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Sun 30th November 2008

HELP for “When mother hurts father” – UK style

Filed under: General,Men's Health — MurrayBacon @ 2:56 pm

In NZ, the debate about domestic violence hasn’t got past the “90% of domestic violence victims are women, so provide support services only for the women”. (The values are wrong AND the statistics are wrong!)

In NZ, 90% of serious assault victims and murder victims are male.

In UK, there are working helpline services which do offer support, counselling and assistance to men!

If there is a need, buy a telephone card, remember the time zone difference, practice your accent and make a call.

When mother hurts father

There is help available, even for NZ men.

Alternatively, remember that one of the best ways to save yourself, is to give a little bit of help to others, who are momentarily in a harder situation than yourself. There is a real need for support givers in NZ. Add a bit of your energy to these support givers.

Cheers, MurrayBacon the blood spattered axe-murder.

Sat 29th November 2008

Politicians showing concern for childrens upbringing

Filed under: General — MurrayBacon @ 12:18 pm

For me, it is sad that the conditions around our children’s upbringing, did not receive much discussion during the recent election campaign.
Issues include:
almost complete absence of men among preschool and primary teachers <10%
relatively few men among secondary school teachers <25%
Unskilled familycaughts failing to make care decisions based on the real life environments around disadvantaged children.
Govt provided incentives for breaking up families, causing as much problems for children as it solves
eg DPB
Domestic Violence Act which has large potential for abuse and no controls active on such abuse
together families taxed harder to subsidise the types of families that deliver poorer outcomes for children

These types of issues were discussed in NZ, but gained very little media traction and relatively little public interest.

In England, such issues are receiving wider discussion.

Tue 25th November 2008

Auckland Woman tourtured and murdered baby

Filed under: General — Vman @ 4:11 pm

An Auckland woman has been sentenced to life imprisonment with minimum non parole period of 17 years for the murder of ten month old baby Jynia Te Awa.

Tiana Kapea, who was the child’s minder, has also been sentenced to three years jail on a cruelty charge – that is to be served concurrently with the life sentence. (more…)

Lesbian murderers not being separated in jail

Filed under: General — Vman @ 2:04 pm

Two young lesbian murderers are defying the wishes of a Supreme Court judge in Perth by spending recreational time in prison together, Attorney-General Christian Porter said yesterday.

In March, Judge Peter Blaxell sentenced 21-year-old Jessica Stasinowsky and 19-year-old Valerie Parashumti to life in prison for the wilful murder of teenager Stacey Mitchell.

Their friend of three days was bludgeoned to death and strangled with a chain before the two women kissed over her body and threw it into a wheelie-bin. (more…)

Mon 24th November 2008

Woman so obviously lying case is struck out

Filed under: General — Vman @ 4:52 pm

The case was struck out but (a) it should never have gone to trial in the first place and (b) what about perjury?

From http://www.abc.net.au/news/stories/2008/11/21/2426849.htm?section=sport

Rape charges against New Zealand Warriors NRL player Michael Crockett have been dismissed by a Sydney court.

Crockett, 25, fronted a committal hearing on Friday at Sydney’s Downing Centre Local Court on three sex charges.

The diminutive winger was accused of raping a 19-year-old woman whom he met at a nightclub during after-game celebrations in August last year. (more…)

Sun 23rd November 2008

Men and Domestic Violence

Filed under: Domestic Violence,Law & Courts — Julie @ 4:32 am

Hans made a good point in one of his comments stating that the Domestic Violence laws in New Zealand are biased against men.

Canada has a solid Men’s Movement and since the 80’s have tried to find fairness for fathers, men and boys as well as stop the bias and hatred feminism tries so hard to hold on to. But after all the years they found a way to gain care for male victims of DV. (more…)

Fri 21st November 2008

The Family Court’s weakest point.

Filed under: Law & Courts — Vman @ 5:28 pm

Many people don’t appear to realise how vulnerable the NZ Family Court is. The weakest point of the NZ Family Court is public confidence in it. Once the public confidence in the Family Court drops below a certain level the Family Court looses all power and authority. This is the greatest threat to the family court.

Public confidence in it is very low and weak yet there is a certain degree of implied confidence in it. New Zealanders are very law abiding in general. So newly separated fathers feel they have no realistic option other than to enguage in the Family Court process. Thus some commentators refer to it as the Family Caught.

Many men and fathers groups have tried for a great many years to bring about change to the Family Caught in NZ. Their frustration at the lack of progress is palitable. I can’t think of a peaceful approach that someone or some group have not tried. No matter what approach they take they are criticised. Usually this criticism is directed at them in the form of a personal attack. Yet for all this work and effort the outcomes for fathers and children appear to be little or no better. (more…)

Wed 19th November 2008

Nia Glassie’s siblings doing well with Dad

Filed under: Domestic Violence,Law & Courts — Vman @ 3:41 pm

Nia Glassie’s siblings are thriving in Tokoroa with their grandparents and father as their mother and others implicated in  their sister’s death face jail.

