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Domestic abusers should loose jobs

Filed under: Domestic Violence — JohnPotter @ 12:59 pm Sun 30th October 2005

Christchurch Women’s Refuge says employment contracts should have a clause requiring people convicted of domestic violence to be fired from their jobs.

Refuge manager Annette Gillespie said employers needed to get tougher on domestic abusers and send a message that family violence was not acceptable.

“We (Christchurch Women’s Refuge) definitely support employers threatening staff who are convicted of family violence with dismissal,” Gillespie said.

But the national office has a different view, preferring that the men are able to stay employed so they can continue to pay the maximum child support. Their statement suggests that they do not envisage women being the ones fired, and makes it clear that they are not concerned about the welfare of men.

Women’s Refuge chief executive Heather Henare said while her organisation did not yet have a firm position on the issue of whether someone should be fired for family violence-related convictions, such a policy could potentially be harmful to women and children.

“There could be long-term implications for women and children if one of the bread winners lost their job,” she said.

A more positive response to family violence would be for employers to fund courses on how to deal with the issue, she said.

As usual, the answer is increased funding for feminist organisations!


  1. Once it was do as I say or I am going on the DPB. Now its do as I say or I’ll have ya job and then I’ll have to go on the DPB, and it will all be your fault. I think every man will just have to declare himself an independant political state, make up his own rules and defend his space.

    Comment by Bevan Berg — Mon 31st October 2005 @ 10:44 am

  2. I notice certain of the feminist anger management movement are conspicuously terribly onesided in proposing only men who commit DV go to prison or do community based anger management programs AND LOOSE THIER JOBS. Meanwhile it’s left to the same brave few souls to speak up denouncing this miasndry, whilst many of our supposed men’s movement ‘leaders’ bite thier tongues.
    Ah yes, the same sick feminnazzi zeitgiest I’ve come to know and loath.
    It appears some of these little faccists will stoop to great depths to open up job opportunities for thier sistas

    Comment by Stephen — Mon 31st October 2005 @ 4:31 pm

  3. The sistas put on a real show at the recent SPINZ male suicide synposium 13& 14 October 2005. They kissed and cuddled for two days while meaningless rheum flowed all but two of the speakers. It was a complete waste of time for New Zealand male except of course for the homosexuals who got plenty of conference time . What a disgrace this country is as the government have proved time & time again they are selfish perverts- who want to make Children vulnerable and get Dad down out of the picture by any means – as quick as possible!!!! They must be stopped as they are guilty of incompetent social policy that is nothing short of bloody child abuse !!!!

    Comment by Peter Burns — Mon 31st October 2005 @ 10:23 pm

  4. Bevan, Perhaps a coup or two will do?

    Comment by Ethos — Tue 1st November 2005 @ 8:58 am

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