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60% of reported child abuse false

Filed under: Sex Abuse / CYF — JohnPotter @ 5:13 pm Tue 22nd March 2005

The rather startling news that 60% of reported cases of child abuse now turn out to be completely unsubsantiated (or “incorrect” according to current jargon) gets a completely different spin in the Dominion Post story below. Presumably Stuart Birks said something meaningful to the reporter about the subject of false allegations, but it didn’t survive the editing process.

Radical femimist insistance that “women and children never lie about abuse” means that false accusations are one of those subjects that mainstream media sometimes prefers to avoid.

CYF wait list rises in capital

In the Wellington and upper South Island region, more than 380 cases of suspected child abuse are waiting to be assigned to a social worker, compared with 260 in September 2003. Of those, 312 were defined as “urgent” and 77 were “low urgent”.

Incorrect reports of child abuse to Child, Youth and Family each month have soared in the past five years… with 899 cases in December 1999, compared with 2370 in December 2004. Incorrect cases are those that are investigated fully but, for whatever reason, no evidence of abuse is found. They now make up about 60 per cent of claims — compared with 45 per cent five years ago.

Ms Angus was not concerned about the growing number of unproved claims, which reflected an increase in overall reporting of child abuse. There had been a 57 per cent increase in notifications in the past three years.

“Child abuse is not acceptable and the message is getting across.”

New Zealand Father and Child Society vice-president Stuart Birks said the figures raised questions about who was reporting child abuse. Allegations of child abuse could be damaging to families and children.


  1. Yes I can testify to the huge heartache and execrating pain false allegations of sexual abuse made to CYFS can cause! My ex,her sister, and her parents told CYFS I was sexually abusing my daughters who were 8 & 6 years old in year 2001. Today I sit here unemployed ,suffering badly from parental alienation and depression without any contact to my beautiful daughters. I wish I could muster the courage to end this nightmare as the traumatic depressive episode is to hard to endure. Congratulations must go to evil feminazi bitch Prime Minister,man hating CYFS & bias Family Court!! I hope all the professional/government funded scumbags that have leached money from all this misery of the false allegations rot in hell. My 4 NZ born children are not going to have a Dad for much longer – dad4justice 🙁

    Comment by Peter Burns — Tue 22nd March 2005 @ 7:22 pm

  2. Peter my friend, you are not alone in your despair. Nothing can be worse than to be unfairly brutalised by the state in which you once loved. Our biggest problem is that we were brought up to believe that this country had a deep love for the “family” Knowing this is no longer true is the start achieving results. Peter, the future is going to be good for you. I hope you saw “Close up” tonight where both Mr and Mrs Jelicich talked about how the system bulldozed them into their nightmare. I believe things are changing. I am in the middle of a battle to uphold a prenuptial that has cost me in excess of $150K to defend. Through an ex parte order obtained by bullshit I was been kicked out of MY home and lost contact with my 9 mth old baby that I was as close to as her mother. I could not believe what was happening to me and was powerless to do anything. The only thing that kept me alive mate, was making sure that my mind got onto other things. That was not easy as I was so sore inside all I wanted to do was talk about my pain. It may sound silly to you but I took up dancing. It is impossible to think about your pain when learning to dance and it puts you into close contact with someone without being sexual or commited etc.
    Give yourself a rest and be assured that other people are fighting for you….

    Comment by Bryan — Tue 22nd March 2005 @ 9:23 pm

  3. Hey thanks to you both for you honesty ! I have not had the experiences you are speaking of but with you both well.

    Comment by Carl Lea — Wed 23rd March 2005 @ 12:25 am

  4. Hello Peter,
    I can relate strongly to what your saying; Your pain and anger.
    I can also confirm something Bryan said about distracting himself with something other than the natural obsessing with loss and the daily torment of ongoing grief that is bound to occur in any loving alienated and bereaved father.
    For Bryan it’s been dancing that’s been a lifeline to stave off depression. In my case it’s music that’s saved me from going under. I’ve literally poured myself into my guitar playing. Sometimes the pain and anger comes out there too. Friends have commented that I can play with amazing passion.
    These days however, my pain at the loss of my son is less raw and immediate. I’m emotionally scarred for sure. But I find that I can now both express my painful loss AND turn off the pain by distracting myself as I mentioned above.
    Some other distraction/coping strategies I use to avoid repetetive depression are –
    – I avoid being around intact families who have kids on father’s day/Xmas etc.
    – I keep focussed on the opportunities that being forced to be away from my son represent.
    – I absolve myself from ANY guilt at not being able to connect with a brainwashed alienated son.
    – I forgive myself for marrying such an abusive wife as my son’s mother, and keep my radar finely tuned for others like her to keep myself safe.
    – I make a habit of honoring my son and other disnfranchised alienated kids by regularly speaking out in various forums, including this one.
    – I consciously choose to teach kids, so in a certain way I’m now ‘fathering’ hundreds of them.
    – I keep a watchful eye on who my allies and foes are. Thus I do my utmost to support my allies loyally and fervently, and to attack my foes with dignified ferocity, sometimes openly, sometimes stealthily.
    – I pray for the release from suffering of all, including those in the family court and other so called ‘family’ services, who are unwittingly creating allot of bad Karma for themselves.

    I hope this helps.

    Stephen Gee

    Comment by Stephen — Wed 23rd March 2005 @ 2:54 pm

  5. I have had 4 years of fighting to see my daughter i am slowly but surely winning the battle. My partner has been totally supportive to which has helped me a gr8tly. I have 4 other children 3 to the ex wife and one now in the relationship i am in. The daughter i am talking is with a lady i had when i was divorcing the ex.The ex wife has been good to me about my children 2 boys and 1 daughter am allowed to see them any time and pick them up still.The family court had to hear the most atrocious allegations that is all too familiar today all i could do was sit through all the crap and all i could say to the counsel for my child( who by the way is 6 years daughter) was time will tell. She was not saying i was a child abuser on my daughter but lied and stated i was abusing her daughter and son extreme. A long battle started and i with stood her bullshit and then we slung mud that stuck, i have never broken a protection order had one put on me by the kids mother who thought i would bash her boyfriend now husband..but she never(mother)stop me seeing my children.i have never had family violence against me i am labelled by cops that i am violent(to tmem) but have family historys at all, i am 44 yrs now had previously been married 10 years and 5 yrs before marriage. That all helped me in the end which judge moss(wgtn) gave my daughter’s mum a good telling off and called her a liar, so now i am advancing the case even further i have a got lawyer where hopefully will get it right. All i know is do not lose your cool and show all the org(barnados’) that you can handle there crap because and visit no matter how small is a winner 4 you. Kia Kaha

    Comment by Aalf — Mon 6th June 2005 @ 4:23 pm

  6. i have no family violence so that has helped me in the courts a hell of lot.

    Comment by alfred — Mon 6th June 2005 @ 4:28 pm

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