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Thu 31st July 2008

Gary McKormick on Child Support and Men’s Issues

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National Radio the Panel today

Gary makes some intersting points in relation to Child Support and speaks of men he knows who could not afford to pay child support who have left the country.



Ditch jumping kiwis

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Tue 29th July 2008

non-resident father’s perspectives on paying

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“It’s not just about the money”: non-resident father’s perspectives on paying [109 KB PDF]

Key words: child support, fatherhood, non-residential fathers, meaning of money


We examine fathers perceptions of paying child support using in-depth interviews with 26 separated or divorced non-residential fathers in Australia.While the majority of fathers agree that continued financial support of their children is important, child support is a difficult component of their lives. Difficulties arise not only because of the financial costs, but changes in the father-provider role after separation. The payment of child support is viewed as a continuation of the provider role, but fathers have little or no control over how much money is contributed and how that money is spent. Consequently, most fathers question the amounts they have been assessed to pay and how the money is being spent on their children. These responses suggest that policy reforms aimed at changing non-residential fathers child support behaviours need to be sensitive to non-material aspects of the payments not just capacity to pay.

On the surface this looks great but consider the underlying ideology of the researchers as seen in the language and methodology. (more…)

Mon 28th July 2008

NZ Republicans Burn Protection Orders

Filed under: General — blamemenforall @ 5:07 pm

Strong storm warnings of a strong storm scared off fair weather friends, but the protection-order burning ceremony was still a splendid affair in Hamilton on Saturday.  (Copies of) protection orders were burnt, words of great wisdom spoken and those Hamilton shoppers who braved the weather were shaken out of their complacency to be thoroughly edified and entertained.  The injustice, male enslavement and child abuse perpetrated by our Family Court and feminist laws are starting to be recognized by the man and woman in the street.


As a bonus, Queen Liz II graced us with her presence and was told, in the most obsequiously groveling way, that she was no longer needed as our head of state.  The flag of the queen’s governor-general was burned in a spirit of deep subordination.  Her royal majesty attempted to have our bowed heads severed from their bodies but she was uncrowned and defrocked before the order could be effected, revealing a stunning, sleek evening dress no doubt intended for the evening’s state banquet.  (Winston Peters had to be invited to the banquet because the Left Dishonourable Ms Clark couldn’t find any kindergartens needing formal opening in Eastern Europe to keep Winston from offending important foreign dignitaries.  Winston hoped to ask Queen Liz for $100,000 which his lawyer would then conveniently forget to tell him about.) 


The event was so much fun that the Republic of New Zealand Party will do it all again in Auckland and Tauranga soon.  Details will follow, so polish up those (copies of) protection orders and keep those match-lighting fingers fit and ready. 

A letter to Hon. Ruth Dyson

Filed under: Child Support — Tigerseye @ 12:56 pm

I’m the producer of a documentary currently being made about the Child Support Act (CSA). Hand in hand with that are the troubles with the Family Court (FC), which have driven a lot of families apart.

The documentary is called “The CSA Files” and you can visit www.the-csa-files.webs.com for more information. This email serves as a formal written interview and your response or lack there of will be incorporated into the documentary

Information and statistics are in no short supply thanks to the power of the Internet. Even those that are computer illiterate have no problems finding this information. The people are learning and it’s time for the government to answer some questions… (more…)

Fri 25th July 2008

Fatherless Children

Filed under: Child Support — Tigerseye @ 10:33 am

When the government sees fit to surgically remove the father from the family culture do they realize they are in fact turning a nuclear family into a nuclear weapon?  A study done in Massey University in 1996 found the following horrific facts:


Fatherless Kids are:


5 times more likely to commit suicide

32 times more likely to run away

20 times more likely to have behavioral disorders

14 times more likely to commit rape

9 times more likely to drop out of high school

10 more likely to abuse chemical substances

9 times more likely to end up in a state-operated institution

20 times more likely to end up in prison


There is much more data out there to support this conclusion which is now more than just a theory.  These are just the main bullet points.  Not only do we suffer as Fathers with little to no access to our sons and daughters, which in itself is a heart breaker but the kids face even greater difficulties.


