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Couple speak out about Victim Support

Filed under: Domestic Violence,Law & Courts — JohnPotter @ 2:38 pm Thu 24th March 2005

Stephen and Diane Jelicich were a couple whose split became as acrimonious as it can get.

It culminated in January with Stephen running off with their baby daughter Caitlin and hiding from police for 10 days.

Diane went back to Wales not knowing where her daughter was or when she would see her again. But the couple believe it should never have been that bad.

They told Close Up they blame Victim Support for creating the situation which made Stephen take Caitlin.

It all started on December 22 when Stephen called police claiming Diane had assaulted him and damaged his eardrum.

A few hours later police and Victim Support arrived and took Diane and Caitlin to Women’s Refuge while Stephen was out.

At the same time, a warrant was issued for his arrest. However, the couple did not signal they wanted to be separated.

While it was Stephen that was the alleged victim that day, it was Diane and Caitlin that were rescued by Victim Support.

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  1. Regarding Victim Support.
    My X went to Victim Support, after she left me in charge as Dad of the family home and pets, while she took my two daughters on a holiday in the family car July 3 – 2001 ( school holidays) A week later cops storm thru’ the door , beat me, and arrrest? In the cells they show me family court affidavits that were
    prepared by the X , her mother, her sister, and the good ole Victim Support feminazi bitches. Off – course the court granted them all immediate protection!
    Its get worse, Victim Support bitches prepared a 22 page – ‘ Victim Impact Report’. This was read by a judge before I was to have a defended hearing on all the bullsh*t matters in District court. It was unlawful for the judge to do that ,but who cares, as they like the government,they can do as they bloody well please! Anyway, cops had to drop 6 x threatening to kill ,male assaults female,
    and 10 x breach of protection orders offences, as my lawyer Douglas Taffs (Westport) had interviewed the X’s two best female
    friends and a JP friend of the family. They all told him about the truthful family situation.I was once a loving Daddy and the girl were once very happy in the small West Coast community!
    I appeared in front of Judge S and the headlines appeared the next day- (27 November 2001) in Westport News – ” Man apologies for court tantrum.” The cops were so angry that I didn’t get 7 years Max security jail and even more furious they had to send the Paparua Prison van back over the hill empty ( thank you Lord).However, they came around that night and beat the sh*t out of me! Sadly
    for my Family the persecution still, to this day continues!!! Victim support are just part of the feminazi man hating regime that exists in our country at present. They all have a hidden agenda to destroy the Family .Nobody cares about the Children and the falsely accused Fathers. To the media, I sing the song titled Dirty Laundry ( Don Henly) – “Kick them in the Head -Kick them when
    they’re Down – Kick em etc……”
    Have a good Easter ALL = and enjoy your Children if you can? -dad4justice

    Comment by Peter Burns — Thu 24th March 2005 @ 3:11 pm

  2. While I think such as feminazi is less than helpful, and extreme in it’s assertion as to regime, the subject of bias appears pertinent.

    While I personally have not perceived on any male/female bias in court, I certainly have in the organisations related to such issues as abuse and custody – these including CYFS, Plunket, and a few others.

    In most cases these might be considered very low key – perhaps even perception, rather than fact. But when the former head of Women’s Refuge, if I recall correctly, asserts that “… men deserve it” when referring to discrimination, it certainly bodes ill. This quote from the Listener, article regarding CYFS post funding increase Labour government.

    In other situations I have found it difficult to have my concerns considered, or to have advocates against abuse to provide excuses for abuse ongoing.

    ‘Feminism’/ sexual revolution is the best thing to have happened in western society, bar none. I have the opportunity to participate in my son’s life to a degree that would have been unthinkable in the past – even as I feel it so rewarding. That I can do so, am not expected to be the ‘the rock’ and emotional cripple that I might have been is great.

    We must, however, be active and helpful in ensuring that these changes are not driven to a situation where discrimination is simply reversed.

