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And While I’m At It

Filed under: General — dpex @ 6:16 pm Mon 10th July 2006

Recently, an acquaintance of mine, who is similarly battling through the FC became the butt of what appears to be an erroneous judgement from that Court. This time in Tauranga.

And so my acquaintance had his lawyer file an appeal. The High Court has accepted the appeal can be heard. In other words, the High Court finds prima facie evidence that the judgement was flawed.

My take on matters is; a judge should be way more experienced than a lawyer. Yet the lawyer apparently spotted the inconsistencies in the judgement of the Judge????

And so now the poor bugger has to spend thousands of dollars more fighting in the High Court to have a judgement of the Family Court overturned????

Surely, this is madness? Surely, the Judge should know more than the lawyer, yet the lawyer is able to show the faults in the judgement.

Worse yet. If and when the original judgement is vacated on appeal, the poor bugger has to start all over again in the FC. And if the Judge comes up with yet another erroneous judgement, the poor bugger is back off to the High Court again!

And all the while my acquaintance is paying $350 an hour for his lawyer, plus $600 to lodge the appeal, his ex is laughing her head off on account of she’s on DPB and getting free legal aid. And he hasn’t so much as seen his children in the last six months.

This system sucks! Bloody criminals get a better deal than this.


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  1. Funny thing this natural Justice. My Ex attacked our prenuptial and her lawyer, the incompetent Misandric Lynda Kearns filed an illegal ex parte order having me removed from the home. Upon hearing my wife’s evidence and observing what an absolute load of crap it was (some of the evidence was really quite ridiculous) he threw the case out before I took the stand and gave Kearnsy a bollocking for bringing such a pathetic case to court. (This is a compassionate judge driven by a desire for Justice) Kearns appealed to the high court and on this pedantic issue of “Natural Justice” the judgment was overturned and my case was returned to the Family Court. $75,000 bucks and 18 months of worry went straight down the dunny. My Ex then went on Legal Aid. I appealed their decision for granting it to her on the basis that she had little chance of winning and under the rules there must be a good chance of success to gain funding. Not so, the threshold seems to be very low when it comes to the PRA. I had to spend another $75,000 to get the same result.

    Natural Justice…my ass.

    Just remember this story when you attack Judges of the Family Court.

    Comment by Bryan — Mon 10th July 2006 @ 6:45 pm

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