Remember, legislation encourages Mothers to do it alone… but look what happens when they do.  This does not mean men are better then women or fathers are better then mothers, it means they are more powerful and effective when working together.  Something that seems to be overlooked when the FC works “in the best interest of the children.”

Wed 23rd July 2008

Parenting Pack for New Fathers

Filed under: General — JohnPotter @ 11:46 am

As reported in a Press article on Monday: New daddies get a helping hand, a special edition of the Father & Child magazine will be given to new fathers in Christchurch, Wellington and Dunedin [and Auckland – JohnP] hospitals as part of a birth pack for parents.

Christchurch father Donald Pettit told the Press:

“This magazine would make dads feel included. It’s important to feel this is an important time for fathers, as so much of the focus seems to be the other members of the family.”

This morning on the TV1 Breakfast show, Father and Child Trust co-ordinator Harald Breiding-Buss did a great job of promoting the magazine, and getting out a positive message about fathering. (more…)

Tue 22nd July 2008

Women-only scholarships discriminate against men

Filed under: Boys / Youth / Education — JohnPotter @ 10:12 pm

Last weekend’s Sunday Star Times reported that Victoria University Institute of Policy Studies senior researcher Dr Paul Callister has asked the Human Rights Commission if women-only scholarships breach human rights laws: Women-only scholarships under spotlight

“Historically, women-only scholarships were justified, but now they aren’t disadvantaged in education. My view is these scholarships are discriminatory now because we’re past the point of needing special treatment for getting women into universities and degrees,” Callister told the Sunday Star-Times.

Instead, he believed women-only scholarships should be made gender- neutral so anyone in need could apply. “Gender is no longer the clear marker of disadvantage that it once was.”

On Monday, Analiese Jackson, National Women’s Rights Officer of the New Zealand Union of Students’ Associations (NZUSA) claimed that women-only scholarships are still justified. She asks:

“How do you determine that equality has been achieved?”

Sun 20th July 2008

Stand Up For Real Justice

Filed under: General — blamemenforall @ 11:49 am

I heard that the NZ Republicans are carrying out a demonstration next Saturday 26 July where they will publicly burn copies of protection orders to highlight the injustice inherent in our Domestic Violence Legislation.

This legislation causes men to lose normal rights, and children to lose contact with their fathers, on the basis of uncorroborated, unproven allegations of “violence” defined so broadly as to cover almost any behaviour commonly shown in situations of conflict. The current orders automatically prevent fathers from having contact with their children, regardless of any realistic risk those fathers might present to the children. The fathers are treated as guilty until they can convince the Family Court that they are innocent, in many cases impossible because for many judges it only takes a woman to claim she is “frightened” for protection orders to be maintained. (more…)

Wed 16th July 2008

Michelle Richards

Filed under: General — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 4:36 pm

Michelle Richards was in the news again recently when she was recalled to prison after being granted parole this year on a life sentence for her part in the murder of her partner. After her partner had written her into his will, she convinced her 18-year-old lover to kill him by stabbing him while he lay in bed.

I post this case because it is an example of a woman encouraging or inspiring a man to commit serious violence to another person that she does not want to commit herself. We hear about it from time to time and I believe it is more common than people realise. (more…)

Sexist ALAC Advertisements

Filed under: General — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 12:02 pm

FYI, here is my complaint to the Advertising Standards Authority.

The three advertisements from the same advertiser came as a package and have all been shown in turn and repeatedly over the same significant time period. They portray men and only men causing violence and injury to others through drinking alcohol excessively, while they portray women and only women who drink excessively as only being victims of male violence. (more…)

Sun 13th July 2008

Always DV Propaganda

Filed under: General — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 1:19 pm

Two articles and an editorial in the Bay of Penty Times yesterday generally continued our media’s penchant for male-bashing. Only the front-page lead article was available on the web. To their credit, interviewees from Relationship Services avoided gender-specific formulations and referred to couples arguing and hitting each other, and the police interviewee said they were called out to a house where a couple “were fighting”. Sadly, at this stage such care to avoid appearing sexist seems mainly facade, frequent accounts from men suggesting both these organisations operate under male-blaming ideologies.