Lisa Kuka, 35, was found guilty of two charges of manslaughter in the High Court at Rotorua yesterday after a month-long trial that revealed shocking details of months of abuse that ended in  her three-year-old  daughter’s death.

Kuka’s partner, Wiremu Curtis, 19, and his brother Michael, 22, were both found guilty of murdering Nia. A cousin of Nia’s father, Glassie Glassie jnr, who asked not to be named, told the Waikato Times Nia’s three siblings from Kuka’s relationship with Mr Glassie, aged 12, 11 and 9, were thriving.

“The kids have an awesome relationship with their grand-parents, dad and the extended family,”   the cousin said. (more…)

Does the new government speak with forked tongue?

Filed under: Domestic Violence,General,Law & Courts — Vman @ 1:06 pm

I don’t know how to go about it but I think this is an opportunity to press for the state apparatus to support father involvement. Fatherless children are at risk children.

Tariana Turia states “Families need to stay strongly connected so that they are able pick up on any issues that arise.” So now is the time to ask her what she is going to do to combat the Family Court to stop their culture of creating barriers to separated fathers being connected with their children. (more…)

Mon 17th November 2008

Reactions of women compared to men.

Filed under: Law & Courts — Vman @ 6:23 pm

My story is pretty bad but so are many fathers.  One thing I learnt years ago is that there is always another father with an even worse experience than yours.  Mine is a bad one all the same.

When I tell people about my story with my ex, the family court and so on,  I find that women at least at first find it hard to believe, whereas men believe it.  Also I find that women are much more shocked that a mother could behave that way whereas men aren’t particularly surprised.  I find this observation holds up pretty consistently. I think it is says a lot about women and society.

My question to you fathers is: do you find a similar pattern to the reactions when you tell people about your situation/story?

Brisbane woman charged with torture

Filed under: Domestic Violence,Law & Courts — Vman @ 2:07 pm

Nov 16 2008

A Brisbane woman has been charged with torturing a two-year-old boy admitted to hospital with serious injuries.

Queensland Police charged the 29-year-old woman from Regents Park, in Brisbane’s south, with one count each of torture, cruelty to a child and two counts of assault occasioning bodily harm.

She was arrested after police were called to the Mater Children’s Hospital in Brisbane on Saturday to investigate injuries sustained by the toddler.

Police say the boy has been admitted to hospital and is undergoing treatment for serious injuries.

The woman will appear in the Beenleigh Magistrates Court on Monday.


Can you imagine a woman in New Zealand being charged and convicted of torture? Yet that is exactly what should happen in many cases.

Sat 15th November 2008

Crying Wolf – 60 minutes documentary

Filed under: Events — Julie @ 1:37 pm

For people who are falsely accused of rape, the extent goes much deeper than a bad reputation. Lost spouses, lost jobs — lives left in ruins.

But the damage doesn’t stop with them. There are people who are not receiving police attention because the valuable police resources are tied up with these false complaints. Genuine victims of sex crimes suffer because of the false claims made by others.

So just how many complaints are fake? On one side you have the politically correct feminists, saying almost none. On the other side you have the men’s groups, who say the majority are made up. Which is true?

Please note correction of date. It is the 17th not the 24th November.

Date and Time: Monday 24th November, 7:30pm

Video: Crying Wolf is available on the TV3 website here

Fri 14th November 2008

Men’s intuition good enough to be used as caught evidence!

Filed under: Child Support,Domestic Violence,General,Law & Courts,Sex Abuse / CYF — MurrayBacon @ 10:50 pm

It seems that men’s intuition is more than good enough, to be used in familycaught, as evidence?

Interestingly, scientific checking shows that women’s intuition is less sensitive and less accurate.

Men’s suspicious minds better at spotting infidelity

Suspicious dads spark surge in sales of DNA kits

Is this a bit of a turnaround from the familycaught’s “processing” of Domestic Violence complaints? where the familycaught accepts women’s intuition over men’s, even though at a macro level – the hospital admissions records totally puts the lie to the number of “protection orders” issued by these clowns!

Protection orders – the quantitative figures See #7, 10 and 17.

Anyway, I hope you can enjoy a laugh at these [judicial] clowns and not let them get under your skin, or waste your taxpayer dollars.

There is a catch of course, its not Political Clowning.

If we took it seriously and wanted to minimise the Government’s losses from refunding [spousal and] child support (without recovering it from most of the mothers), then we just need to sort it out correctly just after the birth. This is the cheapest and safest [and most honest!] approach, why don’t we just do it?

