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Masculist / Masculinist

Filed under: General — JohnPotter @ 12:02 pm Sat 5th February 2005

Waiting in my inbox when I returned from summer holidays was a letter from Martin Lewis, founding editor of MENZ Issues.

“Hi John
I was googling my name to see if something I had written had a reference on the net when the MENZ Issues archives came up. Interesting to revisit them. Also good to see that someone is still keeping up the ‘good fight’!

One thought that struck me though was that the MENZ term was originally “Masculist” not “Masculinist” … ever heard the term “Femininist”? I haven’t. More importantly a masculist would be to the Men’s Movement what a feminist is to the Women’s Movement whereas as I understand it, in feminist parlance, a masculinist is one who fights against feminism … for the macho male tradition. Which do we wish to promote and align ourselves with? Personally I support the former.”

Now I would have sworn that I’d seen an early draft of the then Men’s Centre North Shore newsletter using the word “Masculinist”, but I can’t find anything so I must have imagined it. I’ve always personally thought the term “masculist” to be uncomfortably close in sound to the word “emasculate”. I also have trouble with the idea that elements of male culture can be appropriately defined by feminists. In addition, the reality is that much of the driving force behind the current men’s movement is a fight against feminism – or more accurately, against that strain of feminism which actively works to disadvantage males.

In regard to my mystery source, Martin notes:

“Definitely not one of mine as it was an issue I debated before joining MCNS 🙂 The reason I was debating it was that I was told (by a feminist) that a masculinist was someone who wanted to maintain the status quo … men in control of women (her perspective) and I was arguing that I, and men like me, wanted to achieve equity or equivalence for men and women, (which was why I supported feminism in the ’70’s) not so much equality as ‘viva la difference’ I say. Equality suggests androgyny to me. Equivalence means ‘different but of equal value’ and equity, fairness.”

Characterisation of the men’s movement as a bunch of conservative, reactionary, patriarchal oppressors has been a regular theme in feminist publications over recent years. In my experience of over 10 years attending support meetings I would say that only a tiny minority bear any resemblance to this description. Most of us actually like women very much, and we fully support their right to be treated fairly with men in society. I’m sure the majority of us would go along with Martin’s attitude of ‘viva la difference’ .

In the end, labels are not as important as collective action by the people actively involved. Perhaps more relevantly, I’m not about to edit hundreds of ancient web pages, so it looks like we’ll have to remain “Masculinist Evolution New Zealand” and define the term for ourselves.

What do you readers think about this?


  1. The feminist movement is a part of a looney – pink – liberal -left- selfish -movement that have no interests in rights of children as they are to interested in forcing their intellectual vanities as they crave their human lusts in attempt to fill their void hearts. They couldn’t give a toss about the plight of children rights and enjoy persecuting men when they achieve the all important power that they continually strive to attain. They are very sick people and I feel very sorry for them. This is not about gaining control or power. It is about our sad children. Children need mum & dad. End of story. Do not try and drag the menz movement into a power & control debate as you will lose big time. I know it is hard for a feminist to put their ego’s aside- just for one second- but I urge all who think like them – to stop and think – what this doing to children worldwide. dad4justice

    Comment by Peter Burns — Sun 6th February 2005 @ 7:40 am

  2. I found this site by accident and emailing to say thank you. Keep up the good fight Men. It will all be worth it. We have to win for the sake of our sons and daughters. Feminism has morphed into a destructive force which has gone unchallenged far too long. While it is slowly losing its influence, much of its policies are still intact in our society both govnernment and private sectors. Please note that when challenging it one must go at it fullforce with no punches held. One never wins a fight being civil. It is in our nature to be aggressive. Lets us it to our advantage. It is a field where they cannot compete. Take care and all the best.

    Comment by James Bravo — Sat 26th February 2005 @ 6:02 am

  3. You seem to have seriously misunderstood, or are uneducated on the matter, the definition of ‘feminist’.

    You are demonising women who want equality. They dont hate men, most they still want husbands and children etc. pure misogny. These are our sisters wives and mothers you are talking about. equality doesnt mean you’ll have to give up your job or walk in the gutter. Educate yourself mate.

    Comment by rob — Wed 5th April 2006 @ 5:00 am

  4. Rob writes:

    You seem to have seriously misunderstood, or are uneducated on the matter, the definition of ‘feminist’.

    I think it’s you who are a couple of decades out of date Rob. I have no problem at all with woman who want equality, in fact I’m very happily married to just such a woman.

    Modern feminists want ‘equity’ which seems to be more aligned with ‘an eye for an eye’ type thinking.

    If you make contact with any men’s support group in the country you’ll soon find out how much equality there is. Try asking your male friends and workmates who have experienced the Family Court what their views are, and then see which one of us needs educating.

    Comment by JohnP — Wed 5th April 2006 @ 9:41 pm

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