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Men’s Centre North Shore responds to White Ribbon Day

Filed under: Domestic Violence — JohnPotter @ 4:49 pm Mon 12th December 2005

Last week’s North Shore Times had an article titled: Men’s group says they’re victims, too.

North Shore Times 6th Dec 2005

Men’s Centre was responding to White Ribbon Day on Nov 25th – the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women.

Jim Bagnall was quoted:

“People need to get the whole thing in perspective. I think in most cases violence is a relationship issue rather than a male thing or female thing. Not all men are abusers.”

“It’s a myth that it is male is that are doing all the abusing, which gets perpetrated by organisations run by women.”


  1. You are so correct Jim as misanthropic organizations like to demonize ALL men as bad Fathers . I have a young mother living with us as last week she was chucked out on the street by Christchurchs womens refugee because she would not sign a protection order. Inexplicably she has a 5 month old baby who smiles at dad4justice ( even though I am classed a level one threat to society !!!! – 6 prtotection orders, police bail, court tomorrow,,,, etc,,etc,,, ) . Those evil witches who work in such places couldn’t careless about the children as the hateful witches enjoy the vile tunnel vision – which amounts to the destruction of the male species. What a disgrace our Nation as unlawful gender discrimination runs rampant !!!! In solidarity -dad4justice

    Comment by Peter Burns — Mon 12th December 2005 @ 6:56 pm

  2. oh my f%^&kn god. so its come down to sad sad situation that even if your female and dont play their game the way you want your on the street. pity she probably needs a bit of piece n quiet instead of taking this public. shame shame on those freaks

    Comment by Mark Lloyd — Mon 12th December 2005 @ 9:29 pm

  3. Two quotes from the Women’s Refuge website:

    “There is no excuse for violence. The responsibility for violence lies firmly with the abuser. They make the choice to abuse.”

    Translation: when men are violent they are responsible. They are to blame.

    “But the causes and effects of women’s violence are often different than men’s violence. Sometimes women who are being abused also act violently in self-defence and this can include ‘pre-emptive strikes’ when the abuser is vulnerable i.e. when they are drunk or asleep.”

    Translation: When women are violent, men are responsible. Men are to blame.

    Comment by Al D Rado — Tue 13th December 2005 @ 8:40 am

  4. Equal = Equal

    False Alligations = False Alibi

    False Alligations are Not Investigated RE: Domestic Abuse / Violence.

    False Alibi IS Investigated

    Comment by David Currie — Tue 13th December 2005 @ 5:28 pm

  5. False Alligation = False Alibi
    False Alligation (domestic abuse/violence)IS Investigated.False Alibi IS Investigated.
    Police Records then show M on F abuse, when in fact it was Female on male.
    False Alligations V Robust? Crime Surveys

    Good Luck and my very best wishes

    David Currie

    Comment by David Currie — Tue 13th December 2005 @ 5:44 pm

  6. What a sick joke the White Ribbon day is in light of Christine King’s paultry 4 yrs 3 months sentence for snuffing her hubby, chopping him up and burning his body, then burying him in her back garden and pretending nothing had happened for 16 years!
    (It says a lot about how much NZ cares about it’s mensfolk that the poor bastard could be missing for such an inordinate amount of time doesn’t it?)
    Hell, as a prison based psychotherapist in Paremoremo I’ve met guys serving double her sentence time for much lesser crimes – where thier victim certainly wasn’t killed, then thier body foully desecrated.
    Yet again the utterly predictable ‘battered woman’s syndrome’ has been offered up as an excuse to drive down a woman’s sentence.
    Meanwhile guys are still getting protection orders taken out against them with NO CORROBORATING EVIDENCE WHATSOEVER.

    Seeing these events unfold from afar is terrifying and sad beyond words.
    Thank God I’m not in NazZi now. As a male I feel much safer for it. I can even sit next to kids on public transport, imagine that!

    Comment by Stephen — Sat 17th December 2005 @ 11:05 pm

  7. True…not all men are violent….

    True…women are also violent..

    I know that its hard for those that are inocent…but dont forget there are women out there and men that are being badly abused every day…not only them but there children.

    How does one get proof when they are to terified to ring the police knowing that within 24 hours they will be released to asault again, only next time it may be there death.

    I say dont get angry at women or refuges,..Get angry at those that are physically abusing women.

    Comment by Jacqui — Wed 21st December 2005 @ 4:26 pm

  8. Jacqui,
    apart from your opening two lines your posting makes no sense to me.

    You say ‘how does one get proof when they are too terrified to ring the police ?’

    Good grief! Where have you been?
    It’s a terribly sad fact of NZ life these days that women don’t even need proof to get a protection order against a man.
    A women only need to make an allegation that a man was ‘abusive’ and that they ‘feel scared’. The fact that he is completly innocent is niether here nor there! If you don’t believe that just ask and I’m confident lots of guys who post here will confirm it.
    I’m astonished. I imagined that would be common knowledge amongst NZs womenfolk by now. I’m certain those in the refuge movement would know that after all it’s there in black and white in the DV Act.

    You say ‘don’t get angry with the refuge movement’.
    However many of us guys are righteously angry with the refuge movement because they continually demonize all of us speading propoganda with grossly overinflated statistics about male DV. Some are even paranoid enough to believe that all men collude with each other to keep women under the heel of a supposed ‘patriarchy’. How whacko! And they do all this at the taxpayers expense to boot. Talk about creating a trail of destruction and adding insult to injury!

    Comment by Stephen — Thu 22nd December 2005 @ 12:51 am

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