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Dictatorship of Feminism

Filed under: General — JohnPotter @ 12:09 pm Sat 5th February 2005

My name is Gérard Cassina and I’m a retired French schoolteacher with a degree in English, which I took long ago so please excuse any awkward sentences I could have written. I’ve been delighted reading [the articles at] and I write to you hoping to be useful.

My proposition can be shortened in a formula:
Democracy + Feminism = Dictatorship of Feminism


  1. Women outlive men by years (7 years in France) . The political consequence is they’ve got an overwhelming majority. In France women are 54% of voters !
  2. An organised group (Feminism) has convinced women they’re “class-victims” (something like the “working poor” of Marxist ideology).
  3. Thus women have got a class-consciousness as a gender along with an overwhelming majority that can’t be outvoted by men: we are facing a dictatorship.

Thus, no wonder if political men are so eager to pass legislation along feminist’s rules.

What can be done?

Men’s health is a capital issue for a gender well balanced democracy. But we’re well aware that Feminism is plotting to widen the gap: breast- cancer campaign / nothing for prostate. And it’ll take decades!

But, given a full awareness of the situation, there should be political ways to achieve a gender-balanced democracy. For instance, women would get a red ballot paper and men a blue one, then a 50/50 gender law would be applied so that 54% of women would be 50% and 46% of men would be 50% too.

I’m dreaming! Right now, we are immerged in a feminist propaganda, which pervades all society. First of all, we have to enlighten everybody: Feminism isn’t a benevolent movement whishing to improve women’s lives but an organised group using an oversimplified ideology as a tool to get power for their own sake, in a hidden way.

What is Feminism?

A communist ideology applied to genders: victims are women; extortioners are men, ideal aim: an abstract equality between genders.

As in Russia the struggle will last endlessly, no matter any improvements! Feminism needs an enemy as a justification and since it is organised as a Nomenclature: a small secretive group using ideology to improve their own position in society whatever any “collateral damages” they inflict to others in the process. Once you get a good place , you hold it fast like termites eating up the structure of a building until it crumbles to ruin .To recognise equality is achieved would be the end for feminist women and men alike

Feminists policies based on oversimplified views of relations between genders will lead to chaos just like communism in Russia. More than 30 years of Feminism have already produced some results!

  1. Loneliness for all :more and more unmarried, divorced people, widows (breast cancer campaign / nothing for men can only lead to more widows. Is it good news for women?)
  2. Family breakdown: more and more young people adrift, a tenfold increase in medications for depressive people since 1980, more and more drug addicts, suicides and attempts of suicide (140 000 in France last year).
  3. A more and more violent society: a steep increase in all offences, family violence, prisons exploding with prisoners (96% of men in French prisons – a 2 fold increase in 20 years).
  4. A decrease in school efficiency measured by PISA. In France where 85% of schoolteachers are female one boy out of 4 can’t properly read (compare with 1/9 girls) at 15. One can consider education as a feminist administration. In prison a large number of prisoners has no degree. In the USA it’s not much better, I’ve got figures!

Most people are unaware of these facts and feminist propaganda is busy finding fake explanations for them.


  1. Hello Gerard,
    Wonderful English and some fine maths too!
    Welcome to the fray.

    Comment by Stephen — Sun 6th February 2005 @ 2:32 pm

  2. Yes, I agree: my own theory is that feminist or/& radical-feminist model is like that of a baloon or a coin, meaning, % of population that is feminist or/& radical feminists, works like trickle down economics, that those @ the top of politcal power determines or/& effects the socio-economics roles of those @ bottom, meaning by making men feminine, causes women to be more masculine, which then cause some women to be lesbians or/& bisexual, & causes some men to be gay or/& bisexual: NOT SOMETHING SOCIETY WOULD WANT, but the only good thing to come out of all this is that now mean can have anal sex with women, since the supreme court in usa say that consentual sex between adults is a private matter, & there ought to be NO government intervention in any form: so, i guess, the universe has many self correcting mechanism built into the system, to prevent the system from collapsing: i hope the madness of feminism & radical-feminism ends soon; since, NOT ONLY do women want $ from government by aliby of having a job, but also expect her boyfriend or/& husband to pay her for work @ home, including get $ for giving sex, if she ever breakup with him or/& if she ever divorce him: she always $, while the man is left to fend for himself, why men r having less & less $, and less & less opportunity to get an education, which is why more & more women are being educated, while less and less men r educated, due to lack of resources or/& due to the oppressive society being created, unless u happen to be a guy, who does not mind sharing your woman with another guy, THAT I HATE & WOULD HATE IF IT EVER HAPPEN TO ME: ANOTHER THING TO GIVE A MAN LOT OF STRESS, LOWERING HIS PRODUCTIVITY, WHILE WOMEN HAVE NO WORRIES OF ANY CONSEQUENCES OF THEIR ACTIONS, THEREBY LESS STRESS, INCREASING THE WOMEN’S PRODUCTIVITY: IS NOT BECAUSE WOMEN ARE BETTER, BUT BECAUSE WOMEN HAVE LESS STRESS, BECAUSE WOMEN HAVE NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT ABOUT ANY CONSEQUENCES FOR THEIR ACTIONS, WHERE THEY THESE WOMEN STEAL $ & RECOURES FROM MEN, MAKING MEN EITHER THEIR SLAVES OR POOR, DUE MEN HAVING MORE STRESS, SHORTENING THEIR LIVES, GIVING WOMEN TOO MUCH POLITICAL POWER IS A VERY BAD THING.