We have to face up to the leaky creaky condoms crisis, or it will cost us more in the long run. Its funny how the ripoff artists always want to bite the deep-pockets, who can’t run away. I always thought that you couldn’t get a woman pregnant, while you were looking the other way.

Ah, evidence – its such a complex subject that the average man on the street couldn’t hope to understand the finer points…. I would trust them more than a “clown in a gown”, lost and confused by sympathy and stupidity.

Cheers, MurrayBacon.

Thu 13th November 2008

Stratergy Conference Call

Filed under: Domestic Violence,General — Scrap_The_CSA @ 4:25 pm

If you are interested in joining a Skype Conference Call to discuss planning a thorough and complete stratergy to respond to the proposed on the spot protection orders please email jnicolle@paradise.net.nz

·        You need to have skype

·        You need to be committed to action


Alleged Gender Gap

Filed under: General — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 11:58 am

An organisation called the World Economic Forum has released a report on how much the world’s countries have closed the “gender gap”. New Zealand ranks fifth behind Iceland and the Nordic countries. Here is an excerpt from their web pages:

New Zealand (5) and Australia (21) continue to perform well in the rankings. Both countries have fully closed the gap on the educational attainment subindex and both perform well on economic participation indicators. Between 2007 and 2008, both countries show gains on economic participation, educational attainment and political empowerment. Sub-Saharan Africa
Lesotho (16) takes over the top spot in the region, holding once again the uppermost spots on health and education, while also showing improvements in economic participation and political empowerment. It is followed by Mozambique (18) as the only other African country in the top 20.

I note that the Radio NZ news item today suggested the report showed many countries were slowing their progress towards reducing the “gender gap”, but what I have seen of other descriptions and releases about the report did not give that impression at all. Our media seem to feed us the propaganda feminists love. (more…)

A request for Gender Equality

Filed under: General — Tigerseye @ 10:31 am

This is a draught of the letter to be sent to Mr Key, please read over it and comment about what changes, additions or subtractions you feel are necessary. A week from now I will circulate for signatory from men’s groups.

Dear Prime Minister John Key,

Congratulations on your appointment to Prime Minister of New Zealand, your success has certainly shown that New Zealand is wanting change. To wit I am writing to you on behalf of a number of Men’s groups around New Zealand regarding an ongoing concern on gender equality. (more…)

Wed 12th November 2008

Good luck

Filed under: General — UF @ 3:10 pm

I have taken a keen interest in family law and men’s issues. I worked with Judy to draft and get the DNA bill on the order paper, where it now languishes because United fell 0.3% short of getting Judy Turner back into Parliament. (more…)

Oh, Crap…

Filed under: General — Tigerseye @ 8:55 am

Original article…


It is also understood Key plans to relieve Judith Collins of the welfare portfolio and offer it to up-and-coming Waitakere MP and solo mother Paula Bennett.

Let’s hope she is not a bitter, anti-male solo mother.

Tue 11th November 2008

Paternity tests and child support in Australia

Filed under: General — Julie @ 11:16 pm

Paternity tests prove hundreds of men duped
EXCLUSIVE by Kelvin Bissett
November 11, 2008 12:00am

MOTHERS are having to pay back as much as $60,000 to men who were wrongly claimed to be the father following reform of child support laws in Australia.

More than 300 men have been cleared by DNA of being fathers. Documents obtained under Freedom of Information show orders for $171,567 to be returned have so far been made against the mothers.

Angry women’s groups said last night that it would be the children at the centre of the disputes who would suffer most if money were paid back.


Push for jail terms for theft of DNA
Leigh Dayton, Science writer | November 11, 2008

Men who suspect they are not the father of children can be jailed for two years if they steal hair or saliva for DNA testing, under legal changes being proposed by the Australian Labor Government.

Men’s Rights Agency co-director Sue Price said any decision to criminalise non-consensual genetic testing would be “well over the top”.

“I had hoped that this had died a normal death, but it seems there are still people looking to prevent DNA testing,” Ms Pryce said.

Liam Magill, who was awarded damages of $70,000 in 2001 after DNA paternity testing proved a family friend was the biological father of his two youngest children, agreed.

“The introduction of legislation that looked like this would be a total farce,” he said.


Today is Armistice Day

Filed under: General — Darryl Ward @ 10:15 am

Today is Armistice Day.

Ninety years ago today, on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month, 11.00 am on 11/11/18, hostilities ended in the First World War.

Although there was no formal peace treaty until the following year, the approximately eight million people who died have been remembered every year since with a two minute silence at 11.00 am on 11 November.

