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Paula Bennett the Victim of Preposterous Allegations

Filed under: General — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 7:52 pm Mon 3rd July 2017

A guy called Ashley Farrell claims he was a child when he shared company with Paula Bennett and he experienced her doing things that may have been illegal, while he also claims to have been aware of other things she was doing at the time that may have been illegal in her capacity as a beneficiary. We can’t risk repeating the allegations here because of threats made by Bennett, her lawyers and retired Judge Dr David Harvey (Director of the New Zealand Centre for ICT Law) about stuff like defamation, harassment and the Harmful Digital Communications Act.

We were able to read the allegations here but we believe they have been taken down. We may have committed a serious offence by reading the allegations so we would discourage anyone from trying to do so.

Some might say that Ashley Farrell was unwise to make his allegations in such a public way instead of making a complaint to police and informing the authorities about the other offending. However, we don’t know if he ever tried to do so. We all know how police often treat men who make allegations against women. It ranges from refusing to take the complaint or refusing to take it further, to charging the man with some offence instead. And when that woman is the deputy prime minister…

Ashley Farrell’s allegations are simply preposterous. It’s totally unacceptable ever to question the honour of any woman. Any man who makes allegations about a woman should be imprisoned and put to death, without trial.


  1. Bennet is entitled to the presumption of innocence until proven guilty.

    I think we can all sympathise as to WHY, this man did not go to the NZ Police.

    My own direct experience with Family court crimes committed by lawyers and mothers who Alienate their kids from fathers, is that the NZ Police WILL NOT prosecute either.

    What is disturbing to ALL of us in NZ, is that we are seeing the Police applying the LAW differently to some, as opposed to others.
    Two recent cases in point – Police refusal to prosecute BANKS, so a private citizen had to take a private prosecution to get this matter before a court and secondly and more recently the BARCLAY case, where there was GOOD CAUSE TO SUSPECT, an offence punishable by IMPRISONMENT had taken place, there was a credible VICTIM, there was a Supposedly Credible WITNESS, and there were FALSE EXCULPATORY STATEMENTS made publicly that were proven to be FALSE – which is better evidence than an admission – and shows CONSCIOUSNESS OF GUILT.

    So the Police B/S about having to consult legal section and seek approval to prosecute delaying action for over 10 months – is all smoke and mirrors to deliberately delay the ARREST – which they have the power to do under Section 315 of the Crimes act 1961. And which should have been made IMMEDIATELY had the Police been applying the LAW equally to ALL.

    Of Course if Bennet wants this to all go away, she should reply to this man on her sworn oath, make a statement on oath – or make a statement to the house under oath, that none of this happened, and then we can all move on.

    Another point I will throw in here just for debate, is ENTRAPMENT – LEVERAGE and MANIPULATION of people with a dubious past – if someone does have skeletons in their closet – what protections do the public have if these mattes are being used to leverage a person in power to do something against their free will – against their conscience?


    lastly – Parental alienation is the same as the taking of Children during colonisation – its a way to force compliance on people. Take their kids and hold them to ransom. The new VULNERABLE CHILDRENS BILL seeks to legalise the STEALING of KIDS from parents by the STATE – all under the guise of Safety – with NO Rights to Due process to get them back ………….You ALL Need to write to your ministers to vote against this bill.

    parental alienation of fathers from their kids, which we have ALL Suffered from, is a form of CONTROL. Its designed to Destroy you, impoverish you, and hopefully send you to an early exit.

    Ministry of mens affairs – please take this up. Maori people have experienced this horror first hand. Now govt have simply found a way to do it legally through the manipulation of lawyers for child in the family courts……..and under the new Vulnerble children Bill – they have removed the last hurdle – a right to due process – breaches of Rights to Due Process by this government were directly my complaints – a total refusal of the state to adhere to this LEGAL and LAWFUL requirement.

    Taking kids from parents – and fathers in particular CREATES MORE VULNERABLE CHILDREN. for the state and its current corruption – to make profit from.

    The World is changing, these archaic forms of Governance using FEAR and INTIMIDATION are going to also change as society evolves in a better direction.

    The TRUTH will OUT.

    Comment by hornet — Tue 4th July 2017 @ 9:34 am

  2. I had indirect threats made to me – as to what rights I had if CYFS took my kids under this new Bill – NONE.

    Bullies prey on the weak, they prey on the most vulnerable – they use fear and intimidation to force their will on others – and currently they are preying on our Children being the most vulnerable of all.

    We have government system which is currently profiting from the harm caused to children – which they are directly facilitating.

    Parental Alienation is a CRIME.