FYI, here is my letter to the editor:

“Research has clearly established that domestic violence is significantly perpetrated by both men and women against their partners. Why then did your articles and editorial on July 12 describe only claimed examples of men assaulting their partners, perpetrate the long-discredited myth that domestic violence increases when a nation’s rugby team loses, and claim contrary to scientific evidence that “the vast majority of domestic bullies are men”? (more…)

NZ Studies identify father absence as factor in youth suicide

Filed under: Boys / Youth / Education,Domestic Violence,Law & Courts — MurrayBacon @ 11:45 am

NZ Government funded research has identified total loss of father contact as being a common factor in suicides of youths, who have applied for Independant Youth Benefit. (This does not prove that it is causal, this is more difficult to prove.)

The same researcher asks people to be willing to look at all research and see that mother caregiver’s violence towards children, contributes towards some men’s life sadness and being unable to form constructive functional relationships with women. Thus, this source of violence to boys also needs attention and active support for parents, to reduce the damage being done to these boys. Blame is of limited value, to solving these problems, especially when it is one eyed. In many cases, the problems are life goals and relationships and the solutions lie in support through these problems and mentoring to develop workable solutions that protect all of the people involved. When someone has unrealistic expectations, this is itself a major problem and barrier to allow workable solutions to work! (more…)

Fri 11th July 2008

The CSA Files

Filed under: Child Support — Tigerseye @ 12:08 pm

For those who don’t yet know, I am putting together a feature length Documentary on Child Support called “The CSA Files”.   I have got a lot of feed back for this doco and a lot of keen people wanting to help and share their stories. 

For a run down and updates on this doco visit my site www.the-csa-files.webs.com

Feel free to leave a post or email me on thecsafiles@xtra.co.nz with any additional information, stories or experiances you or someone you know has had with the CSA.  I’m aiming for between 75-90 mins long for the doco and any sugestions will be welcome.

I am putting together a great team of informed and experienced people to work on this project and all your support is greatly appreciated 🙂




Tue 8th July 2008

Update on Prostate Cancer

Filed under: General — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 1:42 pm

National Radio Nine to Noon yesterday interviewed Prof Mark Frydenberg, an expert on prostate cancer who works at the Urology Dept, Monash Medical Centre, Melbourne. 600 men per year die of prostate cancer in New Zealand each year.

Prof Frydenberg explained that several international studies to evaluate the benefits of screening programmes had not been running long enough to come up with results, and the key argument against screening programmes was the lack of evidence that such programmes would actually achieve worthwhile reductions in death rates. However, an informal screening programme introduced by a urologist in Tyrol, Austria resulted in 50% less deaths from prostate cancer than in the rest of Austria where no screening was done. (more…)

Sat 5th July 2008

Allegations against rugby players

Filed under: General — blamemenforall @ 3:51 pm

Allegations that sexual abuse was committed by several touring English rugby players
have been milked by unscrupulous media showing scant regard for civil rights. The NZ Press Association is even quite happy to provide names of those who might have been alleged to have committed sexual crimes.

The case raises important questions relevant to gender politics. For example, why have the police spent what must now be considerable time and expense “investigating” a case for which no complaint has been laid? If you went to the police and told them your mate had an eye injury that he said had been caused by Joe Bloggs assaulting him with a bat, what do you imagine the police would do? There is a good chance they would simply tell you there’s nothing they can do unless your mate came in and made a complaint. If they did not have too much on their plate, they may well pay your mate a visit at some stage and ask him about it, but you can be sure they would quickly lose interest if he made it clear he wouldn’t lay a complaint. So what’s the difference? (more…)

Fri 4th July 2008

Father and Child Trust, Auckland Meeting Monday 7-9pm

Filed under: Events — Brendon Smith @ 11:12 pm

Our Auckland Father and Child Trust Meeting is on Monday night, 7-9pm, at the Onehunga Community Center, 83 Church Street, near the library.

We had our strategy confirmed at the Father and Child Trust AGM in Chch, to positively encourage fathers, as early in their fatherhood as possible. (more…)

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