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A few good men.

Filed under: General — Julie @ 9:47 am Mon 25th September 2006

TV1 Sunday’s documentary

They are an endangered species when it comes to working with toddlers. Those brave enough to chance it run the risk of being accused of child abuse. It’s serious, unfair the teachers say, and what’s more it’s bad for the kids.

Once again Ian Sinclair has shown it the way it is.


You may have to click on a few good men in the middle column once you get to the page to see the video.

6 Responses to “A few good men.”

  1. Mark Lloyd says:

    Staggering to see the difference over the ditch. How regressive is NZ huh?

  2. Intrepid says:

    Good stuff Julie. Will send this around the world to get the journalist and his station some international numbers to encourage the balanced line they seem to be taking. Really like the lawn mower DYI and soft sword stuff a real lot. Thought men in their position would be forced to teach a PC agenda, but admiringly they have kept their perspect as men too. Excellent work!

  3. Stephen says:

    Thanks Julie.
    Good to see the ‘sword’ fighting.
    In Korea boys and girls go to Tae Kwon Do and Hapkido classes from a young age. It’s seen as an essential aprt of developing self confidence, esteem and responsibility.

  4. Brendon says:

    I can’t locate the ‘A few good men’ article on the ‘Sunday’ website; can someone help me out and explain where exactly it is?

  5. adam says:

    hi I’m an early childhood teacher.
    For more info look at “men at Work” free to down load. Tvnz have taken the video off there site now think it has been sold to other countrys. thanks for the feed back.

  6. Stephen says:

    I just tried this

    and it appears to be a dead link.

    TVNZ didn’t waste much time burying the issue under other ‘news’.

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