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Sun 28th October 2007

Support Movember and support awareness of men’s health and the fight against prostate cancer

Filed under: General — Darryl Ward @ 9:07 pm

Hello friends

During Movember (the month formerly known as November), I will be attempting to grow a mo.

Many men across the world are (for one month only) bringing back the mo, because we are passionate about men’s health and the fight against prostate cancer.


Every year in New Zealand 2,656 men are diagnosed with prostate cancer and about 600 die of the disease, making prostate cancer the second largest cause of male deaths, after lung cancer.

The average life expectancy of a man in New Zealand is 4 years less than a woman.
If you are willing to support this worthy cause, you may do so in several ways.

Firstly, you may sponsor me, and there are two payment options available.

1 Go to http://www.movember.com/nz/donate and enter my registration number: 81491.

2 You may also sponsor me by submitting a cheque made payable to the “Prostate Cancer Foundation of New Zealand”, clearly marking the donation with my registration number: 81491. Please mail cheques to:


PO Box 87 150

Meadowbank 1742


All donations over $5 are tax deductible.

Alternatively, if you are a man, you should consider participating in Movember yourself. Go to http://www.movember.com/nz/register/ if you wish to register.

All donations are made directly to the Prostate Cancer Foundation of New Zealand, which will use the funds to create awareness, increase support networks for those men who suffer from prostate cancer and fund research and scholarship programmes.

Thank you again for your support

Kind regards

Darryl Ward

Wed 24th October 2007

Schwarzenegger Institutionalizes Sexual Perversion

Filed under: General — Julie @ 8:41 pm

News; Posted on: 2007-10-23 08:02:06
By Pat Shannan

SACRAMENTO, Calif.–Govt.Arnold Schwarzenegger has signed into law four bills requiring all public school instruction and activities to positively portray trans-sexuality, bisexuality, and homosexuality to children as young as kindergarten.

He has also signed bills undermining marriage and infringing upon the moral conscience of business owners, churches, and non-profit organizations.

Mon 22nd October 2007

Austria holds first divorce fair

Filed under: General — Downunder @ 12:59 pm

Divorce Fair

From BBC

The fair will give advice on how to organise a post-married life
Austria is to host the world’s first “divorce fair” this month,
aimed at helping couples untie the knot as painlessly as possible.

Women and immigration – men stop marrying these users

Filed under: General — Julie @ 11:11 am

This is Deepak’s comment.

I am facing false allegation from women whom I sponsored to come to NZ. I found out she is already married to someone back in INDIA and my marriage was a sham, so I got my married annulled because of her previous marriage now I want some help to find how to sue her for defamation and perjury lying. I want to do all this myself, because I found the lawyers too feminist.
Please help

This is bad enough but the stories are everywhere.

This is a guys story who is sitting with me in need of help. One of our clients who married an over stayer (silly thing to do but it happens.) On his birthday September 3rd he was arrested the very second he stepped foot on his property for rape. Yep, that’s right, RAPE. He is looking at a possible 4 years imprisonment for helping this women out. She has her residency, work permits, the whole lot now but that wasn’t good enough. She wanted more and crying rape falsely gets you anything in NZ.

When it came for her to leave his rented property her family who are also doing the same trick told her in simple terms. “Just cry rape and throw him out.”

Now he is on the streets living in his car or staying with friends and family when he can. He has no belongings except for a mobile phone. He has been a housing NZ client for 5 years under medical conditions and they have told him he has until the end of the month to sort this out or the tenancy agreement is terminated. Won’t happen because it can’t happen. His next court date is one day before the termination date.

This could be happening to any one of you who are silly enough to fall for Fijian Indian women. There are more of them coming. NZ men are a target for these women.

This client is the second case that has come to our attention with the last one being charged with threatening to kill and assault. He spent 4 months in prison before he could prove his innocence. Lucky for him he was not even in the home when he performed the alleged assault.

But we don’t know what will happen to this client because he is also up on DV charges as well as rape and with the women’s groups pushing for men to be convicted it is even easier than before to put these men in prison.

DO NOT TRUST WOMEN THAT ARE WANTING RESIDENCY!!!! They don’t care one bit about you. They have all this planned before they get here.

