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Fri 13th June 2014

Feminist Extremists attack Men’s Conference

Filed under: General — Downunder @ 2:04 pm

The first international men’s conference has been labelled controversial as feminist extremists move to inflict maximum damage and disruption.

Threats against the Detroit hotel complex hosting the conference brought a prompt demand from the venue owners, for organisers, A Voice For Men (AVFM), to engage off duty police officers for security, adding considerable cost to the event – see our recent post Men’s Conference brings out the feminasties.

Detroit media have been following developments, with local independent news site Motorcity Muckraker reporting:

The inaugural conference at the DoubleTree has been canceled for unknown reasons, and organizers of the first International Conference on Men’s Issues haven’t said yet whether it will be moved to another hotel and conference center.

The blog has photos of a recent protest outside the proposed venue with protesters calling for a cancellation of the conference – details have emerged of a 3000 signature petition in support of the call for cancellation.

The blog is open for discussion.

In an update from The Detroit News:

A controversial conference on men’s rights that was to be held at a downtown Detroit hotel has been moved to a nearby VFW hall.

The Hilton Doubletree Guest Suites Fort Shelby on West Lafayette was to host the A Voice for Men’s International Conference on Men’s Issues on June 27-28. But instead, the conference will move to the VFW Post 1146 Walter F Bruce at 28404 Jefferson Ave.

In a response from AVFM Paul Elam had this to say:

The disingenuous and quite insane backlash against the International Conference on Men’s Issues has produced some interesting results. First, the onslaught of yellow journalism from places like Daily Kos and the Huffington Post has been unprecedented, even for those two myth-factories.

The other thing it has produced is a hell of a lot more interest in the conference, and more ticket sales. So much so, as a matter of fact, that we have opted to move to a venue that will seat more people and provide more security than was available previously.

There has certainly been a rapid development in the conflict surrounding the conference. Our best wishes to AVFM, as the conference looks to be an even bigger event at the new venue, although we understand there are question marks over some of the original presenters who have concerns for their personal safety.

17 Responses to “Feminist Extremists attack Men’s Conference”

  1. I am shocked and amazed at the blatant double standard, It is hilarious. I am going to do a video about this on http://www.redonkulas.com

  2. Downunder says:

    This is probably one of the funniest responses found here in this Huffington Post Article;

    Kelly Jackson, who is studying culture and gender at Wayne State University in Detroit, initially posted the petition. As of Thursday, it had more than 1,000 signatures.

    “As far as we’re concerned, it’s exactly like hosting any hate group,” Jackson told The Huffington Post. “Detroit has already been brought down to its knees by bankruptcy and corruption and hatred, so for the DoubleTree to host a hate group, it’s like they’re willing to bring Detroit all the way face-down in the mud.”

    OMG – this is worse than the Global Financial Crisis – Kelly waxed lurical from a wanning state university.

    Yes, Kelly is taking life seriously, just in case the International Men’s Conference should bring about the final destruction of Detroit.

    On a more serious note, I am sure the conference will, at some point, cover the well rounded and grounded education provided to students at our modern academic institutions.

  3. […] The evolving story of the feminist backlash against men who dared to confer without consent was discused in an earlier post Feminist Extremists attack Men’s Conference. […]

  4. Dumb dumb people thanks for promoting it even bigger and better. once again the other way around it would be the end of the world !

  5. […] you will be familiar with the previous posts Men’s Conference brings out the Faminasties, Feminist extremists attack Men’s Conference detailing threats of violence and a petition to stop the […]

  6. Kumar says:

    Check this video….


  7. Man X Norton says:

    Kumar (#6): The women singing this aren’t being facetious!

  8. jefhrm says:

    Interesting to see what has happened to R Harris More flood gates are now opened for so the so called allegations of mishandeled women ,;Lawyers all over the world will be rubbing their hands together!

  9. Kumar says:

    Dad looses the child….was it in the best interest of the child??? Was he a bad dad?


  10. Allan Harvey says:

    There are never any winners in relocation cases. A child this age the decision basically means Court has (probably reluctantly) that mum is to be parent and dad is to be lost over a (research shows short) period of time.

  11. Frank Lee says:

    A bunch of dead beat dads trying to get out of paying child support. One of the speakers Terrence Popp is an infamous woman hater that supports prostitution. Just a group of cry babies.

  12. The man in Absentia says:

    #11 Frank Lee
    “A bunch of dead beat dads trying to get out of paying child support. One of the speakers Terrence Popp is an infamous woman hater that supports prostitution. Just a group of cry babies.”

    Clearly Frank needs education in the realities of this world.
    Sitting on some moral high ground Frank?
    Did you notice that you just practiced FREE SPEACH, but implied they shouldn’t.
    Have a go at proving my statements are false Frank.
    Don’t just blankly criticise, express your knowledge and intellect for all to see.
    I’ll be waiting Frank.
    You judged me but everything you implied of me is false.
    Wait for the week prior to the election Frank.
    I,ll be knocking you and others of a perch you never knew you were on.

  13. OMG! You're *(&^*$^&* says:

    Frank Lee = Troll.
    by the way, anyone criticising someone in NZ who “Supports prostitution” is themselves on thin ice. Prostitution is fully legal in this country. People are fully free to support it (whether or not they pay or provide). They break no law. Don’t support it? Fine. Don’t use it. But you have no grounds whatsoever for criticising those that do “support” it. Each to their own (within the law).

  14. MurrayBacon says:

    Dear Franketta, I too am a troll, I recently discivered. Nuffink wrong with living under a motorway bridge, due to poverty of wealth and mental health? Why be proud?

    I see you practice Free Speech, sorry I meant Worthless Speech.

    You throw out crooked challenges, so I hope you can rise to the challenges above? From your vitriol, I would guess that your arousal points down, or is crooked or just doesn’t work?

    Are you much in the supporting child stakes that you wave around with such glee? Or are you made up as a taker, rather than a giver?

    Full marks for the most barbaras in the least words! Maybe you are missing out on caring for children too?

    You just sound like Frankenstein. MurrayBacon – boring axe murderer.

  15. MurrayBacon says:

    A fool can’t learn from a wise man, but a wise man can learn from a fool…….

    So, what is fiend Sergeant First “Lass Franketta telling us? Listen to Terrence Popp!

    Download Terrence S M Popp Second Class Citizen
    About Terrence Popp: An Old Man’s Perspective By Douglas

    I didn’t really understand it, but I spent quite a bit of time trying to get the hang of it. It was really worth it. It was all a bit above me, but a Stein of beer really helped.

    Nice media lessons, from a very hard space.

    Thanks again, Frankie.

  16. MurrayBacon says:

    Frankie was right! DEADBEAT DAD DILEMMA – Redonkulas.com Thank you, Frankistein.

  17. MurrayBacon says:

    Now that the beer has worn off, I see that Frankie was right – Terrence Popp’s ideas are shit, funny shit. If you are like me and the novelty of living under motorway bridges is fast wearing off, on these cold nights, you might need some funny shit? Its worth watching just for the spelling misstakes. There is light at the end of the funnel.

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