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Fri 31st March 2017

Women’s rights have morphed into denigrating men

Filed under: Gender Politics,General — Miles 64 @ 8:59 pm

There is nothing wrong in advocating for women’s rights- but when this morphs into denigrating men we need to speak out. Various newspapers print anti-male articles on a very regular basis. Unsubstantiated stories citing domestic abuse by men against women are common-never once have I seen an article of the reciprocal situation. There is evidence to suggest that female against male violence is just as prevalent.

Recently we have read of 2 schoolboys who posted ill-advised comments on social media. This appeared to be the catalyst for a quite strong reaction. Cries of a ‘rape culture’ and a march to parliament by female students ensued.

In the last few days a man wrongfully imprisoned for sexual assault has been denied any compensation. The State made a clear, unequivocal error, yet will not acknowledge it and will not make any reparations-financial or otherwise.

“There was no avenue for compensation for Ferguson – in contrast to complainants, who could access counselling and ACC”

This is a blatant travesty of justice-here is a man whose life has been almost ruined by a system that assigns guilt without evidence.

We are a democratic nation that prides itself in speaking out against obvious exploitation and the plundering of human rights. We were the the first country to give women the vote, the first Western country to say no to US nuclear warships, the first to elicit international attention protesting against apartheid.

The decision not to compensate is illustrative of another, more subtle, erosion of Human rights. The rights of men to go about their business and to live normal lives without fear of being vilified and labelled as dangerous or predatory.

Thu 30th March 2017

Another poor bloke…..

Filed under: General,Law & Courts,Sex Abuse / CYF — pcObelix @ 7:14 am

Months in Jail

I made it all up because I was having a hard time at home.

I don’t think I could be as calm as this poor bloke seems to be

Sun 26th March 2017

2017 Men’s Summit April 6th, New Venue

Filed under: General — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 9:30 pm

2nd Men’s Summit
Male Wellbeing and Gender Equality
Thursday 6th April 2017
The Bunker Lounge, Miramar Links Conference Centre, across the road from Wellington Airport.
• 9.00am Welcome, Facilitator Kerry Bevin, Ministry of Men’s Affairs.

• 9.15am- Bruce Tichbon, Families Apart Require Equality

• 9.45am- TBA
• 10.15am- Warwick Pudney, AUT Fathering
• 10:45am MORNING TEA
• 11:00 Dr Muriel Newman, NZCPR Shared Parenting
• 11:40 Hans Laven, Psychologist – Male Suicide
• 12:20am Greg Newbold, Canterbury University, Feminism and Rape Law
• 1:00pm LUNCH
• 2:00pm Promotional, Poster and Networking Opp. – Men’s Groups, Charities, Social Services – Personal Introductions
• 3:15pm Plenary Session, Summit Statement
• 3:45 Replies from Members of Parliament, Officials , NGOs
• 4:30pm Thanks – Kerry Bevin
• 4.45pm Putting Practice

(You could say “Told You So”….)

Media Release
Ministry of Men’s Affairs
27 March 2017

In early March, Kelvin Davis, Labour, pulled out of hosting the 2nd Men’s Summit scheduled for the Grand Hall, Parliament. As organisers began approaching other Members of Parliament to host the event, the Speaker withdrew permission for the organisers to use the Grand Hall.
Gender politics can be a “hot potato” for politicians. The welfare of the male half of the population, their female friends and children can no longer be side-lined by political ignorance.
A suitable venue has been set for the same day, Thursday 6 April, at the Miramar Links Conference Centre, just across the road from Wellington Airport. The Men’s Summit will go ahead as planned. The event is FREE, but there is no free lunch. Morning, Afternoon Tea and Lunch will cost $40.00 per person, payable on arrival.
The Ministry of Men’s Affairs, a community group because successive governments have neglected the voice and welfare of New Zealand men and boys, is pleased to raise awareness and commitment to ‘Male Wellbeing and Gender Equality’, says spokesman Kerry Bevin.
The Ministry of Men’s Affairs notes that under ‘affirmative action’ for women the Ministry for Women has received well over $100 million over twenty years. No Ministry for Men is mooted. However, David Seymour, ACT, agrees one is needed.
According to Mr Bevin, growing concerns about male suicide, male rape, domestic violence, prostate cancer, work safety, media denigration, employment equity, matrimonial property, male teacher shortages, under achievement by boys, judicial activism, legal bias, discriminatory sentencing, father alienation, punitive Child Support and inter-generational harm.
Military under-resourcing emasculates our capability in deadly missions.
The disengagement of men in society is well explained in Helen Smith’s “Men on Strike”
“It is too easy to point the misogynist bone at males or dismiss the damage feminism does.”
“Is there an MP in the House who is NOT apologetic about being a man?” Mr Bevin asked.
Make welfare has become a priority, an Everest, to be knocked off,
“Time to vote pro-male,” he said.
Further Information: Kerry Bevin 021 269 8353.