Please: Spread the word. The word is out there but not enough. A couple of men are known to have paid off these women to get them off their back with false charges but if you don’t have the money – you are screwed. Yet, you shouldn’t have to be doing this.

PS. We need to start a database of the families involved in this. This families surname is Wati. All the cousins and sisters are doing it. Stay away from them.

Fri 19th October 2007

Self rape or just a wanker?

Filed under: General — Julie @ 9:32 pm

I am watching ‘Eating media lunch’ right now because something has totally caught my attention.

It is a new disorder and our TV’s will be showing commercials for it and the disorder will be named as one of the things the “Dancing with the Stars” will be using as a charity to give donations to as a winner.

It is also something the Pharmaceutical companies are cashing in on and the Maori.

It is self rape. It is mastibation. And it is soon to be not only an illness but worth a prison sentence if some get their way.

One of the speakers demands that we throw these people in prison.

I couldn’t find a lot of information on it but they did give a drug to another speaker which sounds just like a Psychotic drug which makes you incompetent but then you can dislike the other side effects and pay $160 to the Maori for a bottled natural product.

Even one of our well known actors in NZ are presenting the campaign on TV commercials because the Mad Butcher declined.

And the commercials are already on the air in Australia.

Related link that I could find in a hurry.


Wed 17th October 2007

NZ in overseas media

Filed under: Domestic Violence — Downunder @ 11:52 am

This rises by association with the “Terror Raids”


By Heather Sharp
in Hamilton, New Zealand

And in the most recent national survey of victims of crime, 42% of Maori women said a partner had abused them physically, compared to only 20% of white women.


We’re in many ways still a settler society, and the view of the male as macho and physically strong is very strong

Brian Gardner

Men’s Centre Annual General Meeting

Filed under: General — MurrayBacon @ 8:15 am

Men’s Centre will be having its Annual General Meeting, to elect new Committee members, at my house:
Wednesday 24th October 2007
34 Valley Road,
Mount Eden,
Auckland. phone 638-7275
Men’s Centre has been ticking along without much formal activity by the Committee, partly due to the main focus being trying to help people to cope with their parenting/familycaught experiences.
The main activities have been Monday Night meetings at Northcote and behind the scenes time given to people who come along.
Because of this, the Committee has not required a large commitment of time, a few hours for about 4 meetings per year.
If you would like to contribute, then your help would be much appreciated.
If you are not able to attend on the Wednesday, please let me know if you are interested to play a role, as we will be happy to include you in the Committee vote.
Please give me a call if you may be attending.

Children and Men’s Picnic

Filed under: General — MurrayBacon @ 8:05 am

Paul Catton’s has invited MRAs (Men’s Refuge Arrangers?) (Men’s Rights Activists?) (Men’s Rights Advocates) and any other types of MRA, their children, their fathers and mothers, to a sumptuous lunchtime barbecue, on Saturday of Labour Weekend, at Western Springs, beside the zoo.

Please give Paul (940-6236) or myself (638-7275 or 021-539-196) and let us know roughly the number of children you might be bringing – to help us provide the best competition prizes.

Nothing too serious – maybe a bit of discussion about protests for the next two months and a chance to sign Submissions to Law and Order Committee about the Family Court Matters Bill – don’t pay it I say!

Please wear clothing that can take a few spits of rain or waterpistol hits and that you won’t mind a few lion bites.

Hope to see you there,

Commissioner for IRD refuses to come out of the corner
As an aside, it appears Labour Weekend (tongue in cheek) will be the best opportunity to host the Third Anniversary of my being an MRA with an open invitation to a sumptuous feasting for all supportive of MRA who can manage attendance in Auckland.

The weather will direct confirmation of the selected venue (Western Springs and the Zoo) and the event happening.

This is being co-ordinated on the back of the East Auckland Refuge for Men and Families (09) 940 6236

Again this event will be fully catered so all you need to bring is yourself (and partner), your progeny, and your personal choice of imbibing fluid.