    Comment by xxxxx — Fri 15th September 2006 @ 2:06 am

    I believe that the problem is related to the fact that women
    have inordinate political power and have used the same to
    gain authoritarian socio-political-economic-cultural-legal
    dominance over men. They, in general, therefore, act
    individually and collectively towards men as a dictator
    would to his subjects that is in an very abusive and
    oppressive manner.
    The ancient Spartans treated their “Helots”, a slave like
    under class, in the same manner as women treat men, at least
    in the USA (and it also appears to be the case in the
    UK).The “Helots” had no political power in ancient Sparta.
    Political power corrupts and absolute political power
    corrupts absolutely.
    Women in the USA have absolute political power over men with
    the results that they corruptly behave individually as
    tyrants over men (the modern Helots).
    Men have to face the reality of these facts and take
    appropriate action.

    > (continuing the discussion on, before the mods
    > cut it off on ssl)

    what’s ssl?

    > As a lonely, passive guy who has not dated hardly at all – and has made
    > plenty of female ‘friends’ – can you tell me why I cannot get a
    > girlfriend and why I am so unfillfilled? Why is it that the agressive
    > guys who make strong sexual advances on women wind up with the best
    > women? By ‘best’ I do not in every case mean ‘best looking’ – ‘cute’ but
    > smart, charasmatic, and funny women seem to wind up with such guys, too.

    Because that’s the game we are all expected to play. Quite effective for
    animal reproduction and strengthening the species but rather degrading
    for sentient beings, of either sex, who are capable of love. But if you
    don’t play the game you are unlikely to get a prize.

    > > What *EVER* happened to romance/love developing out of a friendship?

    What indeed. Once upon a time I moved to a new town and made new friends. One
    friend, who happened to be of the opposite sex, became a very good friend.
    Then, one day, the inevitable happened and the relationship changed from
    being friendship to being something we interpreted as love. How I actually
    thought of it was that the love was an enhancement of the friendship – I
    should have known better but I did not. Soon afterwards, we were married.
    Even sooner after that it became blatently obvious that most of what we
    had as friends had gone. What was left was different but not as good.

    Some years later we separated. I really think if we had resisted the
    biological urge and remained “just” friends, we would have gotten along
    much better.

    Maybe its better if friendship develops out of love/romance. Really, it
    seems better that way round if it can work. Friendship can be for life,
    romance lasts about three years – just long enough for nature to ensure
    a child.

    > It happens, but I think it is the exception, not the rule. Several women
    > (who seem to have no trouble getting dates) have told me not to wait too
    > long after meeting a woman to express romantic interest in her, because
    > if you wait too long, she will never think of you as a potential
    > boyfriend because you are her ‘friend’. The ‘friends first’ idea is a
    > lofty ideal that I think rarely happens in real life.

    Agreed. The best you can expect is to find a sister – which is no bad
    thing except that it may not be what you want.

    > > But I can’t believe, as tough as the
    > > last few months/years have been for me, that being alone in a
    > > relationship is better than being alone by myself.

    I agree. If you’re going to be alone then better to have the freedom that
    goes with it.

    > I behave this way, too, as you do, but I know not having a woman – any
    > woman – makes it harder to find a new one. Remember the old expression
    > ‘Can’t get a job unless you have a job?’ I think I need to reevaluate
    > this idea.

    Good grief! And here I thought this discussion was between people who
    had a respect for people. Silly me.

