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To The Editor

Filed under: General — triassic @ 4:55 pm Fri 20th May 2005

The New Zealand Herald
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New Zealand

The Lace Curtain

During the cold war the Soviet Union embraced the ideology of communism and kept control by excluding contrary view points, it became known as the “Iron Curtain.” Feminism has imposed its ideology on all areas of our society to the exclusion of other points of view. This has been termed by opponents as the ‘one party’ view of gender politics… “The Lace Curtain”.

In your paper Jenny Kirk illustrated a narcissistic perspective that is typical of women brought up through the Women’s Movement. The juxtaposition of the evolving men’s movement is strikingly different.

Men do not want to exclude women in their quest to have equality in their access to parenthood or their access to the Government Health purse. However, at the recent Men’s summit it was obvious through the evidence delivered that men and boys are trivialised in our society.

Jenny is probably oblivious to the fact that fathers are now fed up with being regarded as “Wallets” and having their access to their children used as a weapon against them.

We object to photos of men being directly associated with wealth and success in order to sell product, thereby objectifying them as a status of power. This concept of Men’s role in a woman’s life being purely a provider is rampant in women’s magazines. If Pornography is used to describe the objectification of the opposite sex then women are hooked on it and are by far the biggest consumers of this family destroying ‘vice’.

We have the interests of children at heart and therefore don’t worry which gender has political power provided they are fair in the administration of that power. We are disappointed though to discover that women want men to be sensitive but only sensitive to their needs.

Equal pay for equal work is a fair request and I have yet to meet a male that opposes it. However, we do object to either gender demanding equal pay when one has a job with huge risk to life and the other a comfy desk job. That’s main stream, not gender politics

We understand that part of maturity is responsibility and that brings with it accountability. Girls who struggle with growing up have been given an easy way out by feminist philosophy. Why endure the pain of growing up when you can give birth to your own dolly and get paid for it. A vast majority of those little dollies endure anguish as they grow into adults without the skills required to face the challenges.

Males are disappointed that no control pill has been developed for them. This would release us from being responsible for births that we did not plan for.

Violence is a subject that is difficult to discuss due to the “Lace Curtain”. Statistics on which gender is more violent are hard to come by due to the lack of good research. What is known is that the great majority of men do not commit acts of violence on woman. That is of course unless you look at what feminists regard as violence. This can be defined as verbal or threatening behaviour. However, if a man was stupid enough to report these same acts to the police he would be laughed at. Truth is Jenny, your movement has empowered every spoilt brat to abuse these laws and have men wrongfully arrested and removed from the home to ensure that she gets her own way.

Justice for one derived at by injustice to another is not justice at all.

To say you fought for the rights of all people is laughable. There is an entire generation of children who have been deprived of the nurturing of their fathers due to your politics. If you look at the death rate through suicide it is 80% male. This reflects in a nut shell what men feel about your idea of equality.

The most worrying aspect for men is to see the rising rate of males committing rape. The statistic I found interesting was that every one of these monsters had a mother. Perhaps one who has been liberated from the home?


  1. Ahhh but will it be published………..

    Comment by Mark Lloyd — Tue 24th May 2005 @ 8:24 am

  2. please keep me informed in case it does…

    Comment by tonyf — Wed 25th May 2005 @ 1:55 pm

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