Chancellor in education, James Chapman warned last month that more needed to be done to help restore the gender balance, after he observed a graduation ceremony where only 15 out of 158 graduates were men.?

Dr Paul Baker, Rector of Waitaki Boys’ High School, who has served as a Government advisor for education, has said that
New Zealand’s response to the gender gap at secondary level ‘has been one of denial, delay and trivialisation’.?

? “Our education system is failing men and boys badly.? To what level must the ratios have to fall to before the Government will acknowledge this looming social disaster and take action?”?

Sat 16th June 2007

Looking for Alan Radford

Filed under: General — Dr Dad @ 8:55 pm

Can anyone put me in touch with Alan?? I cant find a phone number and the two different email addresses I have give delivery failed notices

Fri 15th June 2007

MP Judy Turner’s Latest Newsletter

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Straight talk… (all quoted)

The 20th Century may well be viewed by historians as the ‘Women’s Hour’, the century that saw women progressively get their proverbial feet on the rungs on the ladder of opportunity. The notion was that women were human beings too, of equal value to men, and not mere chattels, and I for one am very grateful to the suffragettes for the ground breaking work they lived and in some cases died for.

The women’s movement continues today advocating for women on matters where it is clear that there are social barriers to participation in some aspect of life and achievement.

However as we launch into the 21st Century I confess to feeling more than a little uncomfortable about the lack of advocacy for men on the issues where they believe they are marginalised relative to women.

While huge amounts of money have been spent on helping women to gain entry into vocations that have been traditionally male dominated, little or no money is spent on the reverse. There is growing evidence that changes in the field of education have seen boys failing in greater numbers. Men’s health issues don’t seem to get the same money thrown at them as is spent on women’s. In the Family Court, men report feeling that their role as fathers is of lesser value, and that court rulings reflect this.

Have we progressed passed the days where gains for one gender have to be at the expense of the other? Do we want to live through another century characterised by the battle of the sexes? Is it possible that while continuing to work for improved opportunities for women, we could attend with equal sincerity to concerns men have?

I certainly hope so.

“I myself have never been able to find out precisely what a feminist is. I only know that people call me a feminist whenever I express sentiments that differentiate me from a doormat”
Rebecca West 1913

“Looking for more time with your children, shared parenting, fair property settlements, reasonable child support payments, protection against domestic violence and equality in all areas of life? Check out what we can achieve together”
Quote from a “Men’s Right” website

Thu 14th June 2007

International Men’s Health Week 11th – 17th of June

Filed under: General — Julie @ 2:56 pm

Did you know about this??? It doesn’t seem to be much of a big deal. And men only get a week while women are getting a month just for breast cancer.

So what is happening in New Zealand for this extremely important event considering the statistics that men are in dire strait needs for health? Don’t ask on the streets because you are bound to get an earful from wives complaining about how their men are pushed off health lists continually. They don’t like the way their men who have supported their family financially for much of their lifetime are having to be put completely off waiting lists because the health services don’t care for them as they do for women. The health system would not dare allow a woman’s breast screening for cancer to go over a small time of weeks but our males in society can go for months before they get assistance. What’s that all about?

I have asked Specialist Doctors and read what Nutritionists say and GPs. They all seem to think that men don’t come in for illnesses soon enough. That they are prepared to tough it out. So they blame men for being ignorant. Excuse me, but if that is the case then any normal doctor would be putting men as crucial on lists. Why isn’t this happening?

But men in NZ are treated less than women. Their rights are of no value. And why? Because feminist believe that men ruled for 1000’s of years. Show me one guy on this planet who has ruled the world for thousands of years. Get over it feminists. This is selective crap. The people alive today, both male and female have every right to decent health care in this country.
Now, if you have a few spare minutes of your time to care about yourself or your man … but if not you or him then the elderly men that fought against the Japanese to take over your country or those that have busted their arses to build this great nation, please e-mail these people. And just copy what I write if you are busy.

Could you please put some time aside on your program for this very important “International Men’s Week” We do think males are important and we do think that it is relevant.

closeup@tvnz.co.nz or call us on 09 916 7281


You most likely could do better so do so.

Or ..
Can you write an article on this important International week being Men’s Health week. We do consider men important in this country.


Once again you could do better if you wish.

But we must be grateful for what mensline and stuff have written

Also kiwifamiles

And age concern but that was last year. And of course one cannot every go past the work that this group does. Nor this man.

Wed 13th June 2007


Filed under: Child Support,General,Men's Health — Downunder @ 9:40 am

Mr Cullen is not supporting his baby, and will revenue minister Peter Dunne be collecting child support from this delinquent deadbeat who is having a multi million dollar overseas fling at the expense of New Zealand Child Support Payers.

Many Fathers simply have no choice, their child support is deducted from their pay at source and delivered to the consolidated fund, and while that is the case they also have ever right to grumble at the finance ministers behaviour.

Fathers that have no choice but to pay tax and child support have every right to expect that this money will be delivered to the benefit of their children and that the Revenue Minister and the Finance minister will act in the interests of their children.

We hear the calls from Mr Cullen telling the man in the street to save in KiwiSaver, and the Revenue Minister, to pay up and shut up or we will lock you up, while they are gambling Millions of our children’s dollars on the currency market.