Any correspondence regarding the Anniversary Celebration should be directed off-line to paulcat@woosh.co.nz or phone the East Auckland Refuge for Men and Families 940 6236

Tue 16th October 2007

Make the most of it

Filed under: General — sparticus @ 7:37 pm

I want to share some some attitudes and beleifs that have helped me through the issues that most of us have in common

Firstly as farthers we are? responsible for our children and their ability to cope with the world around them, It is the only legacy we will leave behind that will have any impact on their lives. It is a fathers duty to instill in their children a sense of fair play, self controll and duty. The best of what the male of the species has to offer. I think it is true to say that after we’ve had our obligatory heart attacks our childrens? memory of us will be of the times and experiences that we shared with them.

Provided? we are not predisposed to? an unhealthy attraction to drugs, alcohol and or aggression we are in a good position to contibute possitively to our kids upbringing.? Consequently I have been at as loss to understand how we have been reduced to a cash cow and? nothing else. The demands placed on us from the kids mothers and child support seem to be almost exlusively of a financial nature.?

This is about when I and many others I have spoken with decided it was time for a holiday, 5 years in my case, most of which was spent trying to get my ex wife to agree to reasonable access to my son. In between phone calls, lawer meetings and court dates I spent my time snowboarding, trout fishing, playing my guitar and xbox,? earning just enough money to meet my needs and stay on the child support minimum payment. Petty? you may ask, possibly, but incredibly liberating. I can tell you that an untimely stress related death? or impending suiside were both postponed indefinately. Im sure if my kids new they would think it was time well spent. The other advantage was? when the family court granted me access on my terms, my son and I had new experiences to share. Oddly neither my son nor myself were any worse of financialy than if i had worked? fulltime and paid more in child support.

The other issue I would like to touch on is abusive or controlling ex partners. Rememer you no longer have any obligation? to these people. If they cant treat you with respect, the solution is simple say goodbye hang up and call a lawyer,? some are genuine, sure they cost money but you? and your kids are worth it,? and? at least you made the desision to spend it and there are reasonable ears in the familly court.


Sun 14th October 2007

Sticking Plaster on Decapitation

Filed under: General — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 11:01 am

Today, the Sunday Star in its article “Splintered Kids” wrote “…Desperate for help, Lucy’s parents approached Jill Goldson, an Auckland Family Court counsellor who was involving children in separation counselling for a research project funded by the Families Commission … On average, children attended two counselling sessions and Goldson says in every case, the intervention eased communication and reduced conflict … The research findings are being included in a submission to the Family Matters Bill to be considered at the end of the month …”

Yeah, right. Feminism and other politically-correct ideologies promote discontent in couples, label normal conflictual behaviour as unacceptable “violence” and encourage parents to prioritize their own quest for better sex and “happiness” ahead of the continuation of their families. Many laws (e.g. marriage laws, matrimonial property laws) based on such ideologies encourage people to view their families as readily disposable. The government funds the DV industry including a Wimmin’s Refuge that arbitrarily pressures every client to break up her family, without checking on the veracity of her claims, regardless of the real circumstances that led her to approach the Refuge, and with callous disregard for the impact on children from such family trashing. The government provides a no-fault, DPB open-chequebook to encourage mothers to dispose of their husbands thereby depriving children of the security and identity of biological family units. The Family Court system, its empowering legislation and its lawyer beneficiaries operate in ways that almost always increase acrimony and reduce goodwill between separated parents. Then, while the government wields havoc on families in all these ways and more, it graciously funds a pilot programme to “ease the pain” of children whose parents separate. And of course the pilot programme is done by a female prepared to spread the requisite dishonesty that “children cope ok with separation as long as there isn’t too much acrimony between the parents”. And this same person who provides the intervention programme also evaluates that programme, and surprise, surprise, she finds the intervention programme to be very effective! Hey, great, all our children’s problems will now be solved.

Fri 5th October 2007

Woman guilty of violent husband’s manslaughter

Filed under: General — UF @ 1:54 pm

A Bay of Plenty woman has been found not guilty of murder, but guilty of the manslaughter, of her violent husband.



Interesting to see how it is reported. Obviously the self defence claim was not upheld, as she was found guilty of manslaughter – but it doesn’t really come across like that…

Wed 3rd October 2007

Feminist of N.O.W in action

Filed under: General — Julie @ 1:34 pm

Here’s an interesting article from someone appointed to the board of the “National Organization of Women”. Note the blatant bias and hypocrisy…

The New York Times coverage led to the Today Show. During my years speaking from the feminist perspective, I was three times a guest on the Today Show. Once I began articulating men’s perspectives, I was never invited back. I was beginning to notice a pattern!