    I had a nice date last night. We went to the art museum (this being
    NYC, you know which one I mean) and then to a diner (ugh, diners — but
    it was her suggestion, right, and she’s the girl). Very nice night,
    interesting conversation, I think she likes me, the way things worked
    out my subway was right there waiting for me and I jumped right in
    (since she didn’t want me to walk her home so we were to part right
    there) and then she sort of calls after me, “I’d call but I have no way
    of reaching you” since I don’t have a telephone (I don’t need it) and I
    tell her I’ll call her instead.

    So it was all very nice and tidy and this girl is pretty and shapely,
    even if rather too old for me (only two years my junior). And I’m
    wondering, well, what do you really need a girl for, anyway?

    I mean, if you’re not emotionally needy and can live very happily by
    yourself — like me — well, what’s the “incentive” for dating? The
    more I date the more I find that I really don’t like most girls, anyway
    — at least not American girls, who think they know it all because of
    feminist bullshit but I find that they know less than their college
    degrees would suggest (I’ve met psychology grads who’ve barely heard of
    Freud, or sociology grads who barely know of Webber, or philosophy
    double-majors who don’t seem to like Socratic discourse — and of
    course the 9/11-and-Iraq-are-related PoliSci girls). I mean, I
    honestly find more meaningful company here on usenet (hehe — but then
    again, maybe sexy girls are necessarily stupid? I guess you’ve got to
    be stupid, no matter how high your GPA, in order to show off your body
    like a porn star and still insist on a guy respecting your

    So anyway, I’m just wondering if there are any of you out there who
    honestly prefer the single life, and only use women for sex. I think I
    might start doing this. ‘Cause I honestly can’t figure out what I need
    a woman for anymore besides that. Everything they say is so
    predictable anyway, the only reason I’m dating is ’cause I’m horny.
    But there’s such a thing involving respect and sex and intimacy and
    love and all that, and you know, it’s weird having to play games (come
    on, you almost can’t be honest: I once pissed off a girl by joking that
    she should get beaten up by cops after she told me she liked being
    choked during sex).

    Anyway, are you folks still truly hoping for a soulmate, or are y’all
    truly satisfied if things stayed as they are now for the rest of your

    There is no such thing as a “soul mate”. The sooner you quit looking for
    a meaningful relationship the sooner you can start enjoying random sex
    on a frequent basis.

    This is becoming an issue since, at 34, these are my last years at a
    shot at the under-20 crowd of girls. Pretty soon I’ll have to consider
    coeds as the youngest I can do! But maybe by then I won’t care so
    much. Right now, though, I feel like an older woman simply doesn’t
    *deserve* me — I’m just too good for a woman-on-a-mission with a
    biological clock ticking away like a suicide bomb! I feel like my
    youthful looks would be wasted on a woman my age, not to mention my
    disdain at having to settle for a used woman.

    > It’s very sad that there are such games — to be the best but pretend
    > not to care about being the best (because it makes others insecure or
    > jealous). That’s *precisely* how it is with most girls, games: there
    > is mutual attraction, but the girl likes to act nonchalant, etc.

    From my experience this is 100% true and if you dont pick up on those games
    it’s hopeless.

    never used to be this bad just two months ago because I was still in my
    university town. So I had lots of acquaintances and one true friend and
    about 3 good friends. But I was still lonely here cause of the girl thing.
    It’s gotten worse since I came home because I dont know anyone at home. I
    literally know maybe two people and I haven’t talked to them in years. It
    takes a lot of ‘forced time’ with me to become friends – mostly at work. If
    people are forced to spend hours with me for months on end eventually I have
    a group of friends. I guess I dont have an attractive personality so without
    that it’s hopeless. Social phobic I guess, well lack of social skills

    And yeah I’m picky in that I dont date women I find unattractive. But as one
    of my good friends says ‘I have no standards’. On the street I’d find about
    80% of women attractive so it’s not like I’m really picky just I dont wanna
    go out with women I find unattractive. A super-hot friend of mine, used to
    constantly say ‘show some confidence you’d have anyone’. But it’s almost
    impossible to show confidence when no one has ever given you a reason to be
    confident. Women get complements every single day. I might get ‘hair looks
    nice’. And besides, I think they confuse confidence with ‘outgoing

    I think I finally figured out women recently. All these years I was making the
    mistake of watching how women treated other men as if it set some standard for
    how they would treat me. The truth though is quite different. A woman could be
    a stomping bitch to 95% of men and she is only nice to the 5% who meet her high

    So “nice” in women is a behavior put on as an act to get what they want. They
    are “nice” to the football quarterback because if he was her boyfriend he could
    bring her high status. They are not “nice” to anyone else because they don’t
    offer her anything. So this phony “nice” quality you keep looking for in women
    is just acting, it’s a false self applied to gain advantage. Deep down no women
    are nice at all. Women are psychotic egoist monsters and I’m glad I finally
    understand. These rest of you should wake up as well and you will feel much

    Even if you are a great looking stud, that “niceness” you see from women is
    still phony. You are living a lie if you believe any of that is real. You are
    merely reaping the advantages of a system that is favorable to you.