New Zealand men are becoming slaves to an unconstitutional government that squanders their labour. Is this is what is called acting in the public interest.

Mon 11th June 2007

Child Support Data Matching – Submissions Needed

Filed under: General — Scrap_The_CSA @ 9:23 pm

Look what Mr Cullen, with full knowledge and agreement of Peter Dunne, Minister responsible for Child Support and United Future Leader, is trying to slip through.

This is laying the groundwork to stopping by tax-police at the boarder. Not for the commission of any crime but because they are a member of a group of people who allegedly owe child support tax. No Court just tax officials, no trail just detention, and collection of Child Tax

Its the precursor to further draconian collection methods and yet again ignoring the root cause /s of the problem. Then will come the name and shame websites, then the pizza boxes and the imprisonment.

It will be like the good old USA! Check out Support The Movie Look at the disaster that similar systems are causing in the USA. This is reflected the world over. The system creates the debt, its flawed and produces debt as an outcome (About 70% of Liable Parents are in debt!)

The Taxation (Annual Rates, Business Taxation, KiwiSaver and Remedial Matters) Bill introduces the new R&D tax credit, company tax rate transitional and consequential changes, the KiwiSaver employer tax credit and compulsory employer contributions, tax incentives to promote charitable giving, liberalisation of a range of tax penalties, and child support data matching between Inland Revenue and the NZ Customs Service. For information on these and the many other changes in the bill see the Commentary on the bill.

Submissions please. One Page is Fine, Just get them in and request to be heard by the select committee.



Sat 9th June 2007

Churches working together

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Last Sunday, I attended a church service. I guess I just felt like it. It was huge. Not just the building but the amount of people that attended. When I was a young Catholic, churches were anti each other as if which ever church you belonged to was right and all the rest were wrong. You were saved in the mind of the church you went to and your neighbour next door was going to hell because they had it wrong. And over the years it seemed that many turned on Catholics which I suppose was them challenging the old school way.

In THIS church, I saw congregations from all different church groups come together and bond in their praise to God and for some, their respect for the sabbath. There was not one leader as in a paster but 11 of them. 11 leaders all able to work together. I got the chance to talk to 2 of them and ask questions. How much do they know about feminism and the UN and the elite? What are they doing to stand against the evil doing in the world? The answer to the first question was, “not much” and the answer to the second question was that churches have their own callings. Church as a representation of people means that each has their own department. Destiny church is one department fighting for God and good through politics. Others teach the news to new comers, others work in the community like the Salvation Army and so forth. I personally think it is remarkable how well this is working and how they are an enemy to feminists who want to destroy the Patriarchy without really knowing it and other players that want to destroy religion. They are a movement themselves to fight for families and against the state.

Mind you I have also spoken to an elder of Jehovah Witness and am aware that not all christian churches are accepting of becoming one congregation under God. Infact some church goers will not attend any other church other than their own. Back to the idea that one is saved and the other are not. lol

However the ones that are working together do make a huge difference. Somehow, someway they banded and still respect each other and give each other space. One paster told me that they all dabble in politics sometimes and they all teach new comers but they understand each other and support each other. He also told me that each person has their own calling from God which decides what they will do in the work.

I guess that is like … finding what you are good at and using those abilities for the good work of the movement and finding where you feel comfortable. I know they weren’t always like this but they work so well together now. One paster is incharge of youth and another is for something else and so on.

I believe this is what the men’s movement is doing gradually and for sure the feminist movement did the same.

Fri 8th June 2007

Media Bias vs. Media Corruption

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Publicly, we all know that media contituents are biased even though most of us will not admit it.

All reporters lean one way or another as it relates to the subjects and/or people they cover. Mainstream media leans to the left, while the alternative media, such as talk radio leans to the right. Whether it be in politics, music, film, or the fashion industry, the media has its favorites and often makes it known.


Thu 7th June 2007

Judicial Corruption Corrodes Rule of Law

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“Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men.”

~ Lord Acton, in a letter to Bishop Mandell Creighton, 1887.

Around the world corruption is undermining judicial systems, denying citizens access to justice and the basic human right to a fair and impartial trial, sometimes even a trial at all.

“Equal treatment before the law is a pillar of democratic societies. When courts are corrupted by greed or political expediency, the scales of justice are tipped, and ordinary people suffer,” said Huguette Labelle, Chair of Transparency International. “Judicial corruption means the voice of the innocent goes unheard, while the guilty act with impunity.”

Judicial corruption usually falls into two categories: bribery and political interference in the judicial process by the legislative or executive branch.

Despite decades of reforms to protect judicial independence, the pressure to rule in favour of political interests remains intense. Problems remain though many judges around the world are indeed acting with integrity.

But for judges who refuse to be compromised, political retaliation can be swift and harsh. Failure to appoint judicial officials on merit can lead to the selection of a pliant, corruptible judiciary. “Problematic” judges can be reassigned or have sensitive cases transferred to more pliable judges.

Interference from politicians or civil servants can also buy “legal” cover for embezzlement, nepotism, cronyism and illegal political decisions. Such interference can be as blatant as physical threats and intimidation, and as subtle as the manipulation of judicial appointments, salaries and conditions of service.


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