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Men’s Coalition Protest 9th July

Filed under: General,Law & Courts — Julie @ 6:23 pm Mon 10th July 2006

Men’s Coalition protest was sent to me via Jim Bailey’s address book. I have received Andrew’s permission to post.

Another series of protests were held outside lawyers home addresses in Auckland yesterday. This was the first of round 2, ,i.e. protesting outside of lawyers houses
for the second time.

The public support has been amazing with many cars tooting in support and most
neighbours happy to listen or to talk to us. This is happening no doubt because of
the media coverage and therefore public understanding and agreement with what we are

At lawyer Belinda Hollings address (she has 27 charges laid at the law society) the
neighbours were positively enthusiastic at what we were doing. One neighbour
commented that it was a disgrace that Hollings and her husband, a high court judge
were in receipt of something like $400,000 of taxpayer money each year.

As we left Hollings address a neighbours 5 children, ages from 5 to 15 along with
their mum and dad applauded us. To witness this was so encouraging and we called out
to the kids not to forget to give dad a hug, and mum as well.

Just after we left a police car with lights flashing and traveling at speed was
heading towards the high and mightys address, the judge not being too impressed with
our presence I think.

We found most lawyers at home and none willing to talk to us. At one of our visits a
man confronted us about some of our signs calling the family court a fascist court
and those signs having swastikas which he found offensive. We agreed he had a valid
point so removed them. He then said that he agreed with what we were doing. He was a
6ft 3″ guy who was in tears saying that he had lost his family at the hands of the
family court, that he was a fireman and just the previous week had attended an
incident where a boy had hung himself. He said he knew what damage the family court
can do.

The TV 1 programme was absolutely outstanding, conveying a strong message about what
has been happening to fathers and children.

The most important feature of the programme was TV 1’s courage in identifying the
names of the fathers and the children, particularly he daughter of the ‘welder’ who
said that her “dad was a great dad and that he had fought long and hard for her”
Also the comment from the reporter that Australian lawyers were not happy about
changes in Australian law because “it had ended the gravy train for them”

A most of us are aware money is the root cause in the lawyers despicable behaviours
at the court. I helped a father who had spent $17,000 without gaining contact with
his daughter. Immediately that he started representing himself contact was resumed.
The Judge shook his hand and he has now represented himself to equal shared
Interestingly, now that all the cockroach lawyers are out of the picture the ex wife
has become more friendly and co-operative.

The next lawyers protests will be in 2 weeks.


If you want to be a part of Jim’s address book visit;


  1. Dear Julie,

    Are you trying to make all men redundant on this website or just myself.


    Comment by Paul Catton — Mon 10th July 2006 @ 10:12 pm

  2. Dear Andrew & Julie,
    Outstanding news & article and it is so good I’ll get it sent around the globe by passing it on to all the forums that I can. Hope all concerned can learn and copy these stand up men in taking on the new oligarchy of our time.

    Comment by Intrepid — Mon 10th July 2006 @ 11:15 pm


    Only because of world war 2, the geneva convention made it’s introduction thereafter; to protect where possible, those in times of war by means of not allowing family members to be separated. (i.e. torture)

    To separate family members, is in breach of the geneva convention (a provision to protect human rights of family members equally) , we are not even in times of war and those whom are unfortunate to be in a war zone have more rights as family members than those who live in a democracy.

    Comment by cwb — Thu 13th July 2006 @ 3:32 pm

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