Fri 24th March 2017

What We Can Learn From Adele’s Popularity

Filed under: General — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 7:40 am

The heartfelt response to Adele’s songs by so many young people, especially young women, teaches us things. They are songs of love, heartbreak and yearning. After a period in which popular music became harsh, violent, frenetic, disrespectful and unmelodic, youth now revert to being much more deeply moved by slow, musical songs about relationships, emotional security and fantasized happiness. Despite the efforts of feminists to turn young women against men, despite the efforts of our laws to encourage women to avoid or to break up marriages and to not be dependent on men or marriage, the deep yearning of women and men remains romantic. Humans are a social, bonding species needing each other for survival, and the genetic forces will always outweigh political fashions and foolishness. Many of the young people overwhelmed with emotion at Adele’s concerts have experienced the trauma and harm of family break up during their childhood, and their tears and screams to some extent are expressing their pain.

Unfortunately, the MGTOW movement will never progress far because it goes against our genetic program.

Instead of wrecking committed relationships and families we would like to see laws, policies and financial assistance designed to protect the integrity of families and to support stable relationships, mutual gender respect and resolution of relationship problems. Increasing a nation’s economic wealth won’t bring a society significantly more happiness, but increasing the stability of families will.

Tue 21st March 2017

Judge slams Child, Youth and Family for misleading information

Filed under: Domestic Violence,Law & Courts — pcObelix @ 7:10 am

Just posted on stuff. Where are the politicos and concerned people that would be up in arms if this happened to a mother…..

Judge slams Child, Youth and Family

Mon 20th March 2017

Change of schools

Filed under: General — Pritchards @ 11:59 am

Hi all
with shared custody of a child do you have to get agreement before changing school (primary school?

many thanks!

Sat 18th March 2017

Women Only Time at a Public Pool

Filed under: General — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 4:46 pm

At the same time that every men’s only club is harangued, threatened and denied funding unless and until it allows women to become members, numerous women’s only groups are operating and more are being created. Here is another example, this time using an Auckland Council owned (i.e. publicly owned and paid for by men and women) swimming pool admitting only women for 2 prime hours per week. The female centre manager Sarah Clarke justified this by saying “It isn’t wrong to ask for public facilities to be responsive to the needs of the community”. She hopes to expand this service. (more…)

Fri 17th March 2017

This is what Labour MP thinks of a man’s rights

Filed under: General — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 1:18 pm

Stuart Nash who is a Labour MP and their police spokesperson, yesterday encouraged other inmates to SCALP Phillip John Smith, claiming Smith has no rights because he offended.

Would Nash ever say such things regarding for female offenders who committed crimes as bad or worse than Phillip Smith did? Of course not. (more…)

Thu 16th March 2017

Who dies first, husband or wife??

Filed under: General — triassic @ 9:22 pm

If death is the result of the collapse of the human anatomy then the surviving gender in a relationship must have had a pretty good life one would think. So which gender has it best?? Let Alan King reveal the facts.

Tue 14th March 2017

Calling out abuse and seeking to resolve conflict

Filed under: General — WayneBurrows @ 10:00 am

This is a warning to the lengths that police are willing to go to prosecute a man (me). I am not sure how much I should say as the matter is before the court. However I will just state the reasons that I was arrested on Friday which I think many will find concerning.

I was arrested for Criminal Harassment based on a chance meeting with a person that I am in dispute with. I called her “an abusive liar”. The charging document says “HARASSED *********** BY CALLING OUT TO HER …”.