I am not suggesting that we can all observe this. The never ending ringing of the telephone alone would make it impossible for many of us.

However, if you do find yourself with a spare moment at 11.00 am, please do consider taking two minutes out for quiet reflection.

Mon 10th November 2008

Suicidal Blind Spot

Filed under: General — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 4:21 pm

Following on from my last post concerning a Suicide Prevention Interagency Steering Group that just happened to omit any men’s or fathers’ represetative, their meeting highlighted high rates of suicide by Maori men and talked about needing Maori male representation in the group. However, no mention was made that men in general commit suicide several times as often as women do and no mention was made of the need to have input from men’s representatives.

A similar blind spot was evident in Jim Anderton’s speech in releasing the 2005 suicide statistics. Yes, he did mention in passing that three men died from suicide for every one woman (actually, the ratio is 3.1 to 1), but then he specifically expressed concern only about “the suicide rates among Maori”. That rate was 1.5 Maori for every 1 non-Maori. Interesting isn’t it that the race disparity gets special concern even though it’s only half that of the gender disparity which attracts no special concern. Imagine though if the gender table were turned, if 3.1 women committed suicide for every one man. We would be drowned in tears of concern if that were the case, not to mention the tirade of rage about patriarchy and misogyny being responsible.

From Dept of Health statistics we see that in the period 2002 to 2004 the ratio of suicides for Maori men to Maori women was 3.4 to 1, while the ratio for non-Maori men to non-Maori women was 3.1 to 1. But nobody seems to care about non-Maori men. Nobody wants to notice.

Men are invisible and hated so much that Women’s groups call for Fathers Day to be called a “day of shame”. They celebrate male suicides. They care nothing about innocent men who are wrongfully imprisoned. They applaud female murderers of men and always seek to justify the murderer’s actions. They falsify statistics to portray men as badly as they can get away with. And most people continue to be beguiled by this, and the politicians continue to base their laws on it. Most men still unwittingly collude with the ideology that seeks to exploit and to damage them. I guess it will need to get a bit worse before men wake up. And worse it will get, you can be sure.

“Wake up, wake up, can’t you see what’s happening”

Who Are The Men’s and Fathers’ Spokesmen?

Filed under: General — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 3:32 pm

I became aware of a local sucide prevention initiative recently. The minutes of their last meeting showed that in attendance were representatives of Schizophrenia Fellowship, the local District Health Board, Pull for Humanity, CYF and two female “educators” from the government Suicide Prevention Project. Others who had been invited included Ministry of Education, Police, Primary Health Organisations, Alcohol and Drug services, the local District Council, several iwi-based Maori trusts, a Pacific Island Trust, a Regional Workplace Development organisation.

Notice the ommision? There are no representatives of men’s or fathers’ groups.

Whom would one invite if one wanted men’s and fathers’ input? Try a NZ Google search for “men’s group” and you will find pages of Essentially Men and Promise Keepers before coming across anything like Union of Fathers or MENZ. What can we do about ensuring that everyone knows where to go if they want a men’s or fathers’ representative?

Sun 9th November 2008

The CSA Files – update

Filed under: Child Support — Tigerseye @ 12:54 pm

Now the elections are over it is time, as Scrap has said, to start a proactive call to reform the CSA.  I have stood for a place in parliament but with very little time on my hands before polling day I was unable to get enough support to make that a reality.  But this is not the time to stop or even slow down. 

In the next 3 years we have the oppertunity to really make a change, to wit I am back to focus on the documentary called “The CSA Files”.  For further info in this doco please visit www.the-csa-files.webs.com

I am also looking to talk to anybody who would like to appear on camera with their story whether is be about the SCA or about the Family Court.

In the mean time, have a look at the teaser for the upcoming film “The CSA Files”.


On The Spot Protection Orders on the way

Filed under: General — Scrap_The_CSA @ 10:44 am

National’s policy is on the way.

Police will gain the power to issue on-the-spot protection orders to protect victims of domestic violence.

This type of policy sums up how National views men. Those who cast their vote for National, Act ,United Future and perhaps the Maori Party voted for this. 

Child Tax is in Judith Collins sights. Now an ex family court lawyer will be a key influencer of National polices on the matrix of family law.

The time for action is close at hand, we need to be proactive and force the reform of family law onto the agenda. The choice is ours.

I know what I will be doing and will post in the next couple of weeks. Meanwhile its off to start organising  a proactive call for reform of Child Tax Law . There a lot of work to be done and helping hands are welcome.



Fri 7th November 2008

Sweden is violating childrens rights to know father

Filed under: General — MurrayBacon @ 5:24 pm

From YouTube Sweden:

Why is it a crime to be a man?

Worth watching, as it seems to have a bit in common with NZ.
Cheers, MurrayBacon.

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