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Archive of March 2006


Fri 31st March 2006:

see? there is a god!

Access to Court Records

Thu 30th March 2006:

Access to Court Records – Status: Call for Submission

Women and criminal justice

“As the world around us grows more violent and less understandable, our need for vengeance and revenge seems to be growing at a camparable rate. The challenging reality we might have to (we know we do) face, if we are serious about making a difference for our children and grandchildren and turning the tide of […]

Vindictive Partners

Wed 29th March 2006:

Far too many MENZ members will be aware of the ease with which the Family Court, Legal Aid Services, CYFS and various social and medical services will provide support without adequate investigation into the veracity of the need for such support. My quandary is not that it is so freely available, but that it is […]

Two-home children

In last weekend’s NZ Herald article Two-home children can have best of both worlds, Simon Collins writes: The term “solo parent” no longer reflects reality for many split New Zealand families, says a new report. New terms such as “two-home child” or “two-household child” would indicate that many children now split their lives between two […]

Personal Responsibility

Holes in the Crown case against Assistant Commissioner Clint Rickards and two former police colleagues are too great for any jury to convict the men, the High Court at Auckland was told yesterday. Lawyers for Rickards, 45, Brad Shipton, 47, and Bob Schollum, 53, gave their closing addresses to the jury of seven women and […]

Why women attack men

Tue 28th March 2006:

When a man rejects a woman or has an affair that she finds out about, the woman feels the only way of handling it is to get revenge and hit back in any way possible to hurt the man. Even using the children. Why? Because that’s the only power she thinks she has left. When […]

False accusations are Disturbing

NZ best place to raise kids? Not any more, says top judge There was nearly one incident of family violence every eight minutes during December and January. About 6000 children, more than half under 5, witnessed those incidents If you are a female thats been beaten, or a relative of a female murdered by her […]

TV Doco: Give My Children Back

Mon 27th March 2006:

INSIDE NEW ZEALAND: GIVE MY CHILDREN BACK International tug-of-love stories that will break your heart Thursday, April 6th at 8:30pm TV3 Inside New Zealand: Give My Children Back looks at two dramatic international custody disputes and how they are resolved under the Hague Convention. In an age of cheap travel and the “global village”, international […]

Call now goes out for sending emails to the Attorney-General Dr. Michael Cullen of New Zealand

News Flash: NZ Crown Law inundated with emails from around the world demanding Father’s Rghts lawyer be given his right to become a lawyer

Why Child Support Won’t Change.

It is not the brave new world of women, simply retrodictive ignorance, and a sad indictment of our society that as mothers and fathers, we allow our children to be used as the political fodder of egalitarian tyrants.

What about the children

Fri 24th March 2006:

I can understand that many parents (male or female) paying child support are struggling. The saying goes that you will become financially better off if the two of you (parents) can work things out together. So the perfect resolution would be for both parents to sit down togehter and decide together how the children’s basic […]

No Fathers’ & Men’s Lawyers Are Allowed In New Zealand?

(A Land Mark Case Is About To Come Down in New Zealand, and Supporters Must Act to Stop It)

Child Support laws in spotlight on TV

Thu 23rd March 2006:

‘Leading family law expert’ Raylee Harley and Mark Shipman from Parents for Children were interviewed for TV1 Breakfast News today by Paul Henry. Mark did an excellent job and presented the most important messages effectively. Well done mate! Watch the video Child Support laws in spotlight (04:57min streaming .wmv) Raylee Harley has told the Select […]

Queen of Nothing.

Mon 20th March 2006:

Of all the titles a woman can earn in this land of female superiority, the ultimate prize has yet to be claimed – Queen of Nothing.

All male teachers vulnerable to attack

Sat 18th March 2006:

In a March 18th – 24th NZ Listener article titled “No Thanks, Sir“, education experts point out that the negative publicity surrounding MP David Benson-Pope is making education as a career even less attractive for men. Last year, primary schools employed only 445 new male teachers competed with 2312 new female teachers. University of Auckland […]

Family Court – Website Decisions

Family Court website of pulished decisions

Roman Women

Wed 15th March 2006:

“If we could survive without a wife, citizens of Rome, all of us would do without that nuisance.” So proclaimed the Roman general, statesman and censor Quintus Caecilius Metellus Macedonicus, in 131 B.C. Still, he went on to plead, falling birth-rates required that Roman men fulfil their duty to reproduce, no matter how irritating Roman […]

Sure kids have rights – illegal sex isn’t one of them

Mon 13th March 2006:

“all kinds of authority figures make it not only possible,
but permissible, for under-age girls to do as they

The Death of New Zealand (part 1)

Sun 12th March 2006:

Three years ago my wife kissed me goodbye as she went out for the day with our young baby. Around noon that day as I worked from my office at the front of my home I had a visit from two police officers. They presented me with a 50mm high stack of papers and advised […]

Child Support Debt

Fri 10th March 2006:

The politicians have a field day slaging off parents who owe money to Inland Revenue for Child Support. Who are these “deadbeat dads” these “irresponsible parents”? I’d like to introduce you too some of them. I’ll let you judge if it’s the dads that are deadbeat or the Child Support Act 1991 and its administration […]

Dyson condems mother****ing sons

This sounds vaugely familiar… Minister for Senior Citizens Ruth Dyson has condemned New Zealand society for allowing elder sex abuse and other harm of the elderly to flourish nationwide. Ms Dyson was speaking following reports in Wairarapa and across the country of sons committing forced incest with their elderly mothers. “There is stigma for the […]

Tell ya something!

Wed 8th March 2006:

I read Als comments about international womens day, what a day of “celebration” it is, for women, and I look forward to international mens day…yehaa bring it on. I just have some thoughts on some things I notice: I’m a music nut, love videos of music. Ever noticed how many vids over the last few […]


Sun 5th March 2006:

Benson-Pope – So you will closing the family court next week minister?


It is somewhat paradoxical that historically our social freedom often relied on the virility to kill the enemy; now in a secure society it should for women rely on their ability to abort our future.

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