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Filed under: General — Downunder @ 1:39 pm Fri 20th May 2005

First I read the Editorial about Benson-Pope (NZ Herald Thursday 19.5.2005) and then Garth Georges column, on the opposite page, both deliberating about the teaching practices of our associate minister of education

The Editorial started by developing the theme of excessive behaviour. The Protocol being described was distinctly male, the Process described was excessive, but they need to be distinguished, and were not. In this era the method by which this would have been dealt with was by accountability – (a distinctly male protocol as opposed to the female protocol of claiming to be a victim, traditionally their first line of defence.)

Accountability should have been administered by surrounding men. If the process was excessive Benson-Pope should have been moved to another school, allowing the education process to keep face – As Garth George describes – nothing worse than a canning in front of your peers, and the opportunity to improve. If he wasn’t a good teacher he should have been removed.

I would like to think Bayfield School is acting with integrity. If he is worth saving – save him, if he is not – then you’re on your own boyo – go save yourself. Part of the male protocol is to isolate males who exhibit unacceptable behaviour. You put up the best model and our self regulating behaviour will enhance society. Let the Flotsam rise and the decent bloke will not walk beside him let along behind him.

I knew Garth George was in trouble when he started by saying he had sympathy for another man. Is his oestrogen level to high or was he responding to Benson-Popes emasculated behaviour?

It was a Socialist-Feminist government that took the sign down from over the door that said “The buck stops here” and put one up that said “Victims report here” with a cash incentive to boot.

It is the same philosophy that drives the anti bullying campaign. We have a government that is promoting victim-hood amongst children rather than responsibility amongst adults, to provide a constructive model for a future generation.

If Benson-Pope should have to fall on his sword he is only a victim of his own politics.
He willing traded his testicles for position and power in a feminist regime. That doesn’t inspire my empathy at all.

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