Similarly there is a second charging document that claims “HARASSED ********** BY SENDING NUMEROUS UNSOLICITED EMAILS …”

All except one of the emails were in dialogue with the other party’s lawyer and copied to the other party. That first email included a letter that began

I am writing because I do not think it is too late to resolve our differences amicably.

and concluded with

I hope that you can find a way to deal with these issues with me in an amicable way and that you can take some real responsibility for how you have treated me.

Essentially it seems that the police believe that calling a woman out on her bad behaviour and asking for a resolution is harassment.

Be warned.

Assaults and Detention at Wellington District Court

Filed under: General — WayneBurrows @ 9:42 am

This is the first of two posts I am going to make here about my recent experiences. I would be interested in hearing from any others who have had any similar experiences with court staff.

Here is a letter that I have written to Amy Adams and Paula Bennett about how court staff treat people. I have included two incidents that occurred to me. I still have multiple bruises especially on my left arm from the assault last Friday. As yet although I have complained to police I have heard nothing back from them. In fact the way I was treated by police was in my view appalling. I went to Wellington Police Station to make a complaint. The woman at the desk was helpful but said they were very busy and there might be a wait before I could talk with an officer. I waited for two and a quarter hours before the officer in charge saw me. He said to me that they were not going to take a complaint from me on Friday night about security officers as they were too busy. I said that I would wait. He then told me to leave the police station and threatened to arrest me for trespass.

Tēnā kōrua Ministers Adams and Bennett,

I am writing concerning the operations of our courts in New Zealand. My particular experience has been with the Wellington District Court and I will describe two incidents of particular concern. However the purpose of this letter is not to get answers to those cases but to raise the awareness of a general problem that I perceive with the day to day operation of the courts and the disregard for the law and the human rights of people attending the courts. Obviously this matter concerns Minister Adams as the Minister for the Courts and the Minister of Justice but I believe it also is relevant to Minister Bennett as Minister of Police as it is the police who will respond to any complaints regarding law breaking.

Firstly by way of anecdote let me describe what happened to me on 16 May 2016 and 10 March 2017 where I believe Ministry of Justice and Court staff went well beyond the law in dealing with me.
On 16 May 2016 after a hearing, I was told to wait in the courtroom by the Court Security Officer. He would not let me leave when I asked despite telling me that I was not being detained. Essentially he held me by intimidation. He imposed his physical presence to prevent me accessing the door of the courtroom. After I left when I was asking him his name he struck me in the chest.

On 10 March 2017 towards the end of a hearing when I was talking to the judge with the judge’s permission a Court Security Officer came and started pushing me and telling me I had to leave. The judge refused to do anything about him interrupting me in this manner. Another Court Security Officer was summoned and they attempted to forcibly remove me from the courtroom. Even after I agreed to leave and went to pick up my bag one of the Court Security Officers walked toward me in a threatening manner denying me the right to pick up my bags.

Court Security Officers work under the Courts Security Act. That act gives them limited powers to detain people and to use reasonable force. Those powers are limited to when a CSO is asking for identification, searching, seizing a restricted item and believes certain specified offences have been committed etc. In particular they do not cover the movement of individuals in and out of courtrooms unless one of the provisions in the Courts Security Act have been met.

I submit that whenever the Court Security Officers force a person to move for reasons not explicitly covered in the Courts Security Act, to a certain place or from a certain place by either physical force or intimidation they are therefore not covered by the CSA and should be subject to the laws of the land.

In particular the Crimes Act defines assault as:
“assault means the act of intentionally applying or attempting to apply force to the person of another, directly or indirectly, or threatening by any act or gesture to apply such force to the person of another, if the person making the threat has, or causes the other to believe on reasonable grounds that he or she has, present ability to effect his or her purpose; and to assault has a corresponding meaning”

That is every time a CSO uses physical force for something other than a specific power in the CSA then that officer is committing an assault. Moreover even when a CSO acts or gestures to apply force as by deliberately walking into another person’s path then that CSO is committing an assault.
My experience is that CSOs are willing to break the law repeatedly in these manners and that the police are unwilling to do anything about the improper and unlawful use of force and intimidation by CSOs.

Perhaps more serious is the holding of persons in a courtroom. This is detaining a person. The Crimes Act defines it like this:

“Every one is liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding 14 years who unlawfully takes away or detains a person without his or her consent or with his or her consent obtained by fraud or duress,—

(b) with intent to cause him or her to be confined or imprisoned; or

My experience is that CSOs are willing to so detain a person in collusion with other court staff.
Not only is this a crime under the Crimes Act it is also an imposition on rights conferred by the New Zealand Bill of Rights, rights such as freedom of movement.