    Comment by Kai O'Donnell — Thu 24th March 2005 @ 3:48 pm

  3. Dear Kai- you say,”feminism /sexual revolution is the best thing to have happened in western society ,bar none”.Wow – what planet are you on? Tell that to my 69 year mother – who will tell you – ” I cry every day because I can’t see my grandchildren “. Gender discrimination badly affects the innocent, but who cares, as no-one will admitt to the vile/bias/unlawful persecution. She is already for her third heart attack, since 2001, caused by watching the disgusting antics of hateful government agencies.I hope your son never goes through this nightmare. Take care -dad4justice

    Comment by Peter Burns — Thu 24th March 2005 @ 5:30 pm

  4. I think you both are right. Feminism is a word used to describe the fight for women to be on equal footing with men in our society and that is a good thing. Particularly as I have daughters. However Victim Feminism is the evil ideology that states that all womens’ problems are due to men. These women abuse the system to get waht they want and trample on everyone including their children in the process. Society is in a transisition period at the moment and the courts are at the rear of change. I have to say from my experience that some family court Judges are right up with the play and deliver magnificent judgments. Others are without wisdom and their judgments are quite erratic. They have no shame in displaying Judicial Activsm regardless of gender. Law does not reflect expectation of gender and therefore unless Judges keep emotion out of the courtroom men will for some time be preudice by the expectation that we are still seen as the breadwinners and women as the childcarers. Feminism is about changing that expectation.

    Comment by Bryan — Thu 24th March 2005 @ 6:23 pm

  5. Yes Bryan, it’s true some feminists will want a change to the expectation that women be caregivers and men breadwinners – when it suits them. However I beware anyone who says such kind sounding, and to my ears alarmingly facile words about feminism in relation to men. IMO (gathered from over 25 years of living with and studying feminism) whether they know it or not they’re pushing a Trojan Horse which only serves to create more rights for women, whilst men are still being treated as disposable – Hence the need for a Men’s Movement.
    Stephen Gee.

    Comment by Stephen Gee — Fri 25th March 2005 @ 12:47 pm

  6. Stephen – you have made a valid point but I should point out that the ideology of Feminism is not bad it’s just that, like communism, it seems outside the average human realm to live it successfully. I have a few good female friends that do practice what they define as feminism and it is mixed with a healthy dose of ‘personal responsibility’. It takes a mature woman to accept responsibility for their decisions in life. I find the problem being that most bitches are but spoilt girls. I ask the question “do men find this type of female more attractive? We certainly seem to end up with a lot of them……I have twice. I have asked myself the second question…why???

    Comment by Bryan — Sat 26th March 2005 @ 12:43 am

  7. Bryan,
    Communism’s not my cup of tea either. Any ideology which pits one group of people against another as it’s central tenet seems dangerously deluded to me.
    IMO this is beautifully illustrated in a well crafted short allegorical tale by George Orwell – ‘Animal farm’.

    Oink Oink

    Stephen Gee

    Comment by Stephen — Tue 29th March 2005 @ 11:41 am

  8. Peter Burns,
    My heart goes out to you. I understand your anger, your disbelief, your frustration and most of all your opinions.
    I have supported my partner for over 3 years now from the power given to a bitter ex wife to destroy a mans life.
    No one does or would believe what she has got away with. Her latest event was an effort to get the police to arrest me and lock me up, so I was out of the way. Her method? An assault charge on me when she came around to our place and insisted I look after her children when their father was not home as he had to take his father into hospital for a triple bi-pass. She has never “allowed” me to have contact with the children in any form, named me as a respondent on a “protection order” which I consented to (under lawyers advice).
    When I informed her I was unavailable to be her baby sitter, she got angry and told the girls to get out of the car (screaming at them). She tried to get out of the car to continue her abuse and get the girls out. She did not drive away and did not think of the children. She has custody!! She has not let their father see them now for nearly 6 months. Like you their grandparents are not allowed to see them.
    She informed my partners brother she still loves him but she has not got every last cent out of him yet.
    She told the police I was having an affair with him and I broke their marriage up. I was treated like shit by them due to the picture she had painted of me. She is taking the children to counseling because they fair me. She still has proceedings in the family court over 3 years later. She has turned down any form of offer to settle property, child support or custody. She has recently put a claim on the house my partner and I bought together one a half years ago. Her lawyer who has encouraged her and let her write her own letters and signed them is just been made a family court judge. God help anyone who ends up in court is all I can say!

    Comment by Carol Byrom — Thu 31st March 2005 @ 5:33 pm

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