    >I think I finally figured out women recently.

    Good; then you must have come to the conclusion that free and equal women are
    much more like men than different.

    All these years I was making

    >the>mistake of watching how women treated other men as if it set some

    standard>for>how they would treat me. The truth though is quite different. A
    woman could>be>a stomping bitch to 95% of men and she is only nice to the 5%
    who meet her>high>standards.

    Are you suggesting that women should NOT have “high standards”?

    >So “nice” in women is a behavior put on as an act to get what they want.

    I have news for you; everybody WANTS something, even men, even men like you.
    Some men want pretty; some men want wives; some men just want sex. Everyone
    trades. So, if you’re trying to make women look special for wanting something
    from life, be my guest, but don’t expect me to do anything but smile.

    They>are “nice” to the football quarterback because if he was her boyfriend
    he>could>bring her high status.

    And, why is the “quarterback” interested in dating Miss Status? Do you think
    he admires her brain and heart? 🙂 You’re funny.

    They are not “nice” to anyone else because they don’t offer her anything.

    Everyone trades Eric; even my wise old grandmammy taught me that. She said
    that all of life is a trade, even when you trade love for love, so be careful
    what you trade for. That football player is just as likely trading for looks
    as she is trading for status. It’s a trade.

    So this phony “nice” quality you keep looking for in>women>is just acting,
    it’s a false self applied to gain advantage.

    Pretending that men aren’t ‘trading’ status or money for looks is a real loser;
    no one will believe you. Men trade just like women do. Thus, a truely smart
    man and smart woman will look for something real to trade for. Looks dim, and
    after graduation, how many men who used to play football end up selling used
    Isn’t it smarter to trade love and value for love and value?

    Deep down no>women are nice at all.

    “Deep down”, free and equal women don’t owe you or any other man “niceness”.
    Did you really think that women had some duty to be nice to you just because
    you’re male? How stupid.

    Women are psychotic egoist monsters and I’m glad I finally>understand.

    You “understand” nothing; your feelings have obviously been hurt and you’re
    dealing with that by blaming women . Happens all the time. Keep in mind that
    women and men have much more in common than different. However, in a free and
    equal society, men often complain when women have no special duties toward men.
    What men like that may not realize is that a slave will never love a master
    and that the real love between women and men is made of mutuality. All else is

    These rest of you should wake up as well and you will feel much>better.

    Hahahahaha. Well, good luck to you, Eric on growing past your hurt and finding
    the kind of love you seek.

    Each colony is a family unit, comprising a single egg-laying female …The
    workers cooperate in the food gathering, nest building and rearing offspring.
    Males are reared only at times of year when their presence is required.
    (Secret Life of Bees)

    > quite different. A woman could be a stomping bitch to 95% of men and
    > she is only nice to the 5% who meet her high standards.

    Don’t you have standards? Aren’t there women that you see that you
    would never date under any circumstances?

    > understand. These rest of you should wake up as well and you will
    > feel much better.

    Hmm, sounds like you got burnt bad. I used to feel the way you do. I
    blamed all women for the insensitive and callous actions of one. Get
    over it. I did. If you don’t lose that sorry attitude, you will only
    hurt yourself in the long run. People can sense attitudes like yours,
    and it forms a barrier around you, effectively pushing them away.

    Do you *really* want women to be nice to you? Adjust your attitude,
    even if you have to fake it for awhile. Drop the barrier. I won’t say
    *every* woman will be nice to you, but *some* will.

    Are you afraid of being rejected? Newsflash, so is everyone else. Get
    over it. Everyone gets rejected at one time or another, some more than
    others. My guess is, at one time or another you may have rejected a
    woman or two who may have been interested in you.

    Of all the women out there, there is at least one out there for you.
    How likely are you to find her? I don’t know, but I do know this; your
    present attitude definitely reduces your chances considerably.

    Comment by xxxx — Fri 15th September 2006 @ 5:29 am

  4. Same sex relations is the only option if you can’t figure out how to get along with the opposite sex in intimate relationships. Go for it, or stay single for the rest of your life!

    Comment by AJ — Mon 14th January 2008 @ 11:14 am

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