I submit that there should be an investigation of the practices of court staff and Ministry of Justice staff with regard to the extent of assaults not protected by the CSA and unlawful detentions. This investigation should be extended to police and how often they do not treat seriously assaults and detentions by court staff and Ministry of Justice Staff.

As a civilised society we should not be treating people in these demeaning ways.

Ngā mihi

Wayne Burrows

Wed 8th March 2017

Male Supportive Group in Upper Hutt

Filed under: General — rivercurrents @ 3:39 pm

I’ve been facilitating groups in Wairarapa for over a year. We currently have a fortnightly Thursday group in Featherston 7-9pm (contact me if interested). I’m now organizing a regular Tuesday evening group in Upper Hutt.

This group isn’t men only – I try to get a roughly even gender balance. It’s a format that men (and women – I’m not interested in replacing one story with another) can relax and be themselves, speak their world, not feel they have to tread on eggshells in order to uphold any politically expedient or virtue signalling divisive narrative.

Many men – myself included – appreciate a chance to be around others and be supported in not having to dial back their Here and Now experience. Not be coerced into a phony sycophantic version of themselves so curtailed and edited as to eliminate the possibility of any genuine human contact.

Exploring what it is like to remove the veil and deliberately get comfortable with yourself – including those aspects that some might deem masculine – around a mixed group of adults is profoundly transformative for a lot of men.

And you get to do it your way. You don’t have to hold hands in a circle, light candles or sniff incense. There’s no dreamy music playing in the background. We will meet in a comfortable yet unpretentious scout den.

What interests me is truth and the experience of humans opening up to it. Sometimes it’s heated, sometimes it’s contemplative, sometimes it’s amusing, sometimes emotional. But it’s always exciting and alive and connecting. And the two hours fly by before you know it.

I liken the groups to ‘They Live’ sunglasses because we have been so well trained to believe that honest connection is an impossible pipe-dream; experiencing it is seeing this deception.

For some, encountering first-hand the fact that men are not the evil oppressors we have been led down the garden path to believe – or simply seeing how much of the world many men carry on their shoulders – is like removing the blinkers that blind, divide, provoke, and destroy. It’s liberating and unifying for all concerned.

Seeing that the ways we have been separated and vilified against one another according to banal ‘identity’ groups (based on sex, skin colour, sexuality etc) are not in fact human behavioral rules written in the stars like immutable axiomatic natural laws. That in fact we do have an inbuilt capacity to Relate in small groups without pretense or burden or having to pay homage to the lies that we have to uphold loyalty or disloyalty, guilt or impunity according to where some bureaucrat has categorized us.

Relational groups are the antidote to divisive identity politics!

Let me know your interest via email relationalwai (at) gmail dot com or sign up to the facebook event.

Look forward to meeting you!


If we have another 5 confirmed via email before the weekend we will meet at Akatarawa Scout Den, Hoggard Park, 40 Black Beech St, Birchville, Upper Hutt 7pm Tuesday 14th March.



Tue 7th March 2017

More BS on the Gender Pay Gap

Filed under: Gender Politics,Gender Wage Gap,General — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 10:39 pm

The following complaint to Radio NZ made by one of our members provides an explanation of this latest fiasco in the name of false feminist propaganda. The relevant broadcasts were in news bulletins at midday, 1:00pm and 6:00pm and the Checkpoint programme, all on Tuesday 7th March. The relevant sources are this article on the Ministry for Women’s site, and this information on the the NZ Income Survey 2015.

The Complaint, more or less: (more…)

Thu 2nd March 2017

Should a child be informed of a custody battle?

Filed under: General — Pritchards @ 6:21 pm

Hi again

Appreciate your views again here

Should the child be informed or not?

many thanks

Should a stepfather be responsible for costs of contact

Filed under: General — Pritchards @ 5:02 pm

Appreciate your views here, as legally the poor old step dad is right royally rogered

If the mother has no income, the stepfather has enough income to look after the step child and 2 biological children, then should he have to contribute to travel costs to ensure contact between his step child and the biological father?

Both from alegal and moral perspective, I am interested in your views (yes, even you jerry).

many thanks!

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