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Child Support Agency undertaking research : Input wanted by CSA from parents who are paying Child Support.

Filed under: Child Support — Scrap_The_CSA @ 8:46 pm Tue 20th July 2004

The Child Support Agency has commissioned Colmar Bruton to conduct research on : Compliance behaviour among paying parents: (research to support a proposed social marketing programme)

The Child Support Agency is following up on research carried out in 1998 :.” To address the problem of parents not complying with child support payments , Inland Revenue Child Support commissioned Colmar Brunton in to research the motivations and barriers that affect paying parents who have laspes in their payments.”

The Scope of the 2004 research is : ” research to understand the compliance behaviour of Child Support Customers……..Following the research we will evaluate whether to proceed with the development of a plan for social marketing.”

Your chance to participate :

“If Colmar Brunton does not contact you by 28 July, the final date for interviews, there is still an opportunity to contribute to the research in writing. If you wish to provide written information , please focus it on the following topics so that it can be considered with our overall results. :

* Why do you think some people do not pay their child support? What barriers do they face?
* What do you think should be done about people who do not pay (both those who do not want to and those who cannot)?
* What changes could child support make in its administration to encourage or help people to pay their child support?
* What else could be done to encourage people to pay?
Any written material should be sent by Friday 13 August.”

If you are going to take this opportunity to participate then it is important that you read these documents:
*Inland Revenue Child Support research 1998 – Overall summary.
*Market research proposal specification.
*Scope document for 2004.

As you write a submission, don’t forget that the only way to obtain a Fair and Reasonable Child Support System is by changing the law. The Child Support Agency administers the Child Support Act 1991. The IRD is driven by the Act, to change the Act requires political action.

Further information and a copy of the documents : send a stamped,self addressed A4 Envelope to :
Fair and Reasonable,
Coalition for a Fair and Reasonable Child Support Act,
C/O 128A Epuni Street,
Lower Hutt.


  1. For background information about the flaws in the CSA, check out Bruce Tichbon’s 3 page article The Child Support Act – Unworkable Legislation.

    Comment by JohnP — Wed 21st July 2004 @ 10:19 am

  2. Will it require dead staff members and parents before the draconian Child Support Act 1991 is replaced with a fair and reasonable child support system that works for both parents and children?

    Comment by Scrap_The_CSA — Wed 18th August 2004 @ 4:39 pm

  3. A big thank you to the NZ Child Support Reform Network for an early “heads up” on this research into “non-compliance behaviours and how they may be modified [by social marketing program(s)]”.


    Non-compliance is not your most pressing issue.

    My situation is such that the Department of Inland Revenue and our socio-communist government will place me in a position where compliance is no longer a workable option (I will be bankrupt).

    Stop looking for ways to make more people comply – instead start looking at ways to make compliance:

    1. Directly benefit my children. Right now, I (under duress) support my ex-wife’s extravagant lifestyle.
    2. Affordable. Right now, I am serving a 12 year sentence in penury. I would be financially better off not working.

    Until the commies stop penalising separated working Fathers, lifting the assessable income ceiling, waving the BIG STICK and re-do from scratch the “Child SupportTax Act (1991)” we will not be able to move forward in an environment that makes compliance desirable.

    Equal Shared Parenting
    As it takes both a man and a woman to bring their child(ren) into this world, so it takes both a Father and a Mother to raise their child(ren).

    Comment by Mark Shipman — Thu 23rd September 2004 @ 3:37 pm

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