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Archive of June 2006

Child Support Act and Child Support Issues

Sun 4th June 2006:

Parents for Children and Auckland Single Parents Trust are holding meetings around Auckland on the Child Support Act and child support issues that affect parents. The meeting is open to the public and free to receive information on what the child support act is about and how to deal with it by speaker Mark Shipman […]

The Silence of the Damned

Sat 3rd June 2006:

The Silence of the Damned by John F. Smith, Founder, World Fathers Union Just a fortnight from now I, like so many other fathers around the world, will exercise my right to think about my son thinking of me, while each of us sits estranged from the other on Father’s Day. Thinking is the one […]


HOME: It’s well known that roughly half of America’s marriages end in divorce, but not nearly as well known that two out of three of those divorces are initiated by the wives. Moreover, America’s family court system is scandalously biased in favor of the mother in child custody disputes. Fathers get custody of children in […]

Dutch Courage

The results are in from the Netherlands and they are telling. With birth rates falling in general across Europe there is one booming group that aren’t Moslem families, and you may not wish to cheer just yet. The numbers for 2003 have been tabulated and they show a devastating problem coming soon (to a place […]

Duct tape more effective than Cryotherapy for Warts.

This is just useful information given to me by a specialist and can save you money in Doctor’s bills and wart treatment. Without writing all the rest I will tell you that from Focht and associates comparing duct tape to the other, they found duct tape to work on 80% percent of cases with the […]

Stuff from Jim Bailey’s e-mail

Fri 2nd June 2006:

After nearly 10 years of operation, some in the profession believe aspects of the implementation of the Domestic Violence Act 1995 (DVA) are ripe for review. Calls for change as Domestic Violence Act turns 10 A 2004 UK study confirmed that children who have contact with their fathers following a family break-up suffer fewer behavioral […]

Feminist News Reporting

Thu 1st June 2006:

FYI, my email to Radio NZ news desk this morning, regarding the story below. To the News desk, Radio New Zealand I note that in your story about a group of pre-schoolers being walked through a dangerous tunnel, you referred only to “two adults” as the culprits. Was this because they were women? If so, […]

Onerous Protection Orders

Over recent days I have been involved as expert witness in an interesting District Court trial by jury. My client has given me permission to report on it and I will avoid using names and identifying details. The man was accused on two counts of breaching a protection order, and the judge ended up offering […]

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