    Comment by hornet — Tue 4th July 2017 @ 9:47 am

    Sorry but she is a guilty as sin! just like [name removed by Mod] raped his daughter [name removed by Mod] and she was called crazy and dismissed but I know that she told the truth! So you all go fuck yourselves!

    Comment by Kane Williams — Wed 26th July 2017 @ 5:17 pm

  4. #3 Kane
    I have heard many allegations made against many politicians and while your example is the reality of many allegations in that they are true (I’m assuming you watched while the offence took place if you know it to be true) but we should protect the principle of innocent until proven guilty.
    Politicians like most people have skeletons in the closet and those skeletons are why many people far more potentially competent than the ones we have don’t enter politics.
    They can also become targets of accusations by people who may be a little unhinged but wish to simply damage that persons reputation or exaggerate on one of those skeletons exponentially out of proportion.
    Can you imagine the difficulty a policeman would have in trying to ascertain what the truth is let alone contemplating getting a jury to establish beyond reasonable doubt.
    That doesn’t of course excuse the police for not investigating an allegation to the same standard of an identicle allegation made against a normal citizen.
    When that happens then we have corruption.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Wed 26th July 2017 @ 7:32 pm

  5. Very disturbing ….as discussed in the interview ….same problems…… Back to ak hospital and their treatment of patients…….

    .lack of food – nutrition, lack of water – dehydration – lack of care self harm allowed with bed falls….lack of sleep and no happiness…….super heated room

    .so if we look at the high rate of suicide and mentail health concerns in Nz …. Suicide victims usually always suffer from lack of hydration lack of nutrition, lack of sleep and are not happy…..see some similarities here ……

    Our hospital did not provide the very basics of life to a stroke victim… food, no water, a super heated room which increased dehydration, and did not provide a safe environment allowing harm and distress to the patient.

    Now interestingly a close family friend who caught some people spreading untruths…and lying have now been banned from visiting …….

    They now have mum on a super exercise program effectively exhausting Her…..and surprise surprise she is so tired afterwards – exhausted she can not speak with family…….because she is asleep……..which all plays into the need to somehow show my mum can not communicate at all…….which is a total,LiE…….

    Comment by Hornet — Thu 27th July 2017 @ 6:50 pm

  6. Hornet.
    Keep up the good work in protecting your mother.
    Have some faith in the medical system trying to do the best for your mother as the exercise is about rehabilitation. Clearly there is some disturbing questions to be answered. Sometimes doctors have to be cruel to be kind, eg stop eating 3 bags of chips and 5 litres of coke a day, you are fat. No fat is not attractive or healthy etc. Also 100% perfect treatment is impossible and you may just have got a hospital ward performing well below par, if not one at a negligent level. Again keep up the good work protecting your mother.
    Once your mother has recovered and got some of her independence back watch out.
    As we all know.
    Hell has no fury like a women scorned.

    Also you can apply for power of attorney too.
    If that is what’s required to protect her interests from a predatory family member.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Thu 27th July 2017 @ 8:46 pm

  7. #3 Kane Williams: You appear to have missed the sarcasm in this post, in a circumstance where any publication of these allegations was being prosecuted by this wealthy lady’s legal team.

    Regardless, it’s unnecessary and stupid to become verbally aggressive just because someone may have seemed to express an opinion you disagree with, regardless of the fact that you misunderstood that opinion.

    Comment by Ministry of Men's Affairs — Fri 28th July 2017 @ 8:16 am

  8. IM ashley farrell and the allegations are all true. The independent investigator that did the investigation Tony Wall proved my story,Your post on this site is a blatant cover up. She changed her story three time in one week mine has been the same for years.
    here is how she changed her story…….
    1. First she denied knowing me , which is a blatant lie Paula was my Mothers best mate for a long time.
    2 she came out and said that was 30 years ago and she remembers it differently.

    3 when asked on national tv she said she used to hang with the wrong group of people in hawkes bay.After saying she never was in any Tattoo club.Her current husband Allan helped start whilst with her in the 80s and 90s

    How come tony wall was threatened with legal and civil action if he released any of the documents he found through tenancy services , social welfare and eye witnesses from her past who gave tony photos and financial records with her name and signature on?

    Not once has Bennetts legal team has made any contact and not once have I received a cease and desist order, or have I received any harassment order from any government department her allegations are lie through and through.
    If it was illegal to read then every single kiwi needs be arrested and her lawyers and her should be to.Including you the publishers of this site.
    First of all I own the letter its my personal property as it was signed by a jp before release to the public. So once again your assumption of the situation is wrong.
    May i suggest next time you ask me as I can legally charge you the publisher with theft of intellectual property which makes me in the position of having all legal advantages.
    Thank you
    ashley bernard farrell

    Comment by Ashley farrell — Sat 29th July 2017 @ 8:18 pm

  9. Thanks Ashley for communicating here. We apologize that our sarcasm was unclear and gave the wrong impression. It’s unlikely anyone here would really claim such things as “Any man who makes allegations about a woman should be imprisoned and put to death, without trial”.

    We know how ready our officials are to rescue women and to cover up their wrongdoing.

    We support you telling the truth and believe it should stimulate thought and discussion as well as the same consequences a male would receive.

    We suspect that your disclosures contributed to Metiria Turei’s decision to confess her benefit fraud. She was afraid someone would disclose her offending so she figured it was better to come from her and perhaps she could get some political mileage out of it by playing the female victim role (it seldom fails). Yeah, she felt she needed more money but that’s what burglars feel too. Her confession and the degree to which many people seek to overlook or to justify her offending highlight the creep of women’s sense of entitlement to special treatment. Now, normal laws applying to men apparently shouldn’t be expected to apply to women. If a woman hasn’t been given as much as she wants then she should be entitled to behave as badly as she chooses to, and those who didn’t give her as much as she wanted should be blamed. Well, many men have already learned the hard way about that attitude.

    Comment by Ministry of Men's Affairs — Sun 30th July 2017 @ 1:14 am

  10. And the DPB is sacrosanct – it’s the path to success and glory for the oppressed female.

    But you can see what happens when you promote people beyond their capabilities.

    Comment by Downunder — Sun 30th July 2017 @ 10:17 am

  11. To Hornet.
    I thought you would find this case interesting.
    Obviously a predatory female at work.
    Got him to sign documents when he was on deaths door, drugged up, and didn’t understand what he was signing.
    Why did this take 16 years?

    Comment by DJ Ward — Wed 30th August 2017 @ 8:04 pm

  12. DJ Ward @ 11: Interesting story. The woman was a paid caregiver for some time to this man so it was a conflict of roles for her to be engaging in any process of him giving her a large financial gift. Indeed, it was a conflict of roles for her to be acting as a friend. Has she been disciplined in her ‘professional’ role for this, or has she continued to be employed to manipulate other vulnerable people to give her large financial gifts?

    Comment by Man X Norton — Wed 30th August 2017 @ 9:06 pm

  13. The Stag Park girl in Taupo.

    Comment by Gury — Tue 26th September 2017 @ 11:50 pm


    Comment by Shynelle HOUGHTON — Mon 2nd September 2019 @ 4:29 am

  15. Ok guys I did go to police she did sexually assault me repetitivelyand two days after I presented my case to police I was arrested for two counts of assault child manually,to which I was found not guilty and the case was dismissed ,I received no apologies none and have kept all records of the trial, here is an example of how far paula Bennet went to destroy me ,
    I am on schedule 2of the international child protection sexual offenders list. That is the worst of the worst,
    I was denied many opportunity to speak to media as Bennet issued a bush notice on all media,
    Im had the right to legal defence removed,I had a life long ban on using any form of electronic device capable of receiving any for of internet under threat of imprisonment,I was raised for guns that I’ve never had, my partner lost her kids to philip Pankhurst the man who read and beat her for 9 years on record and then I was charged with is crimes against her,
    My house was surveiled for three years and I was threatened in front of my family by detective paul vanderzee of the hamilton police that he’s just looking for an excuse to shoot me,
    Paula Bennet entered the hamilton police station while I was in custody during her election campaign in hamilton and laughed at me ,then one day after the election she entered the hamilton police station (yep that’s right ) after her position was removed and there was no standing government and removed and added evidence on y case ,
    Her own ex judge mate issued a false statement to the public saying I had been contacted and issued a order from a judge to stop, no such thing had been issued,and an ex judge lying is treason under trust a crime punishable by life imprisonment.
    Tony wall proved the back story true ,
    I was offered hush money in the 6 figure range which I denied as I will not be brought out and allow her to get away with it.
    I lost my house ,my kids,my wife,my belongings because of that evil wench and I’m still on that sex offenders list, because of ministerial orders from little and Bennet and jacinta,
    I’ll be pursuing this further

    Comment by Ashley bernard farrell — Mon 14th September 2020 @ 1:20 pm

  16. Sorry about the bad grammar I’m very frustrated and my brains not functioning very well

    Comment by Ashley bernard farrell — Mon 14th September 2020 @ 1:22 pm

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