Phil Donahue had apparently seen me on the Today Show and in The New York Times and extended an invitation. When we met, we hit it off. He immediately invited his first wife (Marjorie) to meet me and dine together. When he and Marjorie ran into conflicts, he would call me for advice. After each show, he took me to the airport himself. On the seventh show, though, something happened. I began to add men’s perspectives. Suddenly, I was not invited back for years.

When Why Men Are The Way They Are was published, I was eventually invited for an eighth show. But articulating men’s perspectives, even in balance with women’s, led to another six year hiatus. When The Myth of Male Power came out, although it was from the male perspective, it was so much up Donahue’s line of relationships and politics that three producers were vying to be the one to produce the show. I was scheduled, with a firm date. The producers convinced my agent to book me as an exclusive on Donahue. As a result, queries to all other American talk shows were dropped. Then something happened….

Tue 2nd October 2007

The Tax Woman and the Csar

Filed under: Child Support — Scrap_The_CSA @ 8:28 pm

Recent changes to the Child Support Tax Act gave the Tax woman the legal mechanism to initiate an administrative reviews against parents.

The Tax woman calls them Commissioner Initiated Administrative Reviews abbreviated to C.I.A.R (Pronounced Csar like the autocrat) .

First you will receive a letter like this.

Dear Mr XXXX,


I write to advise that your case has been selected for a possible Commissioner Initiated Administrative Review (CIAR).

A recent change to the law allows us to initiate such a review if after reviewing a paying parent’s financial position, we consider the child support they have been assessed to pay,does not reflect their ability to provide financial support for their children. (more…)

Mon 1st October 2007

Evidence Ambush in familycaught as a successful litigation strategy

Filed under: General — MurrayBacon @ 10:09 pm

I have heard 5 customers of the familycaught complain about evidence ambush in familycaught, when fresh evidence was introduced verbally at a hearing, without being previously introduced in affidavits (that were served on all parties prior to the hearing).

I have given the name “evidence ambush”, as each of the people that complained used different descriptions for this legal strategy. Having a name, allows different people’s experiences to be linked together, for what is one legal strategy.

The most important issue should be – has this family and it’s relationships been protected?
It is only through protecting integrity and honesty – to foster a supportive, constructive relationship between the parents, that the children can be given the best life by their parents.

I will not discuss “Agenda Ambush” at this time, this is an entire topic in itself and it is covered by different familycaught rules.

Some people fumed silently in anger, some protested to the judge, one lawyer protested to the judge but his objection was simply ignored by the “judge”. One other customer admitted that s/he had accidentally successfully used evidence ambush against CYFs, without realising at the time what s/he was doing. The CYFs lawyer protested vehemently, but was overruled by the “judge”.

With respect to natural justice, it would generally be fair and reasonable to either adjourn the hearing for sufficient time to allow the other party to understand the issues and obtain any relevant evidence to rebut, or to order that the hearing continue, without the ambush evidence being admitted.

A similar situation is when one party forgets to attend a hearing. usually the hearing will be adjourned, so that all affected parties can be in attendance.

Why then did the “judge” take the different course of admitting the ambush evidence from one party, after the other party had laid their cards on the table in affidavits served prior to the hearing and requiring the hearing to continue without any time adjournment at all?

Any Submissions on the Family Courts Matters Bill

Filed under: Law & Courts — JohnPotter @ 11:07 am

An alert reader has noticed that we should be publicising this important piece of upcoming legislation. Thanks for the heads-up Mike.

Download the proposed Family Courts Matters Bill here. [1297 Kb pdf]

Submissions to the Social Services Select Committee on this bill are due on 29th October.

The Parliamentary debate at the introduction of this bill makes it clear that there is substantial cross-party support, indicating that it will certainly pass in some form or another.

Judith Collins (National), who has practiced in the Family Court, does a pretty good job of demonstrating how intervention by lawyers – expert at manipulation of the system – works against the best interests of children – which is to have parents who co-operate. (more…)

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