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Mon 3rd July 2017

Paula Bennett the Victim of Preposterous Allegations

Filed under: General — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 7:52 pm

A guy called Ashley Farrell claims he was a child when he shared company with Paula Bennett and he experienced her doing things that may have been illegal, while he also claims to have been aware of other things she was doing at the time that may have been illegal in her capacity as a beneficiary. We can’t risk repeating the allegations here because of threats made by Bennett, her lawyers and retired Judge Dr David Harvey (Director of the New Zealand Centre for ICT Law) about stuff like defamation, harassment and the Harmful Digital Communications Act.

We were able to read the allegations here but we believe they have been taken down. We may have committed a serious offence by reading the allegations so we would discourage anyone from trying to do so.

Some might say that Ashley Farrell was unwise to make his allegations in such a public way instead of making a complaint to police and informing the authorities about the other offending. However, we don’t know if he ever tried to do so. We all know how police often treat men who make allegations against women. It ranges from refusing to take the complaint or refusing to take it further, to charging the man with some offence instead. And when that woman is the deputy prime minister…

Ashley Farrell’s allegations are simply preposterous. It’s totally unacceptable ever to question the honour of any woman. Any man who makes allegations about a woman should be imprisoned and put to death, without trial.

2 Responses to “Paula Bennett the Victim of Preposterous Allegations”

  1. hornet says:

    Bennet is entitled to the presumption of innocence until proven guilty.

    I think we can all sympathise as to WHY, this man did not go to the NZ Police.

    My own direct experience with Family court crimes committed by lawyers and mothers who Alienate their kids from fathers, is that the NZ Police WILL NOT prosecute either.

    What is disturbing to ALL of us in NZ, is that we are seeing the Police applying the LAW differently to some, as opposed to others.
    Two recent cases in point – Police refusal to prosecute BANKS, so a private citizen had to take a private prosecution to get this matter before a court and secondly and more recently the BARCLAY case, where there was GOOD CAUSE TO SUSPECT, an offence punishable by IMPRISONMENT had taken place, there was a credible VICTIM, there was a Supposedly Credible WITNESS, and there were FALSE EXCULPATORY STATEMENTS made publicly that were proven to be FALSE – which is better evidence than an admission – and shows CONSCIOUSNESS OF GUILT.

    So the Police B/S about having to consult legal section and seek approval to prosecute delaying action for over 10 months – is all smoke and mirrors to deliberately delay the ARREST – which they have the power to do under Section 315 of the Crimes act 1961. And which should have been made IMMEDIATELY had the Police been applying the LAW equally to ALL.

    Of Course if Bennet wants this to all go away, she should reply to this man on her sworn oath, make a statement on oath – or make a statement to the house under oath, that none of this happened, and then we can all move on.

    Another point I will throw in here just for debate, is ENTRAPMENT – LEVERAGE and MANIPULATION of people with a dubious past – if someone does have skeletons in their closet – what protections do the public have if these mattes are being used to leverage a person in power to do something against their free will – against their conscience?


    lastly – Parental alienation is the same as the taking of Children during colonisation – its a way to force compliance on people. Take their kids and hold them to ransom. The new VULNERABLE CHILDRENS BILL seeks to legalise the STEALING of KIDS from parents by the STATE – all under the guise of Safety – with NO Rights to Due process to get them back ………….You ALL Need to write to your ministers to vote against this bill.

    parental alienation of fathers from their kids, which we have ALL Suffered from, is a form of CONTROL. Its designed to Destroy you, impoverish you, and hopefully send you to an early exit.

    Ministry of mens affairs – please take this up. Maori people have experienced this horror first hand. Now govt have simply found a way to do it legally through the manipulation of lawyers for child in the family courts……..and under the new Vulnerble children Bill – they have removed the last hurdle – a right to due process – breaches of Rights to Due Process by this government were directly my complaints – a total refusal of the state to adhere to this LEGAL and LAWFUL requirement.

    Taking kids from parents – and fathers in particular CREATES MORE VULNERABLE CHILDREN. for the state and its current corruption – to make profit from.

    The World is changing, these archaic forms of Governance using FEAR and INTIMIDATION are going to also change as society evolves in a better direction.

    The TRUTH will OUT.

  2. hornet says:

    I had indirect threats made to me – as to what rights I had if CYFS took my kids under this new Bill – NONE.

    Bullies prey on the weak, they prey on the most vulnerable – they use fear and intimidation to force their will on others – and currently they are preying on our Children being the most vulnerable of all.

    We have government system which is currently profiting from the harm caused to children – which they are directly facilitating.

    Parental Alienation is a